The Flash ended last week with a big question for Iris and Barry. What will the answer be? The team is shaken up when Wally starts seeing Savitar and a team member is lost in the speed force.

Spoilers ahead!

Remember last week, Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) went on a food run and saw Savitar in the streets.  This week, Barry/The Flash (Grant Gustin) and Jesse Wells/Jesse Quick (Violett Beane) are training with Wally/Kid Flash.  Kid Flash makes his time he needed in order to save Iris.  They are celebrating when Kid Flash sees Savitar.  He hasn’t told anyone and we all know…secrets don’t make friends.

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It’s official everyone!  Barry and Iris (Candice Patton) are engaged!  The team assembles at STAR Labs for the big announcement.  Of course, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) is the best man.

Joe (Jesse L. Martin) is a little shocked at first and gets emotionally happy about the engagement.  Joe does ask why Barry didn’t ask him for permission. Barry tries to give him an answer, but a call comes in about a fire.  The three speedsters rush off to help. Barry and Wally are hit by an invisible force and Wally starts freaking out.  Wally tells Barry it was Savitar.

Back at the lab, Wally admits to seeing Savitar for the last week.  Barry is angry and says that Wally is off the team.  He’s afraid that Savitar will be able to see what Team Flash is up to through Wally. Wally gets angry and leaves.

Barry asks Julian (Tom Felton) to connect to Savitar so they can find out what he’s up to.  Julian is reluctant.  He hated being used by Savitar and he hates being used by Team Flash.  And he doesn’t want Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) to see him under Savitar’s control.  She says that he has seen her in the same situation with Killer Frost and he still knew Caitlin was in there.  She asks Julian to trust that she won’t look at him any differently.  Julian agrees and kisses Caitlin. (Awwwww…)

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Through Julian, the team discovers that future Barry traps Savitar in a prison.  He calls Barry selfish and cruel. Savitar and Barry are enemies because only one of them could live.  He has always been Barry’s biggest foe, bigger than Thrawne and Zoom.

Savitar holds a grudge against all of Team Flash.  He says they took everything from him.  He becomes who he is because of them. Barry asks if they created him. Savitar claims to have created himself.

Barry asks when they will meet.  It won’t be long now. Savitar says that he will be there when he becomes who he is.  Barry reminds Savitar that he is trapped.  They got rid of the Philosopher’s stone so he can’t escape his prison.  Savitar looks at Caitlin and asks if they really got rid of it. He says he only needs one more thing to be free of his prison.

Savitar picks on the team members.  He says Cisco is too scared to be a God.  Savitar looks at Caitlin when they talk about the stone, indicating he knows something about her.  He mentions that it’s ironic that HR (Tom Cavanagh) survives his wrath even though HR is a coward.  And finally, Savitar apologizes to Iris because she has to die; but it’s either them or Savitar.  He says they can’t change the future because he is the future.  He tells Barry he will never get over this pain.

The one thing they took away from that interaction was that there is either a second stone or they one they had is part of a larger stone. Joe suggests they check in with Savitar’s acolytes.  Cisco locates one of the acolyte’s and Barry rushes to see what he knows.  Barry interrupts an acolytes’ ritual for Savitar.  They have a box just like the one Barry threw into the speed force. As a matter of fact, it is that exact box.  So where is the stone?

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Wally feels helpless and afraid of not being able to stop Savitar and it’s affecting his speed.  HR tries to console him. Wally says it would help if he could see how Iris dies.  Wally and HR both get the idea to have Cisco vibe Wally into the future.  Cisco reluctantly agrees.  Wally freaks out when he sees his sister’s death. He rushes to her side and notices that there is no engagement ring on her finger.

Wally calls out Barry for asking Iris to marry him for the wrong reasons. He tells everyone what he saw in to the future. Barry admits that he did ask her to marry him to change the future.  And he loves her very much so it wasn’t all about stopping Savitar.  Iris leaves to think. 

Julian tells Caitlin that he thinks he might be the one to betray the group. Savitar prophesized that someone would betray the group.  Julian believes it is him because of his connection to Savitar. Caitlin assures him that he’s not going to betray the group.  She knows because it’s her.  Caitlin has a part of the Philosopher’s Stone. 

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Caitlin tells the rest of the team what she did. She thought she could use it to get rid of her powers. HR tries to make her feel better by saying it was Killer Frost who to it. Caitlin admits that it was her and not Killer Frost.  Barry says that they need to focus on finding Savitar.  Everyone looks at Julian and Julian doesn’t like it.  Barry says it will be just until they can track Savitar and it will be the last time. Julian reluctantly agrees.

Caitlin rushes after Julian and apologizes for not telling him about the stone.  Julian is upset because of how he is affected by everything Savitar.  He thinks Caitlin was only using him because of his experience with meta-humans. He thinks hat was the only reason he was invited to join the team.

Joe visits Iris and reminds her that Barry loves her very much.  Joe says that Barry and Iris’s lives are so complicated. Their relationship is the only simple that should stay simple.  

Julian reconnects with Savitar. Barry talks to him long enough for Cisco to get a location on Savitar’s whereabouts. He’s signal is the entire Central City.  The team can’t figure out where he is and how he’s all over the city.  Barry leaves after receiving a text from Iris

Wally and Jesse are at home.  He tells her that he got his powers from Savitar. And now he’s afraid that Savitar can control him. Jesse tries to comfort Wally. She tells him that he’s not alone. He sees his dead mother sitting on the stairs. Wally’s mom tells him that she is with him too.  Wally  goes to his Mom. Jesse can’t see her and thinks that Wally is losing it.  Wally’s Mom tells him that he’s working too hard and he needs to stop.  She says Wally is not fast enough to stop Savitar.  Wally figures out that it’s really Savitar that he’s seeing. Jesse wants Wally to call Barry.  Wally says no.  He knows what he needs to do to take care of everything.

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Iris sits Barry down to talk about the proposal.  She’s not angry. She understand that he wants to keep her save by changing the future. When he proposed, she said yes because she loves him more than anything.  She thought he was asking out of love not fear.  Barry has made a lot of rash decisions based on fear.  Iris says she wants to be his wife, not someone he has to save all the time.  This triggers Barry to realize that Savitar is in the speed force.  

Future Flash imprisons Savitar in the speed force. Savitar is only able to appear for a few seconds at a time because the speed force suck him back in.  When Barry threw the Philosopher’s Stone into the speed force, he essentially gave Savitar what he needed to get out. However, the stone is incomplete; Caitlin kept a piece of it.  It’s a good thing that the team still has that piece of the stone.  Right?

Jesse arrives and tells everyone that Wally went after Savitar after hallucinating about his mom.   They check the box and finds the  stone is gone. Wally took the last piece of the stone to get rid of Savitar for good.

Kid Flash finds Savitar.  Savitar appears and taunts “Wallace” about not being fast enough to open a portal.  Wally gets mad. He tells Savitar his biggest mistake was giving Wally his speed.  Wally creates a portal and throws the stone into the speed force.  The impact causes a power surge.  

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The Flash rushes to help Wally.  Cisco turns on the security cameras.  Everyone watches Wally get pulled into the speed force. Barry stands by and does nothing.  Wally is gone. Another part of Savitar’s prophecy, one will suffer a fate worse than death.  Is Wally the one?

Savitar climbs out of the Speed Force and attacks The Flash.  The Flash vows to kill Savitar. Savitar reminds him that The Flash doesn’t kill. The two speedsters fight. The Flash has Savitar by the head and is trying to unmask him.  Savitar stabs Barry in the shoulder.  Barry has to vibrate his hand through the metal to release himself from Savitar. Savitar screams then disappears.

Barry is rushed back to Star Labs where Caitlin has to pull out the metal without giving Barry anything for the pain. Barry passes out afterward.

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When Barry wakes up,he apologizes to Joe for not being able to save Wally. Joe says it’s not his fault.

The team determines that Wally is not dead.  He is trapped in the speed force.  Jesse runs away crying and HR goes to console her.

Barry gets upset when he notices that Iris isn’t wearing his ring.

Caitlin apologizes to Barry for keeping the stone from him. He tells her that fear makes them do things they shouldn’t.  Barry blames his fear for what happened to Wally.



That was the worst part of the night and the most intense.  

It seems like every move they make to try and change the future is just making everything worse.  

This is the lowest point of the season so far. It’s been all about saving Iris. Now they have to save Wally.  

Barry needs to step up his game or let someone else be the hero.  

One thing I did notice is that when Savitar was taunting Wally about not being fast enough, he called him Wallace. There is only one person who has been calling him Wallace.  H. R.  

Is HR going to become Savitar? Savitar said he was created because of the thing Team Flash did to him. HR hasn’t been the most popular member of the team and still struggles to be useful. But! Savitar says Barry was his greatest rival.  HR and Barry are not rivals. So is it someone else?

This is getting good. I’m excited to find out who is Savitar?

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