The Flash returns as the team continues their search for the last two bus metas before The Thinker can find them. The Thinker, currently occupying the body of Izzy Bowin (Miranda MacDougall), has absorbed the powers of at least six of the bus metas. Team Flash races to find the last two on the list, Janet Perry and Edwin Gauss. Two questions remain: Who will find them first?  And will The Thinker’s host body last long enough for him to complete the Enlightenment?

Ok, three…how “Null and Annoyed” can Harry (Tom Cavanagh) really get?

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Barry (Grant Gustin) and Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) have been working on a strategy to overpower DeVoe. The plan is for Ralph to shapeshift into The Flash, confusing DeVoe and giving the real Flash an opportunity to cuff him.  There’s only one problem. Ralph keeps changing the plan. Barry questions if Ralph can take things seriously. Iris (Candice Patton) assures him that things will work out.

Harry has been allowed to use his thinking cap to locate the last two bus metas.  He says Edwin Gauss has basically disappeared and Janet Petty (Bethany Brown) has been running her entire life. Her last known address is Iron Heights and online handle is Null. Harry is getting annoyed because he can’t concentrate.

Breacher (Danny Trejo) appears and starts choking Cisco (Carlos Valdes), begging for help. Breacher tells Cisco that his powers stopped working.  He explains that he was chasing down a band of vampires when it happened. Cisco enlists Caitlin’s (Danielle Panabaker) help to determined what’s going on with Breacher’s vibe powers.

The Thinker tells Marlize (Kim Engelbrecht) that Izzy’s body is deteriorating.  She thinks she has about a week left in the current body. Marlize suggests to adjust the Thinking Chair to extend the host’s life. The Mechanic finds that someone already made the specifications for the adjustments. The Thinker says she started the process, but is not as good with engineering as Marlize.  The Thinker after the adjustments are made they will continue looking for the final two bus metas. Marlize corrects her saying the Weeper hasn’t been found. Oh yeah…I remember that guy…

The Flash — “Null and Annoyed” — Image Number: FLA417c_0141b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Kevin Smith as Bob the Security Guard and Jason Mewes as Jay the Security Guard — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Two very familiar looking security guards (Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes) are moving a large crate into a museum. They are having a hard time so they leave to find a dolly.  Null walks up and moves the crate from the dock. Inside is a beautifully expensive tiara. If the crown fits, wear it.


They run some tests and while they wait, Cisco takes the opportunity to get to know Breacher.  He tells Breacher that he hasn’t seen Gypsy in a while and he misses her. Breacher says she’s busy.  They send Breacher to get some food.

Cisco asks Caitlin about the test results. Breacher is perfectly healthy.  His power are fading because of his age. Cisco doesn’t want to be the bearer of bad news, so he doesn’t tell Breacher the truth. Instead he hands him a bottle of ‘anti-matter-histamine.’ Breacher tries to use his powers and  wonders why his vibe powers are a different color. Cisco threw his own vibe power from behind Breacher and says its a side effect of the pills. Breacher thanks Cisco and says he will try to let Gypsy off work more.

Thinking Straight

Marlize continues to work on the Thinking Chair and drops her mug while looking at her work.  While picking up the pieces of the cup, Marlize finds a strange substance on the floor. She immediately runs tests on the substance and herself.  Her tests come back positive for psychoactive narcotics. Clifford has been drugging her with the Weeper’s tears!

Marlize records a video to herself about being drugged. She says Clifford is a monster and she needs to escape. She goes to save the video and finds several videos, telling herself the same message.  The Thinker tells Marlize that she saves the file under the same name every time. She admits to using the Weeper’s tears combined with Brainstorms power to alter Marlize’s memories. The Thinker uses his thinking chair to lobotomize Marlize saying she’s nothing without her/him.

Why So Serious?

Ralph and Barry go to the museum to check in with Joe (Jesse L. Martin) about the robbery.  Since neither Barry nor Ralph are on the CCPD, they can’t technically investigate it. However there are some suspicious clues that makes them all think a meta was the thief.  For starters, moving that crate would take super strength. Joe says he will dust the crate for fingerprints. Ralph stretches his hand to do it himself and makes the familiar security guards (wink wink) drop a vase.

They run her prints at STAR labs and find several aliases. They track her down to Ralph’s friend Earl Cox (Paul McGillion) private investigation office.  Ralph shape shifts into Joe West, “The Baddest Dad Cop you’ve come across.” Ralph/Joe play good cop/bad cop with Earl. Earl says he’s never seen Null and doesn’t know anything about any jewels. About that time, some jewels fall out of a bag on Earl’s desk.  “Joe West doesn’t make any mistakes!”

Barry asks where Null and Earl points to the ceiling.  They turn and see her floating in the air. Barry asks Ralph/Joe for the power dampening cuffs, but Ralph/Joe is frozen. Null jumps down and a blue light illuminates from her hands. She touches Barry and he starts floating in the air. Null gets away.

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The Flash — “Null and Annoyed” — Image Number: FLA417a_0092b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Hartley Sawyer as Dibney and Tom Cavanagh as Harrison Wells — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Barry gets back to STAR labs and Ralph makes fun of the situation by telling him to burp his way down like Charlie Bucket.  Caitlin explains that Null’s power affects the density of Barry’s cells…like he’s a balloon filled with helium. Cisco asks Harry if they can reverse his gravitational force. Harry uses his thinking cap and say it’s not necessary.  Eventually Harry will just fall. And he falls hard.

Ralph continues to make jokes by applauding Barry’s landing.  Barry gets angry saying it’s Ralph’s life on the line that they are fighting for.  Ralph’s jokes are helping any. He continues with the jokes, so Barry benches him. Barry says he’s doing what’s best for Ralph.  Ralph disagrees…he’s doing what’s best for Barry.

All Jokes Aside

Iris talks to Barry about Ralph.  She says he will do okay because it’s his life.  Barry says Ralph will lose his life if he doesn’t start thinking like Barry.  They get an alert that Null is at the Central City Jewelry. Barry is prepared to go alone.  Harry, wearing the thinking cap, tells Barry that Null can’t gravitate what she can’t see. If Barry vibrates while running, she won’t see him coming.  

But she does! Well, she at least anticipated him coming. The Flash is able to get the power dampening cuffs on Null. She points out a car that is falling from the sky…with a passenger inside. Null has put him in a bind.  If he saves the passenger, she gets away. The Flash saves the passenger and Null picks the lock on the cuffs.

Harry gets really frustrated with everything, saying the thinking cap is not helping. Iris tells him that no one could have predicted what Null would do.  Harry is most frustrated because The Thinker can predict human behavior. It’s been almost a year and they’ve gotten nowhere and don’t know where The Thinker is or what he will do next.

Iris continues her talk with Barry telling him to take it easy on Ralph.  When Barry was in jail, Ralph got the job done the way he knows how. Iris asks if Barry is upset because Ralph makes jokes or because he’s not following Barry’s plans.  Barry finds Ralph and apologizes for being so hard on him. Ralph explains that his dad left when he was 10. He and his mom were both scared, so Ralph started making jokes to cope.  Making jokes is how Ralph deals with things.

The Flash — “Null and Annoyed” — Image Number: FLA417a_0140b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Danny Trejo as Breacher and Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Cisco finds an empty bottle of antihistamines and vibes to Breacher’s location.  Breacher went off to fight the head vampire, but his powers still aren’t working. Cisco vibes to him and helps, but the vampire is too strong. Cisco vibes them back to STAR labs and reveals the truth to Breacher.  His vibe blast stopped working because of his age. Cisco apologizes, but Breacher still hates him.

Null and Void

Alert! Null is at the Central City museum.  The Flash and Elongated Man head to the museum and find Null stealing jewelry from the patrons.  She starts elevating people, but The Flash is able to get almost everyone out. Null sends The Flash into the atmosphere when he stops running.  Elongated Man can’t stretch enough to reach The Flash. Flash tells him to improvise and do something Dibney-esk.

Elongated Man cuffs Null’s feet and waits for The Flash to fall. Once he sees Flash, Elongated Man blows himself up into a whoopee cushion.  Flash is safe, and Elongated Man is making farting noises as he deflates.

They put Null in the pipeline, so the team focuses on Edwin Gauss.  Joe mentions that Earl Cox called him saying he was clearing Ralphs tab.  How weird! Barry tells Ralph that he did a good job. He helped Barry realize that he can’t always take things so seriously.  Ralph boasts about teaching the master a lesson.

Breacher returns to Earth 1.  He says he took a look in the mirror and saw how old he is. It’s time to retire.  He stopped by to say goodbye and to offer Cisco a job at the collection agency. He wants “Cisky” to replace him.  And it would give Cisco a chance to see Gypsy more. Something to think about…right? (WRONG!)

Marlize and The Thinker replay the scene where The Thinker tells her he has a week to live in the current host. Marlize wants to adjust the Thinking Chair to prolong the host’s life. The Mechanic finds that someone already made the specifications for the adjustments. The Thinker says she started the process, but is not as good with engineering as Marlize.  After the adjustments are made they will continue looking for the final two bus metas. The Thinker tells Marlize that Team Flash has captures subject 11 and it’s time for them to act.

Harry opens Thawne’s secret closet and activates Gideon.  He says a lot has changed since the last time they spoke.

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First of all, CISCO CAN’T LEAVE!! He’s the best part of the show!  I’m not happy about this possible development. Unless of course Carlos Valdes has something big coming up, but still….I LOVE CISCO!!

How awesome is it to see Jay and Silent Bob…well, Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith on the same screen again. I know it wasn’t Jay and Silent Bob, but it was.  I remember talking to Mewes about appearing on a CW show back in October.  He didn’t have anything lined up at that time, but I’m glad that Smith found something that was fitting for Mewes!

What is Harry up to?  I could speculate, but there’s so many possibilities.  I CAN’T EVEN…Harry is going “robo-pocalyse” (Cisco’s word, not mine) on the team. Or is it really Thawne? I have a bad feeling about this.

I really hope Marlize can escape The Thinker.  She’s been through enough. That should be the turning point in the game, if it happens.  And what is this Enlightenment? We’ve only heard the name a hundred times, but no other details.

Ok, I’ll admit… I’m a little lost on the bus metas. Barry said that DeVoe had absorbed powers from 7 of the bus metas: Killg%re, Hazard, Dwarfstar, Black Bison, Brainstorm and the Fiddler. I guess the Weeper is #7?  Ralph (8) is on Team Flash and Null (9) has just been captured. What happened to the radioactive guy (10)? And the Melting Point guy (11)? Isn’t’ he supposed to be a part of Team Flash now? Hopefully we’ll get a complete rundown soon.







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