A familiar face wreaks havoc on the CCPD on The Flash. In “Lockdown,” Barry (Grant Gustin) and Kramer (Carmen Moore) have to learn to trust each other in a crisis situation. Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) learns a hard lesson from an unlikely ally. 

Damion Poitier returns as Goldface in tonight’s episode of The Flash!

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If you didn’t already know, Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) retired from the CCPD and Kristen Kramer was promoted to captain. Barry still works for the CCPD, but hasn’t established a rapport with Kramer yet. He still rounds up criminals and drops them off at the precinct and this frustrates Kramer. Only because it leaves the cops trying to find out what crimes were committed so they can rightfully charge the criminals; instead of going out an catching the criminals themselves. 

Joe suggests that Barry give Kramer a “Flash phone” so she can get the answers she needs about any criminal he drops off. Barry’s not so sure. He doesn’t know if he can trust Kramer yet. Both Joe and Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) speak highly of Kramer, but Barry wants to find out for himself. 

Allegra (Kayla Compton) and Chester (Brandon McKnight) have lunch and do some live streaming when Caitlin interrupts. Caity is annoyed by Frost’s (Panabaker) relationship with Chillblaine, aka Mark Blaine (Jon Cor). Frost genuinely seems happy, but Caity knows it’s only a matter of time before Mark hurts her again. But … Caity has her own date to worry about. She’s been dating a doctor named Marcus (Andres Soto) for a couple of weeks now. All this talk of dating makes Allegra and Chester uncomfortable, and they separate. 


Barry tries his best to help Kramer by gathering information she needs about Flash’s criminals. She appreciates the hustle, but she’s still annoyed with the Flash. The two head upstairs via elevator and are met with a gas bomb. Everyone in the precinct passes out and Goldface and his gang show up. 

The last time we saw Goldface was on a Valentine’s Day episode. He was fighting his ex-girlfriend, Amunet Black (Katee Sackhoff). The two reconciled by the end of the episode. Now Goldface is out to impress “Ammy” by stealing the meta-bullets. Those are the bullets that can cure anyone with meta powers. Kramer was going to use them to decrease the amount of metas in Central City until she became a meta herself. 

When Kramer and Barry wake up, they find they are armed with meta power dampening cuffs that are also bombs. Goldface knows exactly who Kramer is and what her power is. He can’t take the chance that there could be another meta in the CCPD. And the bomb is for anyone who tries to be the hero. 

Goldface and his sidekick, Carver (Anthony Joseph), take Kramer to the armory to get the bullets, but they’re gone. Goldface threatens to kill Barry if she doesn’t give up where the bullets are. Barry says he can help Goldface by resetting a scanner to find dark matter. Goldface takes Barry to his lab to work on the scanner.


Caitlin and her date, Marcus mixed up the dates of their dinner and decide to go to the bar instead. Frost and Mark are already there, singing karaoke. Caitlin tries to hide, but Frost spots her when Caity knocks over a chair. Frost wants to double date and Marcus is interest in getting to know Caity’s sister. 

Things go south when Caitlin blows up at Frost for taking Mark back. She says Mark will hurt her and she’s not going to pick up the pieces again. Frost and Mark get upset and leave. Caitlin asks Marcus to take her home. He leaves to get his car. While she waits, Mark sits next to Caitlin. 

Mark is aware that it will take some time for Caitlin to warm up to him. He also says her real problem is with her own dating life. She is pushing back on Marcus because she’s scared. And he’s not wrong. Mark tells her to take the same leap that Frost did and trust herself with Marcus.

Later, Caitlin waits up for Frost to come home so she can apologize. She says Mark gave her some advice and she’s going to take it. First, she has to make things up to Marcus for their spoiled evening. Frost wants to double date and invites Caity and Marcus to be on their roller blading team. 


The Flash cleans up crime in Central City on The Flash

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Goldface is unique. He has a college education from Yale. He recites Moby Dick. And has a cheesy grin when Amunet calls. Their ringtone is Pat Benatar’s “Love is a Battlefield.” When Amunet calls to check on Goldface, Barry uses the distraction to change the setting on the scanner.

Carver brings in Kramer to speed up Barry’s progress. When Barry activates the scanner, it releases a high pitch noise that distracts Goldface and Carver. Barry gives Kramer some ear plugs and they run away. 

Kramer’s cuff short circuits because of her power. She mimics other meta’s powers. The bracelet couldn’t handle the RNA output coming from her. She could mimic Goldface and stop him. Kramer is scared though. She doesn’t know how to control her powers yet.  But one pep talk from Barry … and a female cop being held by Goldface’s chain … and Kramer is ready to fight back. 

Kramer faces Goldface and removes his gold chain from the cop’s neck. In the meantime, Barry is working to get his cuff off. As soon as he removes his arm, his powers kick in. Barry runs away from the cuff and avoids exploding. It’s not long before the Flash shows up to capture Goldface and his gang. Goldface is annoyed until Amunet calls. That cheesy grin returns and he says he would do anything for love. 


Kramer thanks Barry for the pep talk. She needed it to gain courage to stand up to Goldface. She wanted to thank the Flash but he left before she could do so. Barry asks Kramer the real location of the meta bullets. She sent them to A.R.G.U.S. weeks ago and kept it a secret. 

The Flash returns to accept Kramer’s thanks and to give her a device so she can call him. He also wants to reveal his true identity. Kramer already knows the Flash is Barry Allen. She found his charred cuff in teh supply room and knew the only way he could escape is if he has super speed. But in his defense, the Flash did say he got to the precint in time to save Barry. But anyhoo … Barry says he trusts Kramer and wants to work with her to fight crime. He also offers to help train her to control her power. Kramer accepts his offer. 

Iris (Candice Patton) has dinner with Joe who has taken up cooking in his retirement. He leaves to check on Jenna. Iris decides to have more food and her spoon disappears.  Then the food disappears. Joe comes through the front door with a box. Iris thought he was upstairs, but he says she asked for files on a case from the garage. She is totally confused as her eyes begin to glow.

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