When it comes to life and death situations, The Flash always knows what to do. This time is different. In, “Hear No Evil,” the team is faced with a difficult decision about Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker). 

So much changed for Team Flash last week. The biggest being a new version of Caitlin at the end. Who is she? And what happened to Caitlin? 

Someone else made their debut. Red Death recruited the help of the new Captain Boomerang, Owen Mercer (Richard Harmon). Why? We don’t know … yet.

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So who is the new Caitlin? She tells the team to call her Snow (Panabaker). Mark (Jon Cor) shows up to explain how and why there is a third Snow sister. He says they built a machine, the CRC, to reactivate Frost (Panabaker) from Caitlin’s mind. The plan was to unzip neural DNA from Caitlin to isolate Frost’s brain patterns. They planned to transfer those patterns to a new body for Frost. A power fluctuation caused a malfunction. Snow emerged, but Cailtin died. 

Mark asks Team Flash for a stable energy source to reverse the process and bring Caitlin back. The whole team agrees that they have to try. Sounds simple, right? Wrong. Mark is up to something. Everyone is upset that Caitlin is gone but they will do whatever it takes to get her back. Barry (Grant Gustin) is visibly annoyed with Mark. Iris (Candice Patton) just looks tired of it all. Chester (Brandon McKnight) is more concerned about the kiss he shared with Allegra (Kayla Compton) but she’s too upset to think about it.

Joe (Jesse L. Martin) and Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) are just as upset to hear about Caitlin. Cecile says it’s too much. She was caught off guard when Joe suggested that they leave Central City. He is afraid of what could happen to Cecile now that her powers are stronger. Cecile understands but now she has to choose between her family and helping Team Flash for the greater good.

Team Flash’s old frenemy turned true friend Hartley Rathaway, the Pied Piper (Andy Mientus) is now a club owner. His boyfriend works for him. Hartley calls it a night and leaves the club. He encounters another old acquaintance of the Flash’s The Fiddler (Magda Apanowicz). The two metas face off in the parking lot. Their sound vibrations throw each other back, but Hartley hits the ground harder. He has to fly away to escape. The Fiddler leaves after Hartley disappears. 

Snow enters a new CRC and they start the process to extract Caitlin. Something goes wrong and Flash pulls Snow from the machine. Mark gets upset that they stopped the process. Chester says the CRC is overloaded with tachyons. The process was painful for Snow. She says Mark didn’t say anything about the pain, just that it would bring ‘them’ back. 

Barry, Chester and Iris at the control panel at Star Labs

The Flash — “Hear No Evil” — Image Number: FLA902b_0093r — Pictured (L – R): Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, Brandon McKnight as Chester P. Runk and Candice Patton as Iris West-Allen — Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW — © 2023 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Barry and Iris put two and two together. Mark is only interested in bringing back Frost. He set the process to bring back both Frost and Caitlin, causing it to overload. Barry gets angry this time, but Mark says he won’t give up on Frost. He leaves the lab, visibly upset.

Hartley arrives at STAR Labs, gasping for air and asking for Caitlin. The soundwaves from the fight affected Hartley’s heart and it’s beating irregularly. He needs a sonic cuff that Caitlin keeps in her med lab. As soon as Barry puts the cuff on Hartly, he stabilizes. He has to stay in the med lab to rest. 

Iris joins them and Hartley tells them about the Fiddler. The Fiddler’s real name is Izzy Bowen. Iris says she was friends with Izzy, the last time they met. First Mark now Izzy. That’s two rogues in one day. Barry leaves to find Mark. In the meantime, Izzy meets with Red Death. She failed her mission. Red Death sends Izzy out to get what they asked for. Or next time, the Fiddler dies.

Barry finds Mark at the bar and sits to talk to him. He is upset with ‘Chillblaine,” but he understands why he’s desperate. He loved Frost very much and Barry knows that. When you love someone like that, sometimes we do the wrong things for the right reasons. Mark needs to know how Team Flash operates. He’s a part of the team now and they have his back. He has to have their back too, which means … no more going rogue.

Barry gets a 911 text from Chester and they have to leave immediately. Chester ran some tests on the CRC and found that the neural DNA could never unlock Frost’s consciousness without a map of Caitlin’s brain. Caitlin’s father, Thomas Snow kept records of Caitlin’s mind when he created Frost. There could be something in those records that unlocks Frost. Mark says Caitlin kept some of those records at her house. Barry and Iris leave to check Caitlin’s place while Mark and Chester work on the CRC. 

Meanwhile, Snow finds Hartley upgrading his gauntlets in the med lab. He’s getting agitated. Snow asks a lot of questions, further annoying Hartley and causing his heart to beat irregularly again. Snow just wants to understand and keeps asking questions. She picks up that he’s concerned. He tells her about his boyfriend and she realizes he is afraid for that person’s safety. 

Hartley says he knows how rogues think. He used to be one. Then he met his boyfriend and changed for him to keep him safe. Snow says that’s not real change. Changing for the person you love doesn’t mean you decided who you really want to be. That’s a choice he still has to make for himself, not his boyfriend. 

Barry and Iris find Thomas Snow’s records and discover something troubling. They can’t get Caitlin and Frost back. In Thomas’ original experiment, he tried to create a Caitlin 2.0, one that was immune to the ALS disease. Instead he created Frost. When he tried to reverse the process, he discovered that it would kill one of them. If Snow  goes back into the CRC, the team has to choose between Caitlin and Frost to bring back. 

Barry informs the team. Mark obviously choses Frost. So does Allegra and Iris. Chester doesn’t want to choose, but if he has to, he picks Caitlin. Every team member gets a say. Barry wants to think about his choice. Regardless of what Barry decides, Mark will continue with the process to bring back Frost. Snow overhears their conversation and feels like she is tearing their family apart. She wishes she had never been born. 

Barry and Iris feel bad for what Snow is going through. Iris tells Barry why she chose Frost. She said she never chose her when she was alive. Barry realizes that Caitlin made a choice about who she wanted to be when she stepped into the CRC. Barry knows what they have to do to make this decision.

Cecile finds Snow in the lounge with her hand on the window. She loves nature, because everything has a purpose. She feels connected to all living things. Cecile can’ read her emotions. She’s actually enjoying it and says Snow seems like a friend. Cecile says Snow is very genuine and that is rare. 

Cecile knows about the vote going on and says she’s not sure how she would vote. But she’s more interested in how Snow feels. Snow says she likes herself. She doesn’t want to go back into her metal box. And she’s afraid of the decision the team will make. Barry and Iris show up and say the choice should be hers. They explain that when Frost was created, Thomas let them figure out who they wanted to be. Only Snow can decide who she is going to be. Snow is happy because whatever decision is made will be hers. 

An alarm goes off because of a massive sonic attack at Hartley’s club. They race to the med lab and find Hartley is missing. He went back to the club to find the Fiddler attacking everyone. Fiddler uses her fiddle to kill the whole staff, including Hartley’s boyfriend. The Flash arrives to help Hartley. He throws a lightning bolt at the Fiddler, breaking her fiddle. She uses her sonic voice to attack Flash and Hartley. Hartley attacks and reveals he upgraded his gauntlets. 

The Flash joins a fight

The Flash — “Hear No Evil” — Image Number: FLA902a_0154r — Pictured: Grant Gustin as The Flash — Photo: Colin Bentley/The CW — © 2023 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Flash stops Hartley from killing the Fiddler. He shows Hartley that his boyfriend and staff are not dead. They are trapped in a vibrational phase. Hartley’s gauntlet will get them out. He touches Flash’s vibrating hand and it causes the vibrations to stop. Everyone re-appears. Even Hartley’s heart is better. 

Hartley goes to his boyfriend who is kneeling next to the Fiddler. He tells Flash to deal with the Fiddler because he’s busy. A bright light takes over the room and the Flash goes back to vibrational mode. He sees Mercer standing next to the Fiddler. She says they got what they came for and they teleport away. When everything returns to normal, Hartley discovers his gauntlets are gone.

When the Flash returns to the lab, Snow reveals her decision. She won’t go back inside the CRC. She is choosing to live her own life as this new person. Mark is upset, but Snow says Caitlin chose this not her. Caitlin created a person and Snow won’t give it up to become someone she’s not. She also reveals that she read Thomas Snow’s notes. He always dreamed of creating someone new. He called her Khione. Caitlin and Frost are gone. They can mourn the flowers and leaves that have fallen, but they can’t ask the new blooms to give up their place. 

Mark doesn’t want to accept that Frost is gone. He tells Khione to get back into the CRC. It was their plan to bring Frost back. Hartley arrives and says plans change. He screams, using his sonic voice to destroy the CRC. Mark is even more upset and yells at Hartley. Hartley says he was helping his new friend. Mark vows to destroy Hartley if he sees him again.

Barry and Iris go home and reflect on what happened. They think about Caitlin and Frost, but are happy to have Khione. Barry says Caitlin would have liked Khione. Now that they have a chance to breathe, the team goes to Hartley’s club for a night out.

The Fiddler and Mercer return to the warehouse. They set up a staging area where Red Death is standing. Mercer pushes a button on his computer keyboard and a sonic wave surrounds Red Death. After the wave disappears, Red Death runs to the top of a building. They materialize, wearing a red mask and armor with a bat on the front. Red Death says the Flash disgraced them. Now Central City will pay the price. Justice will be served.

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