Metahumans, DeVoe, Amunet Black…The Flash has his fair share of villains to keep him busy this season. DeVoe being the most difficult to outsmart. Team Flash is working hard to find a way to stop DeVoe from killing the bus metahumans. Even Harry (Tom Cavanagh) is frustrated with the whole ordeal. Well, Harry’s always been in a bad mood, especially since he had a fight with his daughter Jesse (Violett Beane). Jesse kicked him off her team on Earth 2 and Harry has been brooding ever since.  

Does anyone remember that Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris (Candice Patton) just got married? He’s been in jail for most of their marriage. These poor kids need a vacation!

“Enter Flashtime” begins at the end. Barry, all sweaty and crying looks at Iris. She’s standing still, so that means Barry is moving really fast. He touches her face to make her move at his speed. Iris asks what’s happening. Barry tells her, he can’t save them this time.

Rewind…Eight Minutes Ago

Barry and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) are working on combining their powers to use against DeVoe. Barry runs, Cisco opens a breach, and Barry tries to run through before Cisco closes it. Cisco gets tired and takes a break and Barry is frustrated. They can’t find anything that works against DeVoe. Iris tells him to focus on something else…like them. They live and work together, but don’t really spend any time together. Barry promises to take Iris on a date. Their moment is interrupted by Harry.

Harry shows them a signature field of everytime DeVoe moves in and out of his lair. Cisco created it. It’s been going on for the last three years. DeVoe has orchestrated everything to get the people he wanted on the bus.  

Jesse shows up. Harry sent her an apology cube, but didn’t record a message on it. So, Jesse is trying to get Harry to open up about her mother. Harry is so awkward about feelings that he can’t bring himself to talk about it. Jesse says it causes him to be miserable and then he makes everyone around him miserable. That’s why she kicked him off the team. Now he’s throwing himself in his work to avoid it. Jesse says he won’t’ be able to move on until he can talk about it. Harry gets upset and says she will never understand.

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Grant Gustin as The Flash and Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon on The Flash, “Enter Flashtime”

Da Bomb Dot Com

Harry gets an alert from Joe (Jesse L. Martin). He’s at a hanger at Wake Airfield with ARGUS. They encountered a hostile group with guns who want whatever is in the ARGUS container that Joe and his men were escorting to the airport. Team Flash, plus Jesse Quick leave to help stop the fight.

A woman enters the container and arms the device. She hears the gunfire stop and walks out of the container. Team Flash and the police are facing her. She says this is for all of Central City and sets off the detonator. Flash runs to the device and finds a bomb in place. Jesse joins him. Barry tells her that they are too late.

The device is basically a nuclear bomb. The core is already critical and if the speedsters slow down, it’s all over. They talk about what they need to do. There’s no time to run everyone out of the city. And the timer on the bomb will speed up if they try to move it. Barry sends Jesse to get The Flash from Earth 3.  

Barry touches Cisco to bring him up to speed (ha!) Cisco examines everything, letting Barry know what they are dealing with. They think Cisco might be able to create a breach and send the bomb to a dead earth. The only problem is, they are moving so fast, they don’t have time for a breach to open. And Cisco is moving so fast, he’s energy is depleted. He tells Barry to talk to Harry for more suggestions.

The Flash runs to Star Labs to ask for Harry’s advice. Harry gets really agitated when he finds out what’s going on. He’s more concerned about Jesse’s safety. Harry pulls it together enough to tell The Flash to send the bomb into the speed force. He starts to lose consciousness so Barry releases him.

Grant Gustin as The Flash, John Wesley Shipp as Jay Garrick, and Violett Beane as Jesse Quick on The Flash, “Enter Flashtime”

How many Speedsters does it take…

Jesse returns with Jay Garrick (John Wesley Shipp). Barry confers with them about Harry’s suggestion. Jay doesn’t like the plan. He says they could lose the entire speed force if they send it through. Every speedster would lose their speed. Jay won’t let him send the bomb to the speed force. Barry says it’s the only way to save everyone in the city.

Jay tries to reason with Barry. He says Harry doesn’t know anything about the speed force. Jay doesn’t really offer any suggestions so Barry yells at Jay. Jesse asks if Harry had any other ideas. Jay realizes that he’s sweating. Barry apologizes and they all start thinking together.

Jay says they might be able to restore stability of the bomb by cooling it down. The speedsters return to the hanger and The Flash speeds up Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker). They ask her to use her powers to cool down the bomb. At first she laughs at them, but then tries to freeze it. The explosion breaks through the chamber. Killer Frost tries again, but runs out of energy. The Flash takes her back to where she was standing. Killer Frost asks Barry to not let Caitie die.

Jay’s other idea was to offset the bomb with nuclear fusion. Jesse says they might be able to throw a lightning bolts to stop it. They start running around the hanger and stop to throw the bolts. Jay can’t do it. He runs out of energy and stops running.

Without Jay, they don’t have enough energy to offset the bomb. There’s just one thing to do. Send the bomb into the speed force. Jesse questions that decision because Harry “thinks” it will be fine. She says they can only trust Harry when he knows, not thinks something will work out.

Jesse suggests running back in time to stop the bomb. Barry tells her that’s a bad idea…they will alter the timeline and everyone they love. Jesse makes a snarky comment that having a different version of her dad would be better. Barry tells her that she can’t force him to do something he’s not ready for.  

The reaction from the bomb reaches the final phase. They are out of ideas. Barry tells Jesse to use her remaining speed to go back to Earth 2. Harry wants her to be safe. Jesse leaves.

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Candice Patton as Iris West Allen and Grant Gustin as Barry Allen on The Flash, “Enter Flashtime”

The Lightning Rod

Barry has been running so long, he’s sweating. He takes one more look around the hanger, approaches Joe and says he’s sorry.

Jesse goes to Harry. She can’t run fast enough to pull him in her speed force. She tells him that she knows he’s sad that her mom is gone. She’s bothered that he won’t talk about it. And that’s okay, she just wants him to be happy. Jesse sits by Harry and stops running.

Barry works on the equation board, trying to stop the bomb. He gets angry and goes to Iris. He brings her in to his speed force. Iris sees the bomb exploding on the monitor. He says he can’t save them. Iris calms him down. They tell each other how much they love each other. Barry calls Iris his lightning rod.  

Iris gets an idea. She says the speed force has enough lightening power to stop the bomb. She tells him about the little ball that they threw into the speed force to replace Barry’s signature. If Barry can get the ball, the speed force will follow the signature.  

The Flash runs into the speed force, retrieves the ball and runs out. Iris was right, the speed force lightning follows The Flash. He runs to the hanger and throws the ball into the container.  When the speed force lightning hits the container, the bomb goes off. The energy from the speed force is enough to offset the energy and the bomb is defused. Everyone returns to normal. The Flash saves the day!

John Wesley Shipp as Gay Garrick on The Flash, “Enter Flashtime”

Farewell Crimson Comet

The woman who set off the bomb left behind a video. Her name is Veronica Dale (Bernadette Saquibal), from Eden Core. She wanted the video to be released after the explosion in Central City. The team question her motives and wonder if DeVoe is part of it.

Jay interrupts to say goodbye to the team. Caitlin instructs him to rest and Jay announces that he’s retiring. A new speedster is coming to Earth 2 as soon as Jay finishes training ‘Her’. Barry asks if the speed force is okay. Jay says they will find out soon, if it’s not.

The team leaves Barry to rest. He talks to Iris about what he realized in Flashtime. He’s fast enough to catch DeVoe when he comes out of his lair. And Iris was right about taking a break. He plans on spending more time with her.

Jesse goes to say goodbye to Harry. Harry tries to talk about her mother, but Jesse says it’s okay if he’s not ready. She thought if he confronted his feelings, he would be happier. Only Harry can decide when he’s ready. And when he’s ready to do that, she will be there for him.

Harry hands a thought dampener to Jesse and puts an corresponding device on his head. Together, the devices allow Jesse to hear Harry’s thoughts. He turns on the devices and shares his memories with Jesse.

Jessica Parker Kennedy on The Flash, “Enter Flashtime”

Who’s That Girl?

Later at Jitters, Caitlin tells Harry that something is different. Normally she can’t remember anything that Killer Frost says and does. This time, she remembers Killer Frost being worried about Caitlin.

There’s this girl (Jessica Parker Kennedy)…we’ve seen her twice before. She almost spilled water on Barry at his wedding. Then she paid for Ralph and Cisco’s coffee at Jitters. This time she spills coffee on Harry and Caitlin. She’s really awkward, saying she’s nervous about meeting some new people. Harry is annoyed by her and decides they need to leave. Caitlin wishes her luck with her meeting and hopes it goes well. The girl says thanks and watches them leave. Her meeting did go well.

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This was interesting. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a speedster team up. This one didn’t disappoint. I liked the fact that Jesse and Jay understood all of the science behind the situation.  

Can they tell us who this little girl is already? The fan theory is that she’s Barry and Iris’ daughter from the future. I think they said she’s a speedster. So is this the speedster that Jay Garrick is training? Whoever she is, she is very interested in Team Flash

Ok. Veronica Dale. I did some digging. She is actually a villain of the Green Arrow. I smell a crossover!

Barry, Harry, Cisco and Caitlin come up with the solutions to the problems, because there’s usually a sciencey reason for the problem. I always get lost in all the science talk. Even Iris has to do a double take when asking questions about the science behind it all. This time Iris had the answer! Loved it! You go girl!

And next week, Iris gets the speed. I have to give it to the writers. They definitely have made up for how annoying Iris was in the beginning. She’s always been strong, and now she gets a chance to show her strength in a new way. I’m excited for the next episode! And I’m sure Barry will be hilarious!


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