How does The Flash defeat a man with the power of eleven meta humans? It’s not going to be easy.  Team Flash has been trying for weeks to figure out how to defeat The Thinker (Neil Sandilands). The Thinker’s master plan, the Enlightenment is to create a burst of dark matter so massive that it will reset everyone’s brain. Yes…EVERYONE!  Then he can “re-teach” everyone how to think and live without technology.

Barry (Grant Gustin) has been so frustrated trying to save everyone.  They are running out of time and resources. The team lost Ralph Dibny (Hartley Sawyer) and Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker).  Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and Gypsy (Jessica Camacho) broke up. To make things extra chaotic, Cecile Horton (Danielle Nicolet) is due to deliver her and Joe’s (Jesse L. Martin) baby any day now. Harry has also suffered, losing his intelligence and unable to “Think Fast.”  What else can go wrong? How much time do they have left?  Whew! A lot is going on!

John Diggle (David Ramsey) unexpectedly arrives at ARGUS.  He passes all of the ID scans and asks the guards to drop the meta power dampening shield.  The guards don’t question him, they just do it. After they lower the shield, Diggle…who is actually DeVoe, kills the guards then heads inside. Once inside, DeVoe uses all of his new meta powers to take out all of the ARGUS guards. He goes into the lab where Neil Borman/Fallout (Ryan Alexander McDonald) is being kept.  There is one tech left and she is commenting on Iris’ blog about DeVoe’s arrival.  DeVoe increases the heat in Fallout’s chamber, causing his radiation levels to go up. 

At STAR Labs, Team Flash has set up cameras on all of the possible launch sites that DeVoe could use. Cisco says he needs the elevation to simultaneously launch his satellites.  Barry is concerned because he is not fast enough to catch DeVoe’s pocket dimension.  Cisco suggests they split up and each stakes out a different launch pad. They aren’t at super-strength right with Cecile and Joe’s baby on the way, Caitlin is still trying to get Killer Frost back and Harry is getting worse. 

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Harry alerts the team that an anonymous Central City citizen is writing about DeVoe.  Iris (Candice Patton) reminds him that she asked him to review her latest article. Barry makes note that Iris has over 40,000 views.  He notices that she put Marlize DeVoe’s (Kim Engelbrecht) picture on the site and asks if its a good idea to let normal citizens look for her. Iris sys they are inspiring people.  She gets an alert from her blog with a lead on DeVoe. There’s one work in the message: Borman. 

Caitlin is in therapy with Dr. Finkel (Donna Pescow). She tries to tell the doc about Killer Frost, but ends up making Frostie sound like an imaginary friend.  Dr. Finkel thinks she is repressing something from her childhood, but Caitlin tells her that this is coming from her adulthood.  She gets an alert to return to STAR Labs.  

The Flash

David Ramsey guest stars as John Diggle, Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow and Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon in The Flash, “Think Fast”,

Cisco unscrambles the alert from Iris’ site. It says “DeVoe coming for Borman.”  Borman is in ARGUS custody, so Barry retrieves John Diggle. Diggle tells them that Borman is in an ARGUS location called the Castle and he apparently checked in six hours ago, but he didn’t.  They tell Diggle how DeVoe was able to get past security checks using Melting Point and Ralph’s powers.  Cisco notices a spike in radiation levels. DeVoe is using Borman as a battery to launch the satellites. They have twelve hours to stop DeVoe.

Barry takes Diggle back to Star City. When he returns, Cisco tells him that DeVoe set up motion activated electro shock plates that ARGUS already installed.  One hit and the Flash is knocked out.  What if Barry hits all of the plates in Flashtime? He can use the electric current as fuel source and he would be fast enough to run into DeVoe’s pocket.   There’s just one problem.  There are six hostages levitating over the six electro shock plates. 

Cisco and Caitlin figured out that if they go into Flashtime with Barry, they can stop DeVoe and save the hostages.  Barry doesn’t think it’s a good idea because he wouldn’t be able to hold on to both of them and save the hostages.  Caitlin and Cisco have been studying Barry and came up with the theory that when he’s in Flashtime, he generates his own speed force.   When he brings anyone into Flashtime, he’s actually extending his speed force aurora.   Physical touch just focuses those powers so Barry can let go of anyone with him.  It will only last about 55 miliseconds of real time to rescue the hostages, while Barry goes after DeVoe. Now, Barry has train them.

Cisco and Caitlin both get into Flashtime with ease. In order to save the hostages, Cisco will need to open a breach. He tries during training and burns out to quickly.  Caitlin gets a message from Joe and Cecile, so they take a break. 

In other Central City news, Cecile and Joe are getting ready to go to the hospital. Joe wants to take his katana in case a samuroid shows up.   Cecile tries to calm him down, saying they have done this before.  Then she starts talking funny, saying things like “totally sick,” “brah,” and calling pizza “za.”  A pizza boy shows up and talks exactly like Cecile.  

The Flash

Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow and Danielle Nicolet as Cecile Horton in The Flash, “Think Fast”,

Joe takes Cecile to see Caitlin.  Caitlin says Cecile and the baby are healthy. Her body is releasing a hormone called relaxens that helps Cecile’s body get ready to stretch for deliver.   That could be causing her meta powers to inhabit minds instead of just reading them.  Cecile gets into Caitlin’s head, so Caitlin gives her an albuterol inhaler to help her return to normal. Cecile returns to her own mind, but while in Caitin’s head, she felt like she was ignorning something. She tells Caitlin she can’t run forever. 

Joe takes Cecile home and Cecile starts getting ready to go to the hospital. She repacks the overnight back, with Joe’s katana. Cecile is in Joe’s mind.  He stops her and makes her use the inhaler.  It doesn’t work.  She goes further into Joe’s mind.  Joe makes her sit down and do lamanze breathing.   That pulls her out of his head and back to normal.

Iris focuses on finding Marlize and Harry wants to help in any way he can.  Harry tells her to use the advice from the new Council of Harrisons, saying she should focus on feelings instead of facts.  Where would Marlize go that feels safe? Iris gets the idea that if she digs into Marlize’s past, she can find her. She asks Harry to help her investigate. 

Iris goes through the facts they found about Marlize.  Harry is trying to be empathetic so he can try and figure out where she is.  Iris reminds him that she married a psychopath.  Harry says he wasn’t a psychopath when they married.  He lost his feelings and she left.  Harry wants to convince Marlize to join their team. Iris says they tried that with Savitar; you can’t save monsters.  He says Marlize isn’t a monster and they are runnig out of time.  Iris reminds him that Marlize stabbed her. She wants to bring Marlize in and stop her from hurting anyone else.  Harry says okay, but Iris is already upset.  She goes home to continue her investigation. 

Harry follows Iris home and apologizes for not being empathic to her.  Iris says Marlize is not going to help them out of love for DeVoe.  Harry knows that, he points out that Marlize was an activist for technology before she met DeVoe.  Harry tells Iris to put herself in Marlize’s shoes.  He walks into the apartment tracking in mud. Iris gets upset because its her and Barry’s first home, where she feels loved and safe.  That triggers something. Iris knows where Marlize is hiding.

The Flash

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen/The Flash, Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon, and Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow in The Flash, “Think Fast”,

Caitlin goes back to training. This time Cisco is able to get a “baby breach” set.  The next part of the plan is for Caitlin to freeze the breach with a cold gun, but she can’t get it to work.  She burns out quickly and falls out of Flashtime hard! Caitlin has a flash of a memory when she was a child and she crashed her bike.

Barry and Cisco take Caitlin to the med bay.  She’s fine, but Barry is concerned.  He says if it were the real thing, she would have died.  He thinks he’s putting everyone in danger so he cancels all trainings. Caitlin says he has to let them help after everything DeVoe did to them too.  Cisco says they are running out of time and it’s worth the risk. Barry won’t train them just to get them killed.

Barry goes through some scenarios of him facing DeVoe alone.  Cisco confronts him about continuing the training. Barry says he cannot risk losing both of his best friends.  Caitlin, Iris, and Harry all watch them discuss the issue.  Barry feels responsible for what happened to Ralph, but Cisco says it’s not his fault.  Cisco says they created teh bus metas and opened the speed force to get Barry out.  He didn’t do it so Barry can save the world alone.  Barry knows he can’t do it alone, but everyoen he tries to teach ends up worse than before.  Not Ralph, Barry taught him how to make the choice to be hero.  Cisco says they deserve to make that choice.  Caitlin agrees.  Training is back on!

Iris tells Barry they found Marlize.  Marlize would have gone back to the first home she shared with DeVoe in England. Barry gives her their last extrapulator so she can talk to Marlize.  Barry says they will stop the DeVoe by teh teim the get back.  An alert goes off, Borman has reached his limit and explodes.  His radiation is contained in his chamber. The team rushes to ARGUS.  DeVoe shrinks Fallout’s chamber to take with him and detects The Flash’s arrival.

The Flash, Vibe, and Caitlin arrive and set up their rescue plan.  Cisco made a miniature cold gun for Caitlin to wear on her wrist, an ice shooter. Everything works as it should and all of the hostages are breached outside of the facility.  Flash is able to use the charge from the plates to increase his speed.  DeVoe opens up a pocket and the Flash is fast enough to follow him.  DeVoe emerges in the streets of Central City.  He releases his satellites into the atmosphere. The Flash runs out of the pocket and up the side of a tall building. He throws the bomb from Amunet at one of the satellites and it explodes.  

The Flash

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen/The Flash and Neil Sandilands as Clifford DeVoe/The Thinnker, in The Flash, “Think Fast”,

As the Flash celebrates, DeVoe arrives, but doesn’t seem worried about the destroyed satellite. He tells Barry that the Enlightment will end violence, war, poverty and disease.  Technology will die and DeVoe will teach the people how to think again.  Barry says he wants to take away everyone’s freewill. DeVoe says it’s a small price to pay for peace.  Barry tells him that no one will know each other.  DeVoe says emotions are the cause of all errors, the most ridiculous imbalance of all is love.  Soon Barry will learn that.

Caitlin and Cisco see the hostages to safety.  Caitlin tells Cisco about her memory and asks him to vibe her to that memory.  In the memory, Caitlin was hit by a car while riding her bike. Her father calls out to her asking if she’s okay and then tells her not to look. Young Caitlin looks in her bike mirror and sees a younger Killer Frost.  When they come back, Caitlin tells Cisco that Killer Frost was there before the particle accelerator exploded.

Iris and Harry get to Marlize’s apartment. At first they think she left, but her teapot is still warm. Marlize comes out of hiding to confront them. Harry tries to talk to her, but Marlize recognizes his symptoms.  Harry is in the beginning stages of the Enlightenment.  Soon he will be a blank slate. Iris appeals to Marlize’s optimism.  She repeats words from a speech that Marlize gave before she met DeVoe.  Marlize says that DeVoe was right about technology. Iris says she believes that Marlize still believes in humanity and cannot let DeVoe ruin the world.  She asks Marlize what she will do to save the world.

At STAR Labs, Barry informs Cisco and Caitlin that he destroyed a satellite, but DeVoe didn’t seem to care.  The lab alarms go off. DeVoe takes over STAR labs, and replaces his lost satellite with the STAR lab satellite.  He uses Gideon to release the dark matter and Fallout’s radiation from STAR Labs.  The Enlightenment begins.

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Always one step ahead!  Ugh! What will it take to stop DeVoe?! He has everything he needs to take over the world.  What did Team Flash miss? Will Marlize be able to help?

Next week is the season finale and I’m so scared!!!



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