Now that everyone is on the same page…sort of, The Flash has to face a new and more dangerous foe.  Cicada (Chris Kline) interfered with Team Flash’s apprehension of a rogue meta. He has the ability take away meta powers, making them easy targets.  How does a superhero stop someone like that?

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Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) tells the team about Cicada. He was the only villain that scared her.  No one knows where he came from and no one was ever able to catch him. Not Supergirl, the Legends, not even the Green Arrow, who has no meta powers.  But in Nora’s timeline, Cicada never killed Gridlock or Blocked. The timeline has changed because Nora is there. Barry (The Flash) says they have to catch Cicada fast before the timeline changes anymore.  He’s worried about what kind of future Nora will return to.

Joe (Jesse L. Martin) calls for backup at a robbery so Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) goes, allowing the rest of the team to concentrate on Cicada.   At the robbery, the robber is yelling around with a high powered solar weapon. He gets angry when the cashier tries to put the money in a plastic bag.  He brought his own bags! Ralphs shows up and turns into a pear and knocks out the robber. Ralph tries to assure everyone that they are safe, but they are more amused with Ralph’s pear shape body and start taking pictures.

Nora says a Wells was never brought in to catch Cicada. Barry likes the idea of trying something new, but Cisco (Carlos Valdes) says it’s a bad idea because they are calling on the German Sprocket Harrison Wolfgang Wells (Tom Cavanagh). Wolfgang arrives and is so excited to meet The Flash.  He equally as excited to meek kid Flash, Nora, and Iris Flash (Candice Patton).The Flashes love Wolfgang, despite Cisco’s objections. Wolfgang says he doesn’t have time to help them, but he is sending someone who can.  


The Flash

The Flash — “The Death of Vibe” — Image Number: FLA503a_0052b.jpg — Pictured: Tom Cavanagh as Sherloque Wells — Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Harrison Sherloque Wells (also Cavanagh) arrives and assess the team.  He makes Cisco cry and says Iris is hiding a tattoo? Sherloque is ready to help them, but for a high price.  He knows he’s worth it. Ralph comes in, and Sherloque calls him a baby giraffe? Ralph tries to relate to him by telling Sherloque that he’s a detective too and Sherloque seems to respect Ralph immediately.  Sherloque says he has reviewed the evidence and thinks he knows where to find Cicada. But first, Sherloque tells Ralph not to join them…too many detectives complicates things.

Ralph actually came in to show everyone that he’s a meme. People are laughing at how he stopped the robbery.  He says no one in Central City takes him seriously. Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) tries to cheer him up by asking him to take her case.

Daddy Dearest

Caitlin takes Ralph to visit her mother, Dr. Carol Tannhauser (Susan Walters).  Dr. Tannhauser doesn’t give Caitlin any answers when she asks about the fake death certificate.  In fact, she tells Caitlin to leave the past alone. Caitlin and Ralph leave, but Ralph isn’t ready to give up.  He thinks he knows how to get what they need from her mom.

Later that night, Ralph and Caitlin break into her Mom’s office and rummage through her files.  Ralph sets off a laser security system when he tries to stretch his hand under the door.  The laser is burning his arm, so Caitlin tries to enter the code to the door. She gets the right one and it opens.  

They look for files on Thomas Snow.  Caitlin finds a periodic table that she created with her dad.  The elements are not labeled right though. When she was a kid, her dad told her to make up her own elements.  It was a game they played. Caitlin smiles as she remembers having a lot of fun with her dad. Ralph finds a letter with Caitlin’s name on it.  It’s a note from her dad saying goodbye. Caitlin thinks its a suicide note.

Ralph and Caitlin drive back to STAR Labs.  He apologizes for pushing her so hard to search for her dad.  Caitlin says she got some closure. She finally knows the truth about her dad.  She says Ralph is the best detective a girl could ask for. Out of curiosity, Ralph asks what the code to the door was. It was Caitlin’s birthday.

Sherloque Solves the Case

The Flash — “The Death of Vibe” — Image Number: FLA503b_0013b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Grant Gustin as The Flash and Jessica Parker Kennedy as XS — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

The Flash and XS investigate an old farm.  Sherloque says they are looking for a man named David Hersh (Chris Webb). They head inside a barn and Sherloque says there’s a bomb in there. XS deactivates it before Sherloque can tell them that the bomb is a decoy.  Three more bombs show up and The Flash runs to move XS out of the way. A guy runs out of a shed and the Flash runs after him. Flash is able to stop him and knock him out. XS and Flash are sure that they have Cicada.

Barry takes David Hersh to the CCPD. Apparently he’s responsible for a string of bombings that has killed several people. Nora is excited that they captured Cicada, but Barry tries to calm her down saying they don’t know for sure if Hersh is Cicada. Nora won’t hear of it! She’s going to throw a party in the STAR Labs lounge to celebrate.

Mistaken Identity

Nora’s party is broken up by Barry who informs them that Hersh is in fact not Cicada.  Sherloque says he knows its Hersh because he has caught Cicada 37 times and each time it’s Hersh.  Barry says there were no dark matter reading on Hersh, so he’s not a meta. Nora’s time travel could have changed the timeline.  

Cisco smells something fishy.  Sherloque came to them having already solved the case and still charged them to solve it.  Cisco asks for a refund, but Sherloque already gave the money to his ex-wives. Sherloque doesn’t think the mistake is his fault. It’s Nora’s because of the time variance.  Nora wants to believe that Sherloque is right. She says they need to break into CCPD, kidnap Hersh and put him in the timeline until they can confirm everything. Barry stops her, telling her not to interfere. Nora runs way, upset.

The Flash

The Flash — “The Death of Vibe” — Image Number: FLA503a_0093b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Grant Gustin as Barry Allen and Candice Patton as Iris West – Allen — Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Iris talks to Barry about Nora. Barry doesn’t get why Nora is so determined to make Hersh be Cicada.  Iris says she is obsessed because she brought Cicada with her. He’s a different person with a whole new set of victims. She wants to fix her mistakes, just like Barry wanted to.  They are interrupted by an alert from the pipeline.

Nora found a vaporized Sherloque in the pipeline.  Cisco smells a rat. He even dips his Twizzler in the ashes. Relax! It’s tea leaves.  Barry searches the lab and finds Sherloque with a Tachyon device to leave Earth-1 without refunding their money. Iris and Cisco take him away to have a talk. Barry takes the opportunity to talk to Nora about jumping the gun.  He says he knows she feels guilty about changing the timeline. But everytime she makes a mistake, it makes matters worse. She needs to be patient, think about the problem and fix the problem the right way.

This is Cicada

Cicada wasn’t at the farm. He was studying pictures of Joe and Vibe.  He eventually went to Joe’s house to confront him. Cicada says he’s there to finish what he started. He wants Vibe. Joe says he doesn’t know Vibe or how to get a hold of him. Cicada threatens to kill Joe if he doesn’t contact Vibe.  He knocks Joe out and ties him up.  Cicada tries threatening Joe’s family, but Joe refuses to give up Vibe.  Cicada takes his dagger and shocks Joe with some kind of red laser.

Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) wakes up to the sound of the lasers and sneaks downstairs to see what’s happening.  Joe can see her grab her phone. He thinks to Cecile, who can still read his mind, not to call for help.  Cicada is talking to Joe with a baby blanket in his hand and hesitates. But then he goes to stab Joe and Jenna starts crying. That’s when Cicada sees Cecile. She presses the distress button as Joe yells for her not to do it.

Distress Warning

The Flash — “The Death of Vibe” — Image Number: FLA503a_0199b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Candice Patton as Iris West – Allen, Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon/Vibe, Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow and Hartley Sawyer as Dibney/Elongated Man — Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Everyone at STAR Labs gets the distress call and suits up. Cicada goes after Cecile.  Vibe is the first to arrive at the West house and breaches between Cicada and Cecile. Cicada jumps on Vibe, pushing them back through breach. Flash arrives, but they are already gone.

Flash calls back to Iris to let her know that Cicada has Vibe. Iris calls Vibe and he answers. He has no powers, so he can’t vibe. All he knows is he is in a forest.  Sherloque asks about the trees and listens to the surroundings. He pinpoints Vibe’s location and Barry races to save him, but Cicada has already stabbed Vibe in the shoulder. He has Vibe in his grasp when Flash arrives.

Quick Thinking

Flash knocks Vibe away and fights Cicada without his powers. Iris and Nora listen to them fighting, worried about Barry. Nora starts to move, but then thinks about the situation. She comes up with a plan and Iris lets her go.

Cicada reveals his purpose is destroy meta humans.  XS runs up and throws a lightning bolt at Cicada. She gives Vibe a weapon to throw at Cicada so she can move Flash.  Vibe throws the weapon, but Cicada hits it back towards Vibe. It explodes near Vibe.

The Flash

The Flash — “The Death of Vibe” — Image Number: FLA503c_0192b.jpg — Pictured: Chris Klein as Cicada — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Cicada gets up and walks towards Flash but he stumbles. Cicada flies away, injured.  Flash gets up to check on Vibe but he only finds a crater and Vibes armor. A breach opens up and Cisco walks through.  XS also gave him a Tachyon device to escape.

Death of Vibe

The news reports Vibe’s death, but Cisco is okay.  Back at the lab, the team regroups. They have to figure out a way to stop Cicada, without powers.  As for Sherloque, he is staying until he pays off the money he was paid. Sherloque will need a place to stay, so Iris invites Nora to stay at the West-Allen loft.  Nora says okay, they celebrate with dinner. First, Nora has to find her purse. Barry says he hopes Iris and Nora can grow closer living under the same roof.

Caitlin goes through the files she found on her father. She looks at the fake periodic table and realizes that it’s a code.  She uses it to decipher a message from her father to find him. A camera in the lab send the feed to a mysterious person watching Caitlin’s office.

A Father’s Love

The Flash

The Flash — “The Death of Vibe” — Image Number: FLA503a_0243b.jpg — Pictured: Jessica Parker Kennedy as Nora West – Allen/XS — Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Iris gets a statement from Joe about the attack. He says there was a moment of hesitation when he held Jenna’s blanket. He thinks Cicada is a father.

Cicada, aka Orlin visits a young girl in the hospital. The nurse says there’s no change in the girl. She asks to see his wound. It’s getting worse, so she tells him to stop.  He says he will stop when he’s finished.

Nora goes to the lounge for her purse, but it’s not there.  While she’s there, Sherloque asks her about the moment she decided to stay. That moment was when she punched the satellite out of the sky with Flash.  Or was it someone else’s idea. He plays it off like he’s kidding, but he’s suspicious of her. And by her expression…he should be.

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Well, I thought everyone was on the same page. 

Welcome the new Wells, Sherloque Wells.   He’s smart, as expected, but this one can read people well. He knows Nora is hiding something. When isn’t she?  Nora has to come clean soon. All of the secrets will just end up pushing everyone away.  If you think about it, every Harrison Wells, but Harry from Earth 2 is sketchy…what’s up with that?

I’m so relieved that Cisco is alive. Maybe this is what he needed to move forward with his life.  A new meta identity. I see great things in Cisco’s future. I do wonder though…is there a Wells out there that doesn’t annoy Cisco.  Wouldn’t it be funny to see a Wells that acts and dresses just like Cisco!?

Cicada is a mystery.  Is he a meta? And if he is, why doesn’t he lose power with the dagger? The dagger is obviously the key to the power drain that Flash has experienced. Another question, shouldn’t Nora be affected once she arrives at the scene?  How does that work?

Well that was a satisfying episode. We have our Wells, we are on the trail of the new villain, and Caitlin has her own storyline outside of Team Flash. Can we give Iris one too?  

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