The Flash suffered a huge loss last week.  DeVoe (several actors portrayed him last week) has absorbed 11 of the 12 bus metahumans, including Ralph Dibny (Hartley Sawyer).  And to make things worse, DeVoe took Killer Frost from Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker)!

It seems that DeVoe is always a step ahead of Barry (Grant Gustin) and Team Flash.  The Team has been working hard to get ahead of him. Harry (Tom Cavanagh) created a Thinking Cap, similar to the one DeVoe used to get his powers.  Harry started using Dark Matter to power the cap, but he didn’t tell Cisco (Carlos Valdes). How much Dark Matter will it take to defeat DeVoe? What else can go wrong for Team Flash

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“Fury Rogue” begins with another loss.  Harry thought he got a jump on DeVoe with the Thinking Cap, but something went wrong.  Harry and Gideon run some tests and find out…he is losing his intelligence. Gideon says that soon, he will have to relearn everything he already knows.  Later Cisco tries on the Thinking Cap, prompting Harry to yell at Cisco. He says the cap is calibrated for Harry’s brainwaves only. So Cisco suggests creating a second Thinking Cap for him. Sure, why not?

Barry and Iris (Candice Patton) go to their therapist to deal with Ralph’s death, but Iris is the only one expressing her feelings. Barry says losing Ralph doesn’t bother him because he’s experienced the loss of so many people in his life.  The therapist say eventually he will grief.

Marlize DeVoe (Kim Engelbrecht) is beyond excited to have her husband back.  Clifford DeVoe (Neil Sandilands) transferred his consciousness into different meta human bodies, but it wasn’t the same. Since Ralph was able to to shapeshift into Clifford, Marlize is much more at ease. She encourages Clifford to take some time off, but he is determined to find the last bus meta and finish his work.


Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost – Photo courtesy of

Caitlin has been tracking Killer Frost’s cold signatures to see if DeVoe transferred her power to anyone else, but nothing comes up.  The team does get an alert of a pocket dimension opening up. DeVoe’s signature is at Tracy Brand’s laboratory. He’s going after Neil Borman/Fallout (Ryan Alexander McDonald). The team decides to move him to ARGUS, but they can’t contain his power and could be exposed to lethal amounts of radiation.  They have to come up with a plan to keep Fallout from heating up. With Killer Frost gone, who is cool enough to do that?

On Earth-X, Citizen Cold Leo Snart (Wentworth Miller) is playing hide and seek with an X villain.  He tells the villain to give up. The Resistance won the war. Siren X (Katie Cassidy) jumps out, vowing vengeance for the death of Arrow X.  The Flash and Vibe rush in and save Leo. Vibe breaches him back to Earth 1, and at the same time Siren X uses her sonic voice to stop them. That sonic wave pulls her through the breach and she ends up on Earth 1.

The team explains to Leo what’s been going on since Barry and Iris’ wedding.  They made a hazmat suit for Fallout, but they need Leo’s Cold gun as a backup plan. Leo agrees to help them, but he only has 24 hours.  Leo and Ray are getting married!

Marlize tries again to get romantic with Clifford. She even wears his favorite dress.  But Clifford is way too focused on his work. He knows Team Flash is planning something and is waiting for them to make their next move.  Marlize is disappointed.

Cisco’s Thinking  Cap is almost ready. He tests the cap and it shorts out.  Cisco examines the parts and says it will take weeks to fix.  I’m pretty sure Harry sabotaged that one.


Grant Gustin as Barry Allen/The Flash and Wentworth Miller as Leo Snart/Citizen Cold – Photo courtesy of

Barry tells Leo about the loss of Ralph. Leo tells him about his friends that died in the war and how it was necessary for him to take time to grieve them.  He says it’s important to grieve to keep focus for the team.

Team Flash go over the logistics of their plan and Siren X can hear them from far away. The plan is to go to Tracy’s lab, retrieve Fallout. They will transport him to ARGUS. ARGUS will then take him to a safehouse.  Siren X plans to be there as well.

The team fill in Fallout about the plain. Caitlin made a serum that should keep them immune from the radiation long enough to transport him. Leo tells everyone to keep their head in the game so they can all be safe.  He tells Barry that if he doesn’t confront his feelings, they will confront him. They leave. Everything seems to be going as planned.

Caitlin checks on Fallout and then laughs to herself. Leo is curious why she is laughing. She is remembering a post it note that Killer Frost left her and says that’s how they communicated with each other.  She says they were just getting used to living that way. Leo tells her it’s okay to miss someone she lost.

The Flash checks in with Fallout and the truck stops.  It is suspended in the air and dropped really hard.  Joe (Jesse L. Martin) tries to reach Iris, but their communications are hacked.   DeVoe has arrived. The Flash and Leo get out of the truck to face him. The Flash tries to use the Sonic Scepter on DeVoe, but with Ralph’s abilities, DeVoe is able to withstand the blast.

That makes The Flash recall the moment that Ralph died.  The Flash gets so sad that he freezes. DeVoe tries to attack him, but Siren X is behind him and attacks them all.  The Flash and Leo are knocked out and DeVoe runs away. Fallout gets nervous and tries to run, but runs into Siren X who says she is taking the truck.


Grant Gustin as Barry Allen/The Flash – Photo courtesy of

The Flash and Leo make it back to STAR labs. They tell Iris that Siren X took Joe, Caitlin and Fallout.  Leo explains the Earth X Laurel’s story and Cisco explains Earth 1’s Laurel. Totally different people.

Cisco goes to his lab to use his Thinking Cap to find Siren X.  Harry takes the cap from him and destroys it. He finally comes clean to Cisco about what’s happening to him. His only job is to be smarter than all of the villains who want to hurt the team.  And now he can’t do that. He destroyed the cap so Cisco wouldn’t make the same mistake.

Devoe is upset because the event didn’t happen as he predicted.  The Flash was supposed to defeat Siren X. DeVoe lost because the Flash failed.  There is a variable missing in DeVoe did not put into his calculations; emotions.  Marlize reminds DeVoe that he killed Barry’s friend. Barry froze when he saw him. Marlize says he didn’t account for how someone is feeling because of his actions.

Leo tries to make Barry face his grief for Ralph.  Barry says he can’t, he doesn’t have time. Ralphs death is different than any other loss Barry has experience.  He has to face his grief to move forward. There’s no outrunning grief…pun intended.

Siren X takes Fallout, Joe and Caitlin to the CCPD.  She forces Fallout take off the hazmat helmet and all of the cops faint from the radiation exposure.  Team Flash gets a radiation alert. Flash and Leo leave to take care of the situation.


Katie Cassidy as Laurel/Siren X and Ryan Alexander McDonald as Neil Borman/Fallout – Photo courtesy of

Siren X knows they are coming before they get there.  She knocks out The Flash and says she will kill the Flash for destroying her life.  Leo and Caitlin try to cool her off. She turns her voice on Fallout trying to stress him out enough to explode.  

Flash is having a hard time getting up.  He starts remembering what happened to Ralph.  Leo yells at him that Ralph’s death was not Barry’s fault.  Flash gets up and rushes at Siren X, knocking her down. Leo and Caitlin use cold guns to cool off Fallout and his temperature starts to fall.  After they put the hazmat helmet back on Fallout, they notice that Barry is missing. Joe finds him crying in another room. Barry blames himself for Ralph’s death.  Joe consoles Barry while Leo listens in.

The team was able to get Fallout to ARGUS and he is in the most top secret facility ever.  Leo prepares to leave for his wedding. He invites the team, but they need to focus on finding DeVoe. Cisco gives Leo an interdimensional transporter so he and Ray can honeymoon on Earth 1.  

Leo says goodbye to everyone in his calm, cool, and flattering way.  Barry tells him to not be a stranger. Leo answers “you never know.”

Caitlin reads Killer Frost’s notes. Iris tells her she is strong without Killer Frost so she’s going to be okay.  Caitlin says she doesn’t want to live without her. She ran tests and finds there is no Dark Matter in her DNA, but Killer Frost is still there.  She just has to find a way to bring her out.

Harry packs his bags. He’s going to see Jesse before he loses his mind.  Cisco reminds him that Jesse turned out to be a great person because of Harry.  Learning will be easy, but he has to let the team help him. Harry puts his bags down. Cisco wants to fix him, but Harry isn’t ready to tell anyone yet.  He thanks Cisco for helping him.

Barry talks about Ralph in therapy. He says he misses Ralph, but he’s upset that it took him so long to see what Ralph had become.  He wants to tell Ralph that he’s proud of him. That he feels responsible for what happened. Ralph taught him more than Barry could teach him and he’s grateful.

Fallout is on a beach somewhere, but it’s virtual reality.  DeVoe can see him. Emotions didn’t get in the way of success after all.  DeVoe asks Marlize if she finally sees that. She sees it clearly. She turns from him with tears in her eyes.

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I’m still so sad about Ralph.  It was therapeutic for us to go through Barry’s grieving process though.  He’s has lost so much. When he came back from the speed force, he seemed at peace with everything. This is the first time we’ve seen that sad Barry since then.  Ralph was special. I wish he could have lived.

I’m ready for some answers about DeVoe’s enlightenment.  How can the team stop him if he knows exactly what they are going to do next?  And Marlize. She seems to realize that this DeVoe is no longer the man she married. He was gone a long time ago. Will she be the one to take down DeVoe.

It’s always a pleasure seeing Wentworth Miller as Leo Snart. Please bring him back soon. 

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