The Flash gets so close to stopping the Thinker Clifford DeVoe (Neil Sandilands) only to be stopped by the Thinker’s mutliple powers. This week they enlist the help of the most unlikely person.  And Harry (Tom Cavanagh) is having a hard time accepting the loss of his intelligence. In “Harry and the Harrisons”, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) tries to find a way to make Harry feel better about his situation.  

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A few weeks ago, Iris (Candice Patton) expressed interest in starting up her blog again.  Barry (Grant Gustin) is supportive of course, but now Iris is talking about DeVoe. Iris wants to expose DeVoe and his plans to “enlighten” the world.  

Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) and Cisco figure out that DeVoe is going to position the satellites around the globe so that no one can escape his “Enlightenment.”  At the right time he will release burst of dark matter that will reboot the pre-frontal cortex of everyone on the planet. They need to find a way to stop the launch. They can’t find him though. Barry wants to shoot down the satellites, but DeVoe can manipulate any tech that they can think of. Barry says they need some kind of organic weapon.  Harry tries to help brainstorm ideas, but he can barely get his thoughts out before they are gone.  He notices that DeVoe hasn’t acted on his plan.  Harry feels useless.  He asks Cisco to help him find a way to restore his intelligence.  Who else has that kind of knowledge? The Council of Wells!

An Unlikely Ally

Joe (Jesse L. Martin) asks Caitlin for something for his headache. All the science talk is too much sometimes.  Joe notices that Caitlin has acupuncture needles in her head. She says since she found she has a cryogenic anomaly in her DNA, she has been doing everything she can think of to bring back Killer Frost.  Joe tells her to try looking at the problem from a different angle.  Caitlin does that and comes up with an answer for her situation and the team’s DeVoe problem. They don’t need a device, the need a meta. Someone with a power that DeVoe can’t control. Like Amunet Black (Katee Sackoff). At first everyone is like, “Noooooo.” Then they are like, well, okay.  The problem is finding her.

Flash and Caitlin go to Amunet’s last known hideout, but she’s not there. Norvok (Mark Sweatman) is though.  Norvock tells Caitlin that Amunet never came back. Apparently Amunet disappeared shortly after the attempted black market sale at the prison.   They dig into Amunet’s past to find her in the present. Caitlin says Amunet used to be a flight attendant, so they start there.  They find that her real name is Leslie Jocoy and CCPD has several prior work addresses for her. Caitlin and Joe go to her last known address and Flash will check out the rest.

The Flash

Guest Star Katee Sackoff as Amunet Black. The Flash-Harry and the Harrisons_

Joe and Caitlin track Amunet to a market that she used to work at.  Joe takes the opportunity to ask Caitlin about her motives for working with Amunet.  Caitlin tells him that Amunet had a splicer that split her from Killer Frost once before. If she can get that device, maybe she can use it to bring Frostie back and help the team at the same time.  They follow a couple go into a back room. Amunet is running an underground poker game. Joe breaks up the game and they approach Amunet.

Amunet changed her look and her accent to blend in.  She drops the act when Caitlin approaches her. Joe call The Flash who rushes over.  Amunet goes on the defense, but Flash stops her saying he needs her help. They tell her about DeVoe and his plans to dumb down the world. The plan is to use Amumnet’s metal shards, blasting them into space to destroy the satellites. Amunet is intrigued and thinks DeVoe’s plan is brilliant. She agrees to help them, but…always a but…she needs them to find her shards.  Amunet says she has more shards locked away, but someone recently stole them from her.  Barry says he has a CSI kit at home so they can find out who has Amunet’s stuff. 

Meanwhile, Caitlin talks to Amunet privately about Killer Frost. She tells Amunet that Frostie is gone.  Caitlin asks for Amunet’s splicer to bring her back.  Amunet says it’s not beneficial for her to give the splicer to Caitlin.  Caitlin makes a deal with her: the device for one favor.  Amunet agrees but the splicer was stolen too. 


They meet with the German Sprocket Harrison Wolfgang Wells.  He asks Harry a series of questions that Harry can’t answer.  Cisco tries to help, but Wolfgang dismisses him. Wolfgang figures out that Harry has lost his intelligence and he is therefore kicked out of the Council of Wells.  So what’s a Wells to do? Create a new Council of course!  Cisco and Harry reach out to other versions of Harrison Wells and come back with the French Harrison HP Wells from Earth 25 and the wise guy Sunny Wells from Earth 24.  Also on the new council is the return of H. Lothario Wells.  Not only are they all versions of Harry, they also have been kicked out of the first Council of Wells.

The Flash

Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon and Tom Cavanagh as Harry Wells from multiple Earths. The Flash-Harry and the Harrisons_

Harry fills them in on his problem. Their answer is talk about their feelings.  Harry doesn’t see how that helps. H. Lothario says in order to understand DeVoe, Harry needs to understand his heart.  Frenchie’s advice is for Harry to put himself in DeVoe’s shoes. Harry says he feels like they are mocking him. The new council is happy that they got an “I Feel” statement and they all leave.  Harry feels like that was a colossel waste of time.

Back at the lab, Harry is cleaning up his lab because he’s never going to use it.  He stops for a minute to apologize for wasting Cisco’s time. Cisco is shocked. He says it was a very genuine apology.  He says losing his intelligence has given Harry empathy.  Harry says it’s been a long time since he has been concerned about other peoples feelings. That gives him an idea. The best way to understand DeVoe is to put Harry in his shoes.

Tell the World

Iris says she is going to continue working on her DeVoe article.  Barry pulls Iris aside and says telling everyone might not be a good idea.  At least she should let the team know first.  Iris is ready to tell them now, but Barry stops her and says she should wait until her article is finished.  Iris agrees and goes home to get to work. 

When Iris finishes her article, Barry expresses his anxiety about it.  Iris says they need to tell people so they can be prepared.  Telling the truth is what’s best. DeVoe is trying to take information from everyone.  They need to be on the same page, but Barry thinks it’s risky.  Iris remind him that the people put their faith in the Flash.  It’s time he puts faith in the people. 

The Flash

Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow, Grant Gustin as The Flash, and Katee Sackoff as Amunet Black The Flash-Harry and the Harrisons_


Amunet takes Caitlin and Flash to her storage unit to try and find any DNA left behind.  Caitlin finds venom on the unit. Amunet knows exactly who stole her stuff. Norvok. They go back to the lab to use the tech to find Norvok and Amunet’s shards.  Caitlin desperately asks Iris if she’s tried searching for everything on the planet.  Still no sign of Norvok.   Joe asks Caitlin if this is about the shards or the tech. Caitlin comes clean about her deal with Amunet. She tells the team that was her last hope to bring Frostie back.  Caitlin gets upset and walks away. 

Amunet admits to Caitlin that the splicer wasn’t the reason why Frostie separated from Caitlin. She used the splicer on Caitlin, but nothing happened.  Whatever separated them, came from within Caitlin. That concept gives Amunet an idea of where Norvok is.  She tells the team that when the police were getting too close to finding out about her deals, she would plant a rumor with a fake location.  That’s where Norok is, in an abandoned underground station. That’s why the shards weren’t registering. Amunet says she wants to kill Norvok, but the team says no.  Amunet reluctantly agrees. 

Norvok is at a dark warehouse, making a deal with Amunet’s customers. He’s selling her metal shards.  The Flash and Amunet show up to stop him. Caitlin and Joe take on the buyers. Amunet tries to kill Norvok for his betrayal, but the Flash stops her.  Norvok uses his meta power – a snake comes out of his eye and has deadly venom. Norvok falls to the ground and sprays the Flash with his venom. 

Iris notices that Barry’s vitals are through the roof. She works to save him from the control panel, but there is no known cure for Norvok’s venom.  He is going to have to phase through it before it kills him.  While the Flash is down, Caitlin and Joe stop the buyers from taking the shards.  Amunet uses the shards to cover Norvok’s face. She attempts to kill him, but the Flash comes to before she can. She cuts the snake from his eye instead and Norvok runs away. 

Amunet tries to ditch Team Flash, thanking them for their help in getting her stuff back. Caitlin tells her that she will be affecty by DeVoe’s satellite like everyone else.  Amunet creates a ball of shards for the team. She tells Caitlin to pull a shard, throw it and it will deliver a major blow, but she only gets one shot.  Amunet bids them all farewell.

The Flash

Tom Cavanagh as Harry Wells – The Flash-Harry and the Harrisons_

Team Flash

The team reconvenes at the lab with the special made bomb from Amunet. They need to find a way to fire it before DeVoe lauches his satellites.  Harry tells the team he has an idea as to why they haven’t heard from DeVoe.  He put himself in DeVoe’s shoes, so he doesn’t see himself as sociopathic.  He is driven by the one thing he cares most about: Marlize (Kim Engelbrecht). He’s not active because he doesn’t have Marlize.  The team decides to look for Marlize DeVoe.  Cisco works on finding  away to launch the bomb.

Barry tells Iris that she was right. They told Amunet about DeVoe and she chose to help.  He has faith in Central City.  There’s good at the core of every citizen.  He tells her to publish her article. 

Caitlin and Joe get a cup of coffee.  Caitlin thanks Joe for his advice about Killer Frost.  She tells him the splicer from Amunet was a fake. Caitlin is going to take Joe’s advice and look at her situation from another angle.  She says the key to Killer Frost isn’t on the outside, it’s within herself.

Later that night, Barry wakes up to Iris’ phone blowing up.  She tells him that the people of Central City are commenting on her article.  They are reporting sightings of DeVoe.  This means he can’t hide anymore.




I love Katie Sackhoff!  That is all. 

Just kidding…Tom Cavanagh is such an amazing actor.  His range is crazy!  I love that the show is taking this opportunity to show different sides of his acting ability.  

 The team is working so well together right now. That’s when they do their best work.  It’s my hope that Harry will find  a way to get his intelligence back that will also be a way for the team to defeat DeVoe.  I’m rooting for Harry to outsmart DeVoe.

Two episodes left!  Will Caitlin get Killer Frost back?  Will the Mystery Girl factor into the fight? And who is she?  Will Cecile give birth in the next episode or the finale?  






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