The Flash has been working hard and diligently to find the twelve bus metahumans that were created when he returned to Earth from the Speed Force. DeVoe is also looking for them because…well, he created them.  Each individual was chosen for a specific power that they would possess after being exposed to Dark Matter. In order for DeVoe to obtain that power, he had to absorb the dark matter and transfer his consciousness into the metahuman, thereby killing them.  He has already absorbed seven metahumans.

So what of the other five.  Neil Borman/Fallout (Ryan Alexander McDonald) is way too dangerous to be held in the pipeline, so he’s been sent to a special facility. Janet Petty/Null (Bethany Brown) is locked up in the pipeline. Matthew Kim/Melting Pot (Leonardo Nam) is also at STAR Labs, working with Team Flash to stop DeVoe. The team is currently looking for Edwin Gauss (Arturo del Puerto).  

And then there’s Ralph Dibny/Elongated Man (Hartley Sawyer).  Ralph used to be on the CCPD until Barry (Grant Gustin) turned him in for planting evidence.  The two got past that and became pretty good friends. Barry is doing his best to be patient with Ralph and teach him how to be a good superhero.  They both know that at some point, DeVoe will come for Ralph. In “Lose Yourself,” Barry must teach Ralph the most important lesson of all: don’t kill because there’s always a better way.

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Ralph and Barry go to the junk yard to look at the bus that DeVoe’s metahumans were on.  They scan the bus for dark matter and discuss whether or not to kill DeVoe. Barry says he doesn’t kill because there is always a better way.  Ralph thinks its the only way to make sure DeVoe is gone for good. They get Edwin Gauss’ signature and Ralph remembers paying the guy’s bus fare.  Well, actually Gauss paid Ralph’s bus fare and then Ralph stole it.

Barry gets a phone call from the lab.  Harry (Tom Cavanagh) has called a special meeting.  He has created something he thinks will defeat DeVoe. He got the idea from Izzy Bowin’s (Miranda MacDougall) sonic blast.  It created a sound wave that affect DeVoe and the only thing that could injure DeVoe. He calls it a Sonic Scepter. When it hits the surface of something, a sonic blast shoots out, throwing back anyone in the way.  

The Flash

Tom Cavanagh as Harry Wells – Photo by Katie Yu/CW

Harry starts going on and on about how he created it with the Thinking Cap.  Joe (Jesse L. Martin) notices that he’s become pretty attached to the cap and says something to Cisco (Carlos Valdes).  

Meanwhile Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) has been working on what triggers her to turn into Killer Frost.  She always said that she can only transform if she’s scared or really angry. So that means the trigger is in her adrenal glands.  Caitlin tells Iris (Candice Patton), if she shoots herself with an epinephrine pen, she can instantly turn into Killer Frost.

An alert goes off. The Thinker has used his powers.  The Team goes to investigate and find Edwin Gauss, but he immediately disappears.  It wasn’t the Thinker that they detected, it was Gauss. Gauss can make pocket dimensions just like DeVoe’s chair can.  But where did he go?

Back at the lab, Joe asks Harry if he’s okay.  He says he’s showing signs of addictive tendencies towards the Thinking Cap.  Wells tries to convince Joe that everything is fine. Joe says okay and leaves.  Harry goes to the Wells Family Secret Closet a.k.a. The Time Vault and Joe watches him.

Barry, Ralph and Caitlin track Gauss to a hippie commune.  They ask a strange guy if he knows Gauss and the guy calls him The Folded Man. Caitlin spots the Folded Man and chases him down.  Barry and Ralph catch up and tell him they are there to rescue him. Gauss asks if they brought the ninja. What samurai? The samurai that just stabbed Caitlin through her chest.  Barry grabs Caitlin and rushes her back to STAR Labs. Ralph beheads the samurai and the samurai tells Ralph that nothing will stop DeVoe from getting what he wants.

Caitlin is fine.  She has the ability to heal quickly.  She jumps down from the examination table and everyone goes back to business as usual.  Gauss agreed to stay in the pipeline for his own safety. Ralph gets upset. He was very concerned when Caitlin got stabbed.  He says everyone acts like no one’s life is on the line and storms off.

The Flash

Arturo del Puerto as Edwin Gauss/The Folded Man and Hartley Sawyer as Ralph Dibny/The Elongated Man – Photo by Katie Yu/CW

Ralph goes to the pipeline to hang out with Gauss.  Gauss starts telling him stories about traveling through pocket dimensions.  He talks about one in particular with ninja robots, a giant floating chair and a beautiful woman dressed in white.  Ralph realizes that Gauss can get into DeVoe’s lair.

Meanwhile, Harry searches Cisco’s lab for his Thinking Cap. He’s frantic.  Cisco tries to stop him, but Harry pushes him against the wall and demands to get his Thinking Cap back.  Joe walks in with the Thinking Cap in his hands. He says he will give it back on one condition. Harry needs to think about how using it is affecting those around him.  

Ralph takes Gauss to the STAR Labs elevator lobby.  He wants Gauss to open a pocket portal and he’s going through to kill DeVoe.  The Flash stops Ralph saying that they don’t kill. Ralph has the Sonic Scepter and puts it inside his chest.  They fight for the scepter and Flash has to knock out Ralph to stop him.

Ralph wakes up in the med bay.  Barry tells him again, “we don’t kill.” He says once he kills someone, Ralph will lose himself and everything that is good about him.  Ralph says he doesn’t want to kill DeVoe because of what it will do to him. He wants to kill him because of what DeVoe could do to Team Flash.  He says the team is the closest thing he’s ever had to a family and he does not want to see any of them hurt.

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Barry tells the rest of the team about Ralph’s plan to use Gauss’ pocket dimension to get to DeVoe.  They know it’s dangerous, but its the opportunity they’ve been waiting for. Everyone agrees that the Flash, Vibe, and Killer Frost will go in.  Gauss creates the pocket and Team Flash goes through. They encounter DeVoe, still in Izzy’s body, and Barry uses the Sonic Scepter. It doesn’t work because she’s a hologram!

The real DeVoe and the Mechanic (Kim Engelbrecht) teleport to STAR Labs.  DeVoe uses her Kilg%re powers to disable the STAR Labs security system. Harry, Joe and Iris are locked in the training room.  They need to get to Cisco’s lab to get a device that will help Harry regain control of the labs computer systems. But how do they get Flash, Vibe and Killer Frost back?  Harry says they could use DeVoe’s chair to open the pocket dimension, bringing them back. Iris takes an earring and puts it on the door. Cisco made the earrings a bomb, just in case…

The Flash

Hartley Sawyer as Ralph Dibny/The Elongated Man – Photo by Katie Yu/CW

Ralph is standing guard in the pipeline.  DeVoe shows up and uses Dwarf Star’s powers to enlarge the T-Rex skeleton that Ralph has fought before.  The T-Rex chases Ralph through the training room, while DeVoe gets Gauss, Matthew Key and Null. Ten metahumans down, two to go.  

Iris, Harry and Joe make it to the control room, but there’s a samurai waiting for them. Joe takes on the samurai.  Iris goes to the cortex to regain control. She finds DeVoe’s chair. Marlize is also there waiting for her. Iris finds her laser gun and the two fight it out.  Harry goes to Cisco’s lab to get the part, but then heads to the Time Vault to use the Thinking Cap. He tells Gideon to turn up the dark matter to power the cap. Gideon warns him about the high levels, but Harry is desperate. The dark matter is too much and electrocutes Harry.  

Ralph is able to destroy the T-rex and exits the pipeline, but it’s too late.  The Thinker is now in Gauss’ body. DeVoe says it’s Ralph’s turn and starts to teleport them again.  Ralph transforms his hand into the scepter. He uses it on DeVoe, knocking him backward. Ralph says he will not let him hurt him or his friends. He’s been waiting for this moment for a long time.  

Iris continues her fight with Marlize. She says she’s willing to do anything for her husband.  Marlize gets the upper hand and says she obviously loves her husband more. Iris pulls Marlize’s sword toward her, stabbing herself in the shoulder.  She grabs Marlize’s head and uses it to hit DeVoe’s chair, creating the pocket. Flash, Vibe, and Killer Frost return.

Flash runs to find Ralph and DeVoe.  Ralph has put power dampening cuffs on DeVoe. Barry is proud of him for not killing DeVoe. Ralph says he’s ready for a better life.  There’s just one problem. The light on the cuffs is purple, meaning DeVoe hacked the cuffs and releases himself. He hits Flash with a blast, rendering him motionless.  DeVoe also hits Ralph and is able to grab his head, absorbing his power.

Iris turns on the security cameras and the team watches as DeVoe kills Ralph and takes over his body.  Cisco and Killer Frost vibe to try and save Ralph, but it’s too late. Barry tries to use the Sonic Scepter, but DeVoe throws him back hard.  Cisco tries to vibe him, but DeVoe makes Cisco hurt and bleed when he uses his powers. Killer Frost tries to freeze DeVoe, but DeVoe grabs her arm and tells her to melt, turning her back into Caitlin.  DeVoe escapes in Ralph’s body.

Afterward, the team reassembles in the control room.  They look at all of the pictures of the bus metas, sad that they failed them. Barry gets upset and storms off. Iris goes after him.  

Caitlin tells Cisco that she feels funny.  Harry and Cisco test her and she’s fine. They scan for dark matter and there is no trace of it.  When DeVoe touched Killer Frost, he absorbed her power. Killer Frost is gone.

Iris finds Barry at Ralph’s office.  He’s cleaning up, saying there’s some things that Ralph wouldn’t want anyone to find.  After he cleans up, he pours a drink and puts in on the desk. He say he will keep them safe and leaves the drink and the office.

The DeVoes toast to their victory.  DeVoe says that Ralph’s body can withstand the large amount of dark matter that the metahumans contain.  He can also shape shift to a familiar face. Clifford DeVoe (Neil Sandilands) reappears. He also reveals that he stole additional dark matter from Harry’s thinking cap.  It will help with the Enlightenment.

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That was such a tough loss.  I am so frustrated with how DeVoe is always a step ahead of them.  I just need Team Flash to get one win!

Poor Ralph.  He was so good for the team and they loved him. That much was true.  I can’t remember what it was like before Ralph. This makes me sad. I honestly thought DeVoe wouldn’t get Ralph.  I thought Ralph would be the deciding factor to defeating DeVoe. Now I don’t know.

I’m really concerned about Cisco.  Why was he bleeding? I can’t think of any power that DeVoe has that would do that to Cisco.

I’m also sad that Killer Frost is gone.  I really hope Caitlin can get her back. Killer Frost is not just a part of Caitlin, she is Caitlin.  They can exist without each other, but something tells me that Caitlin won’t feel complete without Killer Frost.

So when DeVoe absorbs the metahumans, does he truly kill them?  Or are those individual personalities still in there?

Again.  I’m sad and frustrated and scared for Team Flash.  What will it take to defeat DeVoe?




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