The Flash film from Warner Bros has been in a bit of limbo. It’s gone through a number of directors and keeps being pushed back in production. But recently we got an update from one of the current directors of the film. And it seems that pre-production is going along swimmingly because they’re optimistic on the release date! So when should we expect to see Barry Allen run into theaters?

A fan on Twitter asked when to expect to see John Francis Daley‘s next film. The director replied “If all goes well, sometime in 2020”. While he didn’t specifically say The Flash film, given that he’s linked to the project, it’s only a natural assumption to go to. Daley and director Jonathan Goldstein signed onto the film back in March of this year, and it’s widely believed that they will be tackling the Flashpoint storyline. Will the Game Night directors be up to task in opening up the Speed Force?

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Should they explore the Flashpoint timeline, what would the story entail? In the original comic, Barry travelled to an alternate dimension where Thomas Wayne became The Batman and Martha Wayne became The Joker in their grief over their son Bruce’s death. And that’s a very abridged version of it. Should they follow that storyline, it would open up more opportunities for Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan that’s for sure. However I’m more inclined to believe that they’ll be explore the Knightmare sequence from Batman v Superman. They have already introduced it in the films, so why not see what you can do within it?

I’m really looking forward to seeing more from The Flash. Ezra Miller‘s performance in Justice League was one of the few highlights of the film. It’s been such a shame that they haven’t been able to get his film off the ground. He’s such a fun character, even if he’s just a bit of an eccentric young man. But if everything goes well for Daley and Goldstein, we’ll finally see Barry break some laws of time travel. I ask but one thing – change that ridiculous run!

Sadly, we know nothing so far but what do you think of a possible 2020 release date? Let us know! Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more DCEU news. The upcoming Flash film will be released sometime in the next few years. You can see Ezra Miller next in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald November 16th, 2018.



Erin Lynch