Talk about deja vu! The Flash messes with time in “Cause and XS.”  The team finally found a way to stop Cicada (Chris Kline), courtesy of Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker). The Wonder Twins created a metahuman cure. And Iris (Candice Patton) figured out how to give the cure to Cicada.  Now they are just waiting for the cure to be complete.  

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A couple of weeks ago, Cisco met this cute bartender named Kamilla (Victoria Park) and now they’re going on a date.  While Cisco waits for the cure to complete, he checks out Kamilla’s photography website.  The cure complete’s its final cycle and Cisco is ready to go for his date. But then an alert goes off and Cisco finds a problem with the cure.

They have to wait a month before the cure will be fully ready.  That’s a month too long for them to stop Cicada, but there is a way to speed up the process, according to Sherloque (Tom Cavanagh). A speedster can take the cure into the speed force and use the tachyons as a catalyst, speeding up the process…kind of like, a speed force microwave.  And the wait time is only one hour. Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) is nervous about Barry (Grant Gustin) going into the speed force for any length of time.  A million things could go wrong and they do!

The Book of Ralph

Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) comes in asking if Cisco has left for his date yet.  He has the Book of Ralph with him, to help Cisco prepare for his date.  They walk into the lab together and Sherloque thinks there’s something wrong with Nora, but there’s not.  Cisco begs for everyone’s help getting out of lessons from Ralph. Caitlin and Sherloque have to check on the injection device for the cure.  Iris has an article that she needs to get posted. And Nora watches the interaction between Cisco and Ralph. 

Ralph “investigated” Kamilla to get an idea of what kind of guy she likes.  And none of those guys are Cisco. The guys are dressed in suits and ties and he assumes they are in business. Cisco tries to avoid letting Ralph get in his head by rejecting Ralph’s help.  Ralph did get into his head.  Cisco leaves for his date, thinking he’s not the guy for Kamilla.

Iris is hard at work at the Central City Chronicle when she hears a noise.  She looks out the window and sees the silhouette of Cicada. Iris reaches for her phone to send a distress signal, but Cicada is in the room and knocks her out.  He takes Iris to the roof of the building and ties her up.  Cicada did his research on her and knows her name.  He also knows that she works with the Flash and his hero friends. Iris told Cicada last week that they were going to beat him. Now it’s his turn to beat her. 

Cisco, the Business Man
Iris is in a dangerous situation on The Flash

Candice Patton as Iris West – Allen in The Flash — “Cause and XS”– Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Cisco meets Kamilla at Jitters, dressed in a suit and his hair pulled back.  Kamilla assumed he was just a scientist, but Cisco tells her he’s a science businessman.  She assumes that means he makes money off of other people’s discoveries. He doesn’t correct her and comes off as a big jerk. Kamilla is not impressed.  Cisco’s date takes another wrong turn when Cisco gets a distress alert from Iris. He tells Kamilla that he has to leave for a work emergency.  He asks for a do-over, but Kamilla just walks away. 

Nora gets the alert too. She and Caitlin rush to the rooftop.  Just before they get there, Cicada throws his dagger. When the heroes show up, the dagger hits Killer Frost in the back, killing her.  XS flips out and starts running as fast as she can.  When she stops, she is at STAR Labs.  Ralph comes in asking if Cisco has left for his date yet.  Nora reversed time and gets another chance to save the day. 

Take Two

Ralph and Nora walk into the lab.  Sherloque thinks there’s something wrong with Nora and that’s not entirely true.  Caitlin and Sherloque leave to check on the injection device.  Iris tries to leave to write an article, but Nora asks her not to leave.  She convinces her mom to stay in the lounge and work until Barry gets back.   Ralph shows Cisco his file on Kamilla, with pictures of muscular men. Cisco is not muscular. Cisco leaves for his date, thinking he’s not the guy for Kamilla. 

Ralph retreats to his office after being rejected by Cisco.  Cicada is there too, looking for Iris.  Ralph is looking over some files and elongates his arm to reach for a bottle of water.  Cicada’s dagger starts glowing indicating there is a metahuman nearby.  Ralph knocks over the bottle, causing it to shatter and Cicada makes his way to Ralph’s office. 

Cicada finds Ralph cleaning up the glass. Ralph takes one look and grabs his phone, butCicada knocks him out before he can send a distress signal.  He takes Ralph to the roof of the building and ties him up.  He says he knows who Ralph is and that he works with the Flash.  Iris told Cicada last week that they were going to beat him. Now it’s his turn to beat them. 

Cisco, The Gym Rat
The team tries to save Ralph on The Flash

Jessica Parker Kennedy, Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow and Hartley Sawyer as Dibney in The Flash — “Cause and XS”– Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Cisco meets Kamilla at Jitters, dressed in gym clothes and a ballcap.  Kamilla assumed he was just a scientist and Cisco assumes she thought he wasn’t her type.  She assumes that she met a guy who’s more into flexing his brain instead of his biceps.  Cisco gets up to get coffee. 

When the coffee arrives, Cisco and Kamilla reach for the same cup, touching hands.  He vibes the scene, seeing what will happen next.  It feels weird and throws him off a bit. Cisco gets a distress alert from Iris. He tells Kamilla that he has a gym emergency.  He asks for a do-over, but Kamilla just walks away. 

Nora and Iris get the alert.  Iris tells Nora to get Caitlin and save Ralph.  Just before they get there, Cicada throws his dagger. This time XS pushes Killer Frost out of the way. The dagger strikes Ralph instead, killing him.  XS starts running and goes back in time to the point where Ralph comes in asking if Cisco has left for his date yet.  

Third Time’s A Charm

Nora and Ralph walk into the lab. This time Nora is more distraught.  Of course, Sherloque notices and this time he watches her closely. Ralph and Cisco go over the Book of Ralph. Caitlin leaves to check on the injection device.  Iris tries to leave, but Nora convinces her to stay and work in the lounge.  Nora changes things up a bit by deflecting Ralph from Cisco, saying there are brownies in the lounge for him. 

Cisco looks over some research that Ralph did, determining that he cyber-stalked Kamilla.  He gets a vibe of Kamilla at Jitters saying she thought he was a scientist.  Sherloque didn’t leave the lab. He watches Cisco have a bout of deja vu.  They both leave the lab.

Sherloque breaks into Iris’ office, curious about why Nora doesn’t want Iris to go there.  He hears Cicada behind him and realizes that Nora has been time traveling. He grabs his phone, but Cicada knocks him out before sending a distress signal.  

Cisco, The Inspiring Social Media Influencer
Sherloque investigates the time loop on The Flash

Tom Cavanagh as Sherloque Wells in The Flash — “Cause and XS” — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Cisco shows up at Jitter in the most pretentious scarf talking about how he just finished a photo shoot for ‘the gram.’ He suggests Kamilla photograph him next time.  He hands her a business card and vibes the scene in Jitters from the last two times he met Kamilla.  

Kamilla asks if he’s okay.  He says he’s having Deja vu…again.  This time Kamilla gets the coffee.  Meanwhile, Nora makes coffee for Ralph and Iris. Ralph gets sad when Iris eats the last brownie. Back at Jitters, Cisco doesn’t reach for the coffee this time. He senses that something is wrong.  His phone buzzes and he gets up to leave.  He says he would ask for a do-over, but he senses that they already had one.  Kamilla is left confused and upset. 

The alert goes off at the lab, but Nora makes everyone stay behind this time.  Cicada has Sherloque tied up on a rooftop.  He sees XS coming and throws the dagger.  Cisco arrives and the dagger strikes him.  XS arrives, upset that Cisco died this time. She wonders why she can ‘t fix this loop and runs away back to the point where Ralph arrives at the lab. 

Here We Go Again

Nora walks into the lab and tells Sherloque that she’s fine before he even asks her.  She grabs Ralph and Cisco, then Caitlin and Iris, and finally Sherloque and takes them to the lounge.  She tells them to stay there for one hour so they are safe.  Everyone tries to leave and Cisco vibes and sees the whole thing happen again.  Nora is adamant about everyone staying in the lounge until Barry gets back from the Speed Force.  Cisco texts Kamilla saying that he’s stuck at work and won’t be able to make it.

Cicada goes to Iris’ office and looks around.  He sees a photo of Joe (Jesse L. Martin), Cecile (Danielle Nicolet), and baby Jenna. So when the alert goes off at the lab, it’s Cecile that’s in trouble this time.  Nora tells everyone to stay put.  She gets to the rooftop and Cecile is already dead.  Nora runs back again.

Ralph walks in and sees that Nora is hysterical.  She says she doesn’t know how to fix it, but Barry does. Nora tries to run into the speed force, but can’t get in.  She goes back to the team. They figured out that she’s been reversing time.  Nora says she can’t fix it. 

52 Times
Cicada attacks Team Flash on The Flash

Chris Klein as Cicada in The Flash — “Cause and XS” — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Nora and Cisco tell the team what they’ve been experiencing.  It’s happened 52 times.  The team wants to get Barry, but Nora can’t get into the speed force. And if they wait for him, Cecile will die.  She gets upset and runs away. 

Cisco finds her and says Barry did the same thing. Nora is worried that it will never get fixed.  Cisco says sometimes they fail because that’s all they can worry about is not failing.  He’s going on his first date since his big break up.  He’s afraid to be himself and screw up.  But he knows he just has to be himself.  He references the movie Breakin‘ and they get off topic because Nora knows the movie well.

Nora realizes that she knows every move of the time loop as well.  She tells the team what happened every time she went back.  The only person who doesn’t die is Cicada. Sherloque suggests finding a way to use the dagger against Cicada.  Nora has to slow down time when they meet Cicada.  Then the team can attack him and everyone lives. 

Cause and XS

Cicada goes to Iris’ office. His dagger starts glowing. He searches the stairs for the metahuman that is nearby.  He finds iris on the rooftop.  She repeats his speech, saying he did his research, he knows who she is and who she works with. And they are going to beat him.  She sends the distress signal. XS is on her way.

Cicada throws the dagger and Sherloque signals for the rest of the team to move.  Elongated Man, Killer Frost, and Vibe jump out of a portal. Killer Frost and Elongated Man attack Cicada, as Vibe opens two breaches. The dagger is making its way back to the rooftop and straight for Elongated Man’s head, but it stops.  XS shows up and time reverses.

XS runs past the heroes, through Vibe’s breaches.  The heroes step backward into the portal they jumped out of as the dagger is flying back to Cicada’s hands.  XS runs into Cicada and pushes him just as the dagger arrives.  The dagger stabs Cicada in the shoulder.  Time resumes, the heroes arrive in time to see Cicada fall to the ground.  Cicada has enough power to get up and fly away.  The time loop is broken. 

Save the Date
Cisco goes on a date on The Flash

Carlos Valdez as Cisco Ramon and Victoria Park as Kamilla in The Flash — “Cause and XS”– Photo: Jeff Weddell/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

The team goes back to the lab to scan for Cicada. They can’t find any dark matter signatures, so he’s disappeared again.  Nora thanks everyone for helping her.  Caitlin thanks her for saving them all, but there’s one thing she couldn’t save.  Cisco’s date. Cisco is pretty sure Kamilla has given up on him, but the team practically push him out of the door to meet her.  Barry comes back with a fully cooked cure. He can sense that something happened while he was away.

Cisco arrives at Jitters and Kamilla is still there. He immediately apologizes for being late.  He even called in their coffee order, guessing what Kamilla’s drink of choice might be.  She asks him about his work and he admits he’s more of a tech nerd working on scientific projects.  Cisco is being his usually nerdy self and Kamilla loves it.  So when he asks for a do-over, she agrees.


Nora tells Barry about reversing time 52 times.  He says there are consequences to time travel. She thinks she knows, but Barry assures her that she doesn’t.  She could break the space-time continuum with time travel.  And no matter how she tries to fix it, the present will never be the same.  Things worked out this time, but that won’t always be the case. No one can predict what changes will be made because of time travel. And that makes Nora really sad.

Meanwhile, Sherloque was able to translate a few of the symbols from Nora’s journal. She used the language in her diagram that explained her time traveling experience. He enters the symbol translation into the computer and waits for it to fully translate the journal.

Nora goes to 2049, asking Thawne (Cavanagh) if what their doing will make things worse.  Thawne is certain they are doing the right thing.  He tells her to follow his instructions and stick to the plan.  They will defeat Cicada, destroy his dagger, and save her father. 

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I really want Nora to go one episode without messing something up.  We’ve already seen the newbie speedster fumble with is abilities through Barry and Wally. Unlike those two, Nora really messing things up.  Can we just have one episode where she just watches and learns and doesn’t say much about it?

This was a good episode overall because the team was able to defeat Cicada without the Flash. It’s good to give them these opportunities so they can be the hero for once.  

And how cute are Cisco and Kamilla!!!  I totally approve of this relationship.  


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