This week Team Flash goes into the mind of a damaged little girl on The Flash, “Memorabilia.”  The Flash/Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) and Cicada/Orlin Dwyer (Chris Kline) have one thing in common. They are fathers to broken little girls.  It took Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) getting hurt last week for Barry to figure out that the only way to get to Cicada was through Grace (Islie Hirvonen).  After Nora’s injury, the only thing Barry had on his mind was to hurt Cicada.  And maybe that’s why Cicada wants to hurt all metas…because they hurt his little girl. BINGO!

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The team took some time away from the lab this week to go ice skating.  Ralph Dibny (Hartley Sawyer) informs Iris (Candice Patton) that an office opened up in his building.  Iris wants to start her own paper, so this is perfect timing for her to get started. 

The team decided to enter Grace’s brain to try and wake her up.  Sherloque (Tom Cavanagh) procured a Memory Machine from Earth 221 to assist in the process.  Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) thinks Grace is stuck in her long term memories, so they should be able to find her easily. Sherloque says it’s best that to travel in pairs. Everyone agrees that the speedsters should go together. And that makes Nora really nervous.

Cisco (Carlos Valdes) takes a break from his work at the North Pole and Ralph asks him to go on a stakeout with him. Ralph says he found an informant with information on Cicada.  Cisco only agrees to go because he is waiting on an algorithm to complete.  

Sherloque show off his memory machine

Tom Cavanagh as Sherloque Wells on The Flash, Memorabilia — Photo: Shane Harvey/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

After everyone leaves the lab, Nora asks Gideon for a way to hack the memory machine so Barry won’t see her memories, but Gideon can’t find a way.  At the same time, Sherloque is preparing Grace for the procedure.  Nora sees her brain activity and decides to go in alone. She thinks she can wake up Grace before anyone realizes she’s in there.  

Nora arrives at the Central City Police station and sees Grace sitting on a bench.  Only Grace can see her, so Nora strikes up a conversation.  Grace’s parents have just been killed and the police are looking for Orlin’s address.  Nora says she can help Grace if Grace will go through the portal with her. When they get to the portal, it disappears.

Nora runs around to the police station to find the portal, to which Grace makes note that she was really fast.  They are stuck in one memory. Nora thinks the portal may have moved to another memory, so she asks Grace to take her to another one. 

Who’s Watching the Kids?

Iris is at home on the phone with her lawyer. She has applied for a name for a newspaper, but the only available name is the Central City Citizen.  That’s the name of the paper from the future that foretells of the Flash’s disappearance. Barry comes in and sees that Iris is upset, but Iris doesn’t want to tell him why. She says she wants to focus on stopping Cicada.  

Sherloque calls to let the West-Allens know that Nora went into Grace’s memories alone and she’s not out yet.  They convene at the lab where Caitlin tells them that Grace’s unique brain damage from the satellite is causing her brain to act defensively, sealing the exits.  It thinks Nora is a pathogen and is trying to eliminate her. Sherloque knew this might happen which is why he suggests they go in pairs. Iris decides they have to go in and save Nora.

Ralph and Cisco go out for some fun

Hartley Sawyer as Ralph Dibny and Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon in The Flash, Memorabilia — Photo: Shane Harvey/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Cisco starts questioning people at the bar that Ralph took him too.  He thinks he found a lead, but the guy he’s talking to is referring to a band called Sickada, not Cicada.  Cisco is ready to go, but Ralph talks him into staying for one drink. Cisco agrees only because Ralph never pays for anything.  

Ralph is having a good time as Cisco begins to notice there are a lot of women in leather in the bar.  Ralph set up Cisco and Cisco thinks he was just there to be a wingman. Cisco gets angry and decides to leave.  Ralph apologizes for tricking Cisco.  All Cisco wants to do is finish the cure. All Ralph wanted to do was have some fun with his friend.  Cisco wants that too, but after they figure out the cure. Ralph says if you’re always waiting to live your life, you’re gonna die before it starts. 

Ralph leaves to get Cisco a ride.  The bartender buys Cisco a drink, saying he doesn’t look like he belongs there.  She tells him about how her sister helped her get the job. The word ‘sister’ triggers Cisco’s thoughts.  He figures if he looks at the DNA of siblings, one meta, one non-meta; he would have a close enough genetic match to isolate the genome that controls metagenes.  Cisco thanks her by introducing himself.  Ralph walks in to see them talking and smiles.

Saving Nora…Again

Caitlin tells Barry and Iris that they have a small window of time to find Nora and exit Grace’s memories.  There is a chance they could die in her memories and in real life.  Barry and Iris arrive at the Central City police station, just like Nora did. Only this time, they find a ten-year-old Nora sitting on the bench.  

At the lab, Caitlin and Sherloque see that Nora’s brain activity has increased. Barry and Iris are in Nora’s memories instead of Grace’s. They have to figure out a way to get them all back.  The West-Allens quickly realize where they are and are concerned that they can’t reach Nora.  Barry thinks young Nora can lead them to a portal to Grace. They see young Nora run out of the police station and follow her. 

Young Nora runs to the Flash Museum and into the gift shop.  Barry is awe of all of the Flash memorabilia, especially the bobblehead.  They find Nora hiding and reading a Flash comic book. Iris points out that she never ran away when she was ten, but Barry did. He was running to see his dad though, not running away from someone.  

Good Times, Bad Times
Caitlin explains Nora's condition to Iris and Barry

Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow, Jessica Parker Kennedy as XS, Candice Patton as Iris West – Allen and Grant Gustin as Barry Allen in The Flash, Memorabilia — Photo: Shane Harvey/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Nora watches Grace’s memory of breakfast with Uncle Orlin.  Grace has a dollhouse that looks exactly like the house she lives in.  Grace mentions going to the fair with Orlin and that reminds Nora that Grace was at the fair the night of the Enlightenment.  That would be Grace’s last memory, so she asks Grace to take her there. 

Barry and Iris follow Nora to the Hall of Villains where they find her watching a video about Cicada.  Cicada was never caught and he continued to kill metas after the Flash disappeared.  Future Iris shows up, angry at Nora for running away.  Nora yells back for Iris to be a real mom, saying she’s always working.  Iris is angry and says Nora is not allowed back the museum again.  She finds a Flash action figure in Nora’s pocket and tries to take it away.  As they fight over the figure it breaks and falls to the floor.  Iris grabs Nora by the arm and makes her leave the museum without picking up the toy. 

Barry tries to console Iris, saying she can change the future by making different choices.  Iris is shaken. She says she’s been trying to find little ways to change the future, like the name of her paper. She tells Barry that the only name available was the Central City Citizen.  Barry says it’s just a name, but it’s more than a name to Iris. Iris says she wants to put off starting the paper. She ends the conversation to look for the portal.  As they leave, the Reverse Flash costume turns its head to watch them. 

The Last Memory

Grace’s last memory wasn’t at the fair, it was lying in her hospital bed, listening to her uncle.  She heard him the night he vowed to kill ever metahuman. And then again when he told Dr. Ambres (Lossen Chambers) about his run-in with the Flash and XS. He said XS injured him and that she’s the Flash’s daughter.  Grace knew Nora had meta powers when she looked for the portal. She knows it was her who hurt her uncle. 

Nora tries to explain, but Grace won’t listen to her.  Nora tries to say that Cicada is hurting other metas, but Grace believes he’s a hero. She says he only hurts metas, unlike the metas who killed her parents.  She believes he is doing good in the world by getting rid of metas.  Nora’s speed disappears, indicating that Cicada is nearby.  Cicada throws the dagger at Nora and misses.  Nora starts fighting back and is able to run away.  

Meanwhile, Barry looks around the museum for the portal and the Reverse Flash costume shows up. It’s looking for Barry and Iris. They hide and at the same time, all of their vitals going up, indicating they are in trouble.  Sherloque says the defense mechanisms are fighting back.  

The Beacon
Sherloque watches over the West-Allen family

Tom Cavanagh as Sherloque Wells in The Flash, Memorabilia — Photo: Shane Harvey/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Sherloque and Caitlin find a way to create beacon through one of the mind control, inhibitor, things.  They reach Nora, Barry, and Iris through phones in the memories.  They tell the West-Allens that they have to find a perception gap in the memory.  It will be a false memory within the memory. They have to break down they synapsis in the false memory to expose the portal.  

Nora knows exactly the perception gap in Grace’s memories. The dollhouse.  As for Nora’s, Barry figures out that it’s the memory of Iris.  He knows Iris would never be that cold.  He says the bad mom doesn’t exist because any future with Iris will be a good one. Iris isn’t so sure, but Barry says she has to believe it. 

The True Memory

Nora confronts Grace about her false memory and Grace snaps back that Nora is a liar.  Cicada shows up and kills Orlin.  Nora fights back and breaks the dollhouse in the process.  Cicada disappears, revealing the true look of the house. 

Iris and Barry return to the Hall of Villains and Reverse Flash shows up.  Barry throws the costume around, breaking up the memory to reveal another memory.  Reverse Flash tells Barry that death, failure, and another broken family is the legacy he gave him.  Iris blasts Reverse Flash, making him disappear and revealing the true memory. 

Barry and Iris see Future Iris finding Young Nora, but this time she sweetly talks to her, saying she was worried about her.  Young Nora explains that she wanted to see the Flash museum because her dad was the Flash’s number one fan. And she loves the Flash too.  Iris says she loves Nora, and so did her father. They hug and a portal opens.

Broken Little Girl

Nora tries to talk Grace into leaving with her. She thinks Grace is afraid that things won’t be the same in the real world.  But Grace believes Nora is a liar and only wants to hurt her uncle. Cicada returns and attacks Nora, but it’s not Orlin.  It’s a woman under that mask.  Grace says she has someone to take care of her and she’s the only one who can help her uncle. 

Cicada moves to stab Nora and Barry runs in to stop her.  Iris is there too and grabs Nora.  Barry reaches for Grace, but Nora grabs him saying she won’t leave with them.  They have to hurt to the portal before it closes. Cicada throws her dagger at them before the portal closes, but misses.  The West-Allens wake up, safe and sound. 

Barry and Iris decide what to do next

Candice Patton as Iris West – Allen and Grant Gustin as Barry Allen in The Flash, Memorabilia — Photo: Shane Harvey/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

The team debriefs in the med bay. Caitlin and Cisco tell the team that they found a shard from the satellite still in Grace’s brain. The dark matter from the shard created a barrier around her brain, making it super dangerous to go back in.  They have to find another way to stop him.  

Nora says she might have an idea and draws a picture of Orlin’s home.  Everyone is more interested in why Nora went into Grace’s brain alone.  She plays it off like she was too excited to save Grace, but Sherloque says she was trying to hide her secrets.  Nora freezes up, unable to answer him. Sherloque says she was hiding her feelings for her mother.  Nora agrees and the team breaks up to follow Nora’s lead.  On the way out, Sherloque asks Barry what defense mechanism Nora used. He is more than interested to find out it was the Reverse Flash costume.

Making a Better Future

Later, Iris goes to the office that Ralph told her about and Barry and Nora are there to surprise her.  Iris decided to go through with starting the paper and keep the name the Central City Citizen.  She is trusting that she will make good decisions to create a better future.  Nora shows her the paper in the future. It was originally founded in 2021. So Iris has already changed the future by starting two years early.  

Barry leaves to talk to Cisco. Nora tells Iris that Barry told her about the memory that they saw. Iris knows it wasn’t real, but it came from a real place.  Nora explains that she was always angry because her father wasn’t there.  She didn’t realize what Iris went through losing Barry. She understands that her mom wasn’t trying to keep Nora from being herself, she was trying to keep her from ending up like Barry.  Nora apologizes for how she treated Iris.  Iris says she will always love Nora, past, present, and future. 

Later, Nora makes a journal entry through Gideon. She talks about how Iris will do whatever it takes to protect her family. Nora says her parents can never find out that she is working with Eobard.   So she will be like Iris and do whatever it takes to protect her family.  Including lying to them.  They can never know that he’s helping her stop Cicada. 

Grace is sent back to the hospital. In her head, she tells her Cicada that Nora lied to her.  And they will all pay. 

Cisco and Ralph return from ice skating when Cisco receives a text from the cute bartender.  Ralph is happy that he’s living his life again.  Barry comes into check on the cure progress.  Cisco said he found a pair of siblings with one metahuman, so the cure should be ready soon.  Barry is happy and says he wants to use the cure on Cicada. 

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As much as I want to believe this cure is a good thing, but I just know something bad is going to happen.  I don’t think Barry will get the cure, but someone who doesn’t want it will. Ralph…Caitlin…Nora, whoever it is will be very upset about it.  

If there was ever a time when Cecile would have been useful, it is this episode. She could have read Grace and warned them of the dangers.  If you’re going to give someone power, let them use it in practical situations.  

I have to wonder…when Grace wakes up…will she have some kind of mind powers?  She’s kind of scary y’all.  Will Cicada have to kill her too? Will that the reason he stops killing? 


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