Team Flash is still adjusting on The Flash. Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) is in jail and Team Flash has to fight crime without him. Having a handful of metas on the team really helps, but they have their obstacles to overcome. Like, trying to find a way to clear Barry’s name. They have the legal expertise, but no concrete evidence. Ugh…this is frustrating.

Speaking of metas, the team is still on the lookout for the last five bus meta humans that were created when Barry left the speed force. The team finds the latest menacing meta in “Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash.” Guess what his power is…

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned from watching The Flash. Dark matter is highly unpredictable…right? The least likely person to get any kind of meta powers has just found out she can read minds. She wasn’t on or near the bus, but she was in Central City when the particle accelerator exploded. And she’s pregnant! That’s right. Cecile Horton (Danielle Nicolet) has meta powers! And Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) is so uncomfortable with this new development.   

Danielle Nicolet as Cecile Horton and Jesse L. Martin as Joe West, The Flash, “Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash,”

Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) thinks the changes in Cecile’s hormone levels changed in her second trimester and that has triggered the dark matter that she may have been exposed to four years ago. As for the baby, she’s just fine! Yep, Cecile and Joe are having a girl! Harry (Tom Cavanagh) isn’t impressed. He’s focused so hard on how to get Barry out of jail, that he’s cranky…more than usual. The team has hit a roadblock. Cecile put in an appeal that they have to wait on. The DeVoes are laying low. And there’s no new evidence that will exonerate Barry.

Last week, Barry made a friend in Big Sir (Bill Goldberg). Now he’s playing poker with his new pal…and cheating! Barry uses his speed to set the cards in his favor. One of the guys folds his cards and takes his pudding.  Big Sir tells him to put it back. The guy makes a remark about Big Sir killing an unarmed man. Big Sir gets up and walks away, and he is visibly angry. Barry finds out Big Sir’s story. A security guard at the Mercury Labs warehouse was shot and killed 15 years ago. Someone matching Big Sir’s description is responsible. Big Sir was there that night and saw the guy run off. When he checked on the guard, the police arrived and arrested Big Sir for murder.

Central City has a new mayor and she is holding a press conference.  A new research company has come to Central City and guarantees their building is meta-human proof. Or so they thought. The building disappears. Actually it shrunk. We see a man pick up the building and walk away with it. CCPD is on the case of the missing building. Cecile arrives with Cisco (Carlos Valdes) and starts reading everyone’s minds. Joe is a little overwhelmed by her and asks her to go home…but he didn’t get to ask her because Cecile hears him think it. Cisco finds dark matter residue and footage from an ATM. A man in a trench coat is seen picking up the building and getting into a car. Joe send the license plate number in to track the car.

Joe gets a call from Barry asking him to look into Big Sir’s case. He takes it to Team Flash. At first they aren’t so sure that they have time, but Harry convinces them to take it on. It’s the only thing that Barry has asked of them. Barry never asks for anything. Cecile arrives with the case file and everyone scatters. No one likes her reading their minds. Barry tells Big Sir that his friends are looking into his case. Big Sir gets angry and says it’s dangerous to hope. He tells Barry to call it off.

Joe gets an alert about the license plate from the ATM footage. It is registered to Sylbert Rundine (Derek Mears). Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) and Cisco join Joe to questions Rundine. When they get there, he has a lot of figurines of cars, aircrafts, and buildings. Joe decides to ask Rundine if he was at the Mercury Lab warehouse 15 years ago. Rundine smiles and shoots a yellow ray at something. A gun appears in his hands. He shoots at the guys and runs away. Cisco vibes everyone to the alley, but Rundine is gone. He emerges from behind a trash can. He shoots at Joe’s car and then at Cisco and Ralph, shrinking the superheroes. 

Joe takes them back to STAR labs so Harry and Caitlin can try to enlarge the guys. Cisco tries to vibe, but doesn’t get very far. Ralph tries to stretch back to his normal size and he hurts his back. So, Ray Palmer uses a special alloy to shrink and enlarge his Atom suit. The last container of alloy was stolen the day before Barry got out of the speed force. Rundine must have stolen it and was on the bus. So now he has the power to shrink and enlarge items.  Cisco dubs him “Dwarfstar.” Harry is even more frustrated. He leaves to work on something that will “biggen” Cisco and Ralph.


Iris notices the tension between Joe and Cecile. She gives Cecile the name of her and Barry’s counselor. At the counseling session, Cecile dominates the conversation because she’s reading Joe’s thoughts. He has to start thinking of a pink elephant to block her out.  

Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow/Kiiller Frost, Tom Cavanagh as Harry Wells, and Jesse L. Martin as Joe West, The Flash, “Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash,”

Ralph and Cisco are put on the lego set until Harry and Caitlin can fix them. Harry arrives with the speed force bazooka. He configured it to “biggen” the guys. Instead, their cells start exploding. They are destabilizing on an atomic level. Caitlin figures they have about 10 hours to live.

Big Sir checks in with Barry. He’s still afraid to hope. Barry asks him if he has any plans once he gets out. Big Sir says not really, but he wants to visit a town in China. Warden Wolfe pulls Barry aside and tells him to stop working on Big Sir’s case.

Since the counseling did not work, Cecile asks Iris what to do about Joe. Iris tells her to start focusing on how Joe feels instead of what he thinks.

Cisco figures out that he and Ralph are destabilizing. Harry starts beating himself up because he can’t help Cisco, he can’t help Barry, and he can’t figure out what DeVoe is up to. Cisco tells him to get out of his own way. BINGO! That’s how they fix Cisco and Ralph. They have to get in the way of Rundine’s ray to return to normal. The team watches out for Rundine and find him at the airfield museum. Ralph and Cisco have about 20 minutes until the explode. Rundine sees the guys riding on a drone. He says he won’t make them big again. Iris and Harry are trying to get Rundine to shoot his rays at them, but instead, he’s throwing cars at them.  

Harry goes to plan B. He shoots at Rundine and steps in front of him. Rundine says he’s going to shrink Harry and shoots at him. The ray hits Harry in the chest. Cisco and Ralph fly out of Harry’s pocket on his chest and return to normal. Iris shoots Rundine and is able to get a power dampening collar on him. Joe arrives to arrest Rundine. He asks him again, if Rundine was at the Mercury Lab warehouse 15 years ago.  Rundine laughs because Big Sir was convicted for that murder. He says he won’t confess because they already solved that case.

Joe calls Barry to let him know that they couldn’t save Big Sir. Big Sir is standing by and over hears everything. Barry apologizes for letting him down. Big Sir says Barry didn’t let him down, he forgot what hope felt like and it’s not a bad thing. Barry continues his phone conversation and says he feels bad. Joe tells him, when he hits the wall, don’t loose his phase. Find a way to get through it. Later that night, Barry breaks Big Sir out of jail and takes him to the town in China that he mentioned earlier.

Danielle Nicolet as Cecile Horton and Jesse L. Martin as Joe West, The Flash, “Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash,”

Cecile finally talks to Joe about her new abilities. He says he’s afraid of her hearing his thoughts because he doesn’t want her to think he’s scared or dumb. Cecile tells him all of her scary and dumb thoughts.. Cecile says there’s nothing he could say that would change how she feels about him.

Harry refocuses on Barry. He’s very worried about DeVoe and the reason he created the new metas. He is determined to figure it all out and bring Barry home.

Meanwhile, Warden Wolfe asks Barry about Big Sir’s disappearance. He tells Barry that there’s more than one camera on his cell. He knows that Barry is the Flash and he drugged Barry’s pudding. Barry passes out and is moved to a meta cell. The warden calls Amunet Black (Katee Sackhoff) to let her know he has a new acquisition for her.

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  1. Don’t eat the pudding in jail.  It made the Trickster sick and knocked out Barry.  That’s not good pudding!
  2. I wonder if Cecile will find out any interesting things in everyone’s thoughts?  Like, maybe finding the proof that will free Barry…OR the fact that Joe saw her daughter Joanie working at a strip club.  
  3. Amunet…I love Katee Sackhoff, but they have to do something about her.  She has caused too many problems for Team Flash.
  4. I honestly thought Warden Wolfe was working with The Thinker, because I thought the Thinker was planning some kind of big event that combined all of the new meta humans’ powers…it could happen.




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