Secrets Don’t Make Friends! As The Flash Family continue to find out more about Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy), the more we find out she is still hiding something.  And with the new Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh), Sherloque Wells, there are even more secrets to uncover. Even Iris (Candice Patton) has a secret.  

Speaking of Iris, she hasn’t had the same connection with Nora that Barry (Grant Gustin) does.  She’s been working hard to work on their relationship, but nothing is working.  Maybe now that Nora is staying with them, they can have some quality time together…maybe…

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On the night of the Enlightenment – a girl videos herself during the satellite explosion.  XS saved her from a falling piece of the satellite and ran away. The girl dropped her phone and wanted a selfie with XS, but something else happened…

Family Drama

In the present, Iris attempts to make breakfast for the family.  Nora doesn’t eat and is really cold with Iris. Iris notices that Nora has a phone, but she never gave her the number. Sherloque has it though, he send a text requesting that everyone meet at STAR Labs.  Nora leaves quickly and Iris points it out to Barry how she is not making progress with Nora. Barry promises that Nora will come around

Sherloque has been brainstorming about Cicada (Chris Kline).  Cisco (Carlos Valdes) is missing to recuperate at his parents house.  They know very little about the man behind the mask. Ralph (Harley Sawyer) suggest they start with the mask.  He leaves with Sherloque to check out the docks for clues.  Ralph finds a small piece of material that traces back to a specific warehouse. They hit a dead end at the warehouse because everyone who works there wears a mask.  

Play Ball

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen — Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Barry has a CCPD baseball game to attend so the girls go to cheer him on. Caitlin, Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) and baby Jenna meet them there and get to witness Nora’s cold shoulder first hand.  Nora shows them a website run by Spencer Young (Kiana Madiera).  Spencer is the young lady from the Enlightenment video and one of Iris’ rivals.  The sass comes when Nora points out that Spencer’s site is faster at reporting news and she has more followers.

Nora gets up to get food and something happens to her eyes.  She runs away as one of the cops, Jones arrives late to the game. Jones doesn’t stop at the bullpen. He walks onto the field with duffel bag.  Cecile can sense that something is wrong and tells them to stop him. XS runs in, takes the bag from Jones and throws it in the air. The bag explodes.  Barry checks on her, telling her that she saved everyone, but Nora doesn’t remember anything.  Spencer Young is nearby and recorded the entire incident.  She smiles menacingly. 

Battle of the Blogs

After everyone is save, Jones is taken into custody. Barry returns to his game. Caitlin pulls Iris aside to tell her that if Cicada saw that video, he could target Nora next.  Iris meets Spencer at Jitter to ask her to not record XS.  She even tells her that there’s someone out there hurting people with meta ability. Spencer takes this as a scare tactic to stop her blog. She knows her blog is better that Iris’ and vows to blow her out of the water.  Beside, it was okay when Iris was reporting on the Flash.  Iris is just afraid someone is going to get hurt. 

Barry talks to Jones about the ballgame.  Jones says he doesn’t remember anything happening before waking up on the field.  Joe doesn’t believe him. In fact, Joe (Jesse L. Martin) is angry that Jones put his family in danger, especially his newborn daughter.   

Like Mother Like Daughter

The Flash

Jessica Parker Kennedy as Nora West – Allen — Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

They are interrupted with a report about a fire at Central City Picture News. Flash and XS leave to help.  Spencer is waiting for them when they get there.  To get Flash out of the way, she types a headline in her phone that the Flash was spotted in Las Vegas.  Flash sees the headline and takes off, leaving XS to handle the fire by herself.

There’s just one problem. XS has never handled a big fire.  Iris talks her through it, because she put out a fire when she was a speedster once.  XS does exactly as Iris instructs her and puts out the fire.  Iris tells her that she did a good job and XS calls her MOM!  Meanwhile, the Flash wakes up just before getting to Vegas. 


Caitlin checks out Barry to find out why and maybe how he got the urge to go to Vegas.  The only solution is that Spencer is a meta, so they decide to test her.  Nora, Barry and Iris find Spencer at Jitters. They send Nora in alone and Iris gives detailed instructions of what to do. She gets annoyed with Iris and leaves. 

Nora bumps into Spencer at the counter and calls her by name. Nora plays it off like she a fan and Spencer loves it. She starts flirting with Nora, making the speedster forget her mission.  Iris goes inside to save Nora, asking her to check her watch so they won’t be late. Nora finally scans Spencer, but her meta test comes back negative.

Iris figures out that Nora liked flirting with Spencer and tries to warn her about the journalist.  Nora says Iris just doesn’t want to be happy. Iris wants to protect Nora, but Nora says she holds her back.  Nora finally reveals why she is mad at Iris. Iris put a power dampening chip inside Nora when she was young. Nora had it removed and she ran away.

News Flash

The Flash

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen and Candice Patton as Iris West – Allen — Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Back at STAR labs, Iris tells Barry about why Nora is upset with her. Barry is sure that Iris had a good reason for putting the chip inside Nora. Meanwhile, Sherloque sneaks up on Caitlin and shows her the mask. He tells her to punch him in the gut as hard as she can while he’s wearing the mask.  When she does, Sherloque’s breathing changes to sound like a cicada.

The alerts go off, indicating there is a bomb in the Central City soccer stadium. Flash and XS race to the stadium but can’t find a bomb.  Spencer puts up a headline that XS kills the Flash. Nora sees it and is hypnotized to go after Flash. She chases Flash around the stadium while Spencer records it.  Iris grabs a dart gun and a tachyon device to breach to the stadium.

XS catches Flash.  She reaches her hand into the Flash’s chest and starts phasing.  Iris shows up and shoots XS with a dart, knocking her out. Spencer puts away her phone and starts to leave.  Flash radios Caitlin to try and find a signature. Sherloque says she has to have a device to put up the headlines, so she has to be close by.  Flash runs through the stadium and stops Spencer, taking her phone away from her and putting her in cuffs.

Back to the Drawing Board

The team goes over the evidence on Cicada. Sherloque says the mask creates the cicada noise. But he thinks the new Cicada has a lung injury.   He says there is an event that cause David Hirsh to become Cicada, but this time Nora’s appearance changed that.

When she helped Barry destroy the satellite, it changed the trajectory of the debris, injuring the new Cicada.  The dark matter from the satellites also gave powers to the dagger the Cicada carries.  But objects can’t have powers, right?  Barry opens Spencer’s phone and it has a new operating system.  The satellite created meta tech that puts meta abilities in the hands of anyone.  

The Meaning of Family

The Flash

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen — Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Later, Iris apologizes for suppressing Nora’s powers.  She says she can’t imagine doing anything like that to Nora. Whatever reason she had for keeping Nora’s powers a secret was a good one. Iris says it must have been to protect Nora.

Nora disagrees. She says Iris suppressed her powers to control her, taking away her choice to be a hero like her dad.  Barry walks in and sides with Iris. He knows Iris is going to be a good mother and he supports her decisions, past, present and future.

Nora gets upset and says says the thing that hurt the most was not learning about her powers from her mom.  She leaves and Barry consoles Iris.  Later Nora shows up on Joe’s door and asks to stay there.   Joe is happy to have her, but wants to talk later about what happened.

Cicada goes home after work and his shoulder throbs in pain.  He grabs a nearby pole to catch himself and crushes the pole.  His injury on his chest start glowing. 

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I like when the writers give Iris more story arcs that give her character a chance to grow. She’s basically the only main character without powers.  She so smart, intuitive, and resourceful.  Who wouldn’t want a mother like Iris?  And what kid wouldn’t want to be like Iris?  I’m with Barry on this one…whatever reason future Iris had to suppress Nora’s powers had to be a good one.

And I’m sure Nora didn’t ask her mother in the future. For as old as Nora is supposed to be, she sure is a brat!  I know her life was hard, but she should have been trying to convince Iris to give her powers a chance instead of pushing her away.  If I were Iris, I’d rethink having kids after meeting Nora. 

The Cicada puzzle is coming together quickly. The cool thing is that, the closer they get to finding him, the stronger he becomes.  That’s kind of scary.  

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