The Flash has had his hands full with finding the new metahumans in town. However! Barry and Iris are still getting married and their wedding is just around the corner.  You know that that means! BACHELORETTE PARTY!  I would be excited Barry’s bachelor party, but come on…Iris is more fun!

Last week, Joe revealed that he and Cecile are expecting.  Barry and an old colleague got a fresh start, Cisco impressed Gypsy’s father enough to stay alive, and Caitlin’s new friends left her a special message.

Katee Sackhoff guest stars in “Girls Night Out” and our good friend Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) from Arrow also pays a visit!

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At STAR Labs, Barry (Grant Gustin), Harry (Tom Cavanagh), and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) are testing Ralph Dibny’s (Hartley Sawyer) stretching abilities.  Barry wants to find out who DeVoe is.  (BTW…Ralph mentioned the name DeVoe last week.  The only reason that’s important is because Savitar told Barry that DeVoe was his greatest enemies.)  Cisco say it’s close to impossible to single out the DeVoe that Barry is looking for.  

Felicity Smoak is in the house and ready to party!  Felicity is in town for Iris’ (Candice Patton) bachelorette party. Iris and Felicity find Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) who is booking a flight out of Central City.  Caitlin says she’s not up for a night out, but Felicity and Iris convince her to go.

Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) shows her ultrasound to her oldest daughter Joanie (Riley Jade).  Harry, Cisco, and Barry show up for Barry’s bachelor party at Joe’s.  Cisco has the whole night planned.  They are going to watch home videos of Barry.  And drink bourbon.  There is a really cute scene of Iris and Barry’s pretend wedding…awwww.  Ralph crashes the party and says he knows a place where they will have more fun.  Harry and Joe jump up and they are out the door.

Cecile joins Iris, Felicity and Caitlin for dinner.  While they are discussing Cecile’s pregnancy, a weird man walks in.  His name is Norvok (Mark Sweatman) and he’s an old work buddy of Caitlin’s.  He tells Caitlin that ‘She’ wants to see her, but Caitlin refuses to go.  This where it gets gross.  Norvok pushes his fake out of his head and a snake-like…thing pops out.  Felicity and Iris try to fight him off, but he keeps coming. Caitlin is forced to transform into Killer Frost to fight him off.    

Cisco (Carlos Valdes), Harry (Tom Cavanagh), Barry (Grant Gustin), Joe (Jesse L. Martin), and Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) in The Flash, Girls Night Out,

Ralph takes the guys to a strip club and the staff knows him well.  They order drinks, giving Barry a special “Bachelor Elixir” (Thank You Cisco!) Cisco volunteers to be Designated Superhero if they need anything.   The bouncer takes all of the guys cell phones and that’s a problem because Iris is calling Barry.

The girls return to STAR Labs. Cecile asks who the ‘medusa man’ is. Felicity says that’s not a Cisco approved name. Killer Frost explains that Caitlin got herself into some trouble. Killer Frost changes clothes in front of everyone and the other three give her some privacy. They discuss what to do about her.  Iris reminds them that Cailin is still in there.   They try to call the guys again and there’s no answer.   Killer Frost emerges and says she’s going to find Norvok’s boss and kill her.

Sooooo…Barry is DRUNK!  He goes around the bar telling everyone that he’s The Flash.  Joe stops him and makes him sit down.  A new dancer comes to the stage and it’s Joanie, Cecile’s daughter!

Killer Frost heads to a shady club looking for someone.  She finds Amunet Black (Sackhoff).  Killer Frost tells Amunet that she is out. Amunet plays coy and doesn’t want to hear Killer Frost’s reason.  She says she has something to show Killer Frost, something that will make them both rich.  

Iris, Felicity and Cecile show up at the club.  A random guy offers them a drug called Love.  Felicity pushes him away, refusing his drugs.  Cecile looks around and everyone is drinking the Love Potion (ha!)  Iris sees Norvok and follow him to the basement.

Amunet Black (Katee Sackhoff) and Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker) in The Flash, Girls Night Out,

Amunet shows Killer Frost her new pet. A man chained up in the basement who she calls The Weeper (Matt Alfonso) She says the man just became a metahuman.  She kicks him in the stomach, making him tear up.  His tears are glowing.  Amunet takes a tear and sniffs it.  The tears are the Love drug!

Amunet says she needs Killer Frost as a bodyguard. She plans to sell the tears as drugs.  Killer Frost refuses, so Amunet threatens to kill her.  See, Amunet is also a metahuman who can bend metal. Iris steps out and breaks up the fight. She tells Killer Frost that it’s time to go.  Amunet lets the leave peacefully.

They head back to STAR Labs and Killer Frost tells them that the woman is Amunet Black. Cecile recognizes the name. Amunet is linked to the metahuman black market selling stolen technology.  Killer Frost explains that Amunet had some tech that would keep Caitlin in charge. Caitlin’s price was being Amunet’s muscle. Killer Frost is awake when Caitlin is asleep. Felicity compares her to the Incredible Hulk. (Wait! The Hulk exists in the Arrowverse?)

Iris says they need to know what Amunet is going to do with the Weeper. He was on that bus that created the new metahumans. They have a responsibility to help him.  Killer Frost says it’s not her problem.  She’s leaving town. Iris asks Cecile to gather information on Amunet and asks Felicity to pull up the blueprint to the club. #Feminism

Joanie says she’s writing a book on the female experience. She says she is dancing because society that is dictated by the male gaze and she wants to control the narrative of feminism.  Joanie insists that she doing research on the strength of women.  (Seriously?)  

Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) in The Flash, Girls Night Out,

Cisco looks over at Barry and he  is crying.  His face is covered in barbeque sauce.  Cisco asks why he’s crying. Barry answers that he just loves Chicken Wings so much!  

Caitlin asks Killer Frost where she is going. Killer Frost says she knows a guy who can breach her to another world where she can get away from Amunet and be who she wants to be. Iris says she could have killed Amunet…and Cisco six months ago…but there is still goodness inside of her. Killer Frost says Iris doesn’t know her. Iris says she knows what Caitlin looks like when she’s scared and Killer Frost has that same look. Killer Frost is scared of becoming Caitlin.  

Joe asks Joanie if Cecile knows. Of course she doesn’t!  Joe tells Joanie that Cecile just wants her to be happy.  And Joanie needs to consider why she’s keeping her job a secret. They are interrupted by Barry.  He asks the ultimate question…”why didn’t Rose make room for Jack on the door? There was plenty of room for both of them.” (hahahaha! Classic!)  Cisco totally miscalculated the elixir.

A dancer accuses Ralph of stealing money.  He denies it, but the bouncer says he saw him.  He takes Ralph’s picture off the wall and smashes it. Ralph gets angry and starts a fight.  Joe tries to make everyone stop because he’s a cop.  Barry yells to everyone that he’s The Flash!

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Killer Frost goes to meet the meta who will breach her.  Amunet shows up instead. She tells Killer Frost that no one walks away from her.  Killer Frost owes Amunet her life. The two fight and Amunet starts beating Killer Frost so bad that Caitlin emerges.  The cops show up and stop her from killing Caitlin.  Amunet kills the cops, giving Caitlin a chance to run.

Iris finds Caitlin at STAR Labs and  helps her patch up her wounds.  Caitlin asks what happened…when Killer Frost is in control, Caitlin doesn’t remember much.  Caitlin admits that the cure didn’t work all the way. She came back because she wanted to make up for the pain she caused six months ago. Caitlin says that was a mistake.

Iris tells her that she can always come back to her friends. She asks Caitlin why she didn’t talk to anyone.  Caitlin says she really doesn’t have anyone to talk to. Iris says she has her, but Caitlin tells her they are just work friends. (Ouch!)

Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) and Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) in The Flash, Girls Night Out,

The guys end up in jail…except for Harry of course.  Barry’s special drink has worn off and he is experiencing a massive hangover.  Joe admits to Barry that he’s scared to be a dad again. He’s afraid he’s too old to have a baby.  Barry reminds him that he raised Iris and Barry as a single dad and when he got Wally, he was still a single dad.  He did a good job of raising them all. Barry says Joe was always there for them when they needed him.  Now it’s their turn to be there for him.   Harry shows up and bails everyone out of jail.

Felicity took a sample of the Weeper’s tears.  The dark matter inside the tears alters the brain function like a psychoactive drug.  It’s a Love drug. They decide to stop Amunet and save the Weeper.  Caitlin tells them that Amunet controls some type of nickel alloy.  Felicity uses the Arrow satellites to find that metal in the city.  They track it down at a warehouse in an industrial park.  Caitlin says she can’t go. She’s afraid that she would lose control and become a liability.  Iris says it’s okay.  They got this! #Feminism.

Amunet already has a buyer. She starts to show her buyer what the tears can do.  Cecile is watching from a surveillance van. Iris and Felicity, with Captain Cold’s gun, are nearby ready to stop her. Amunet gives the buyer a sample of the tears.  Iris and Felicity start to move in and the buyer’s goons stop them.

Amunet recognizes Iris, but before she can do anything to her, Caitlin shows up.  She tells Amunet to let Iris and Felicity go and she will return to work.  Amunet tells Caitlin that it’s too late. She tells her guys to kill the girls.

Killer Frost emerges and throws back everyone.  Amunet throws some metal at her and Killer Frost blocks it. She creates an ice shield around Iris, Felicity and herself.  Iris and Felicity start thinking. They are in a steel warehouse and the warehouse moves steel with really big magnets. Like the one that just happens to be above their heads.  Iris radios Cecile to turn the cranes on.

Iris West (Candice Patton), Killer Frost (Danielle Patton), and Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) in The Flash, Girls Night Out,

Killer Frost breaks the shield and faces Amunet. Cecile turns on the crane and the magnet pulls all of Amunet’s metal away from her.  Killer Frost makes a beeline for Amunet to kill her, but Iris stops her.  Killer Frost says she will never be free unless Amunet dies. Iris says she is free right now.  If she kills Amunet, she will always be a killer. Iris says she gets to decide who she is whether that’s Killer Frost or Caitlin.  

Killer Frost lets Amunet go. Amunet says Killer Frost ruined her deal and one day she will return the favor.  Iris unchains the Weeper and he runs away.

Barry is sober and feels awful.  The guys agree to never talk about what happened that night.  They meet Iris at STAR labs. They both say they had a great night, but then admit it wasn’t so great.  Killer Frost is waiting for them in the lab. She transforms back to Caitlin.  She is ready to tell them what happened to her while she was gone.  

Joe returns home and Joanie walks in. She tells him that she’s going to do whatever she wants to.  Joe isn’t trying to tell her how to live her life.  Joanie says she took things too far. She is going to quit the strip club. Joe promises to let Joanie tell Cecile if she chooses to.

Cecile returns home and promises to have breakfast with Joanie.  Joe admits to Cecile that he is afraid of being a new father again. Cecile says she is terrified.  She says they just have to love the baby as much as they love each other. Awwwww…

Iris and Caitlin talk, saying they should hang out more.  Iris asks Caitlin to be her maid of honor. She tells Caitlin that they are more than just work friends and they have been through a lot together.  Caitlin agrees to stand up for Iris.

The Weeper is out running around.  He sees something and runs.  It’s the Thinker.  The Thinker says he went through a lot of trouble to create the Weeper.  The Weeper can’t run away until he completes the task for which he was born to do.


OMG! Katee Sackhoff is brilliant as Amunet Black!  I love a good villain and Amunet is definitely a force to be reckoned with. I can’t wait for her to come back to Central City.

This was the funniest episode ever!  As much as I loved the feminism story arc, drunk Barry stole the show.  I knew Barry couldn’t get drunk, but he definitely needed to.  Barry is a fun loving character and often has some misadventures that are funny, but this was by far the best!   Is it bad that Drunk Barry is way more entertaining than regular everyday Barry? 

It was nice seeing Iris, Caitlin, Felicity and Cecile get a chance to take care of a problem without any help from the men. I for one have always though Iris needed to be given an opportunity to do just this.  Of course she would need help from someone who had meta powers…someone other than Barry.  She was tough and stood her ground, but I don’t agree with letting the bad guy go.

Caitlin is having a great story this season. Her struggle to make Caitlin and Killer Frost co-exist is giving Danielle Panabaker a great opportunity to show her talent.  But really….Felicity compares Caitlin/Killer Frost to The Incredible Hulk. As one fan on Twitter stated, that’s crossing the streams!  We don’t mix Marvel with DC!

I love Felicity. Her role on Arrow is stronger and she is not as afraid to step into the action. She is a great companion for Iris.

I’m excited! We are getting closer to the Crossover.  Look for more information as it becomes available….and maybe a look into what’s going on with Supergirl, Arrow and the Legends of Tomorrow.  I love the Arrowverse!

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