Ezra Miller to star as The Flash/Barry Allen in upcoming 2018 film.

~Matt Key

Variety is on a roll this week with breaking news!

This out, just today, that Warner Bros is planning a Flash movie for 2018, but they will not use the small screen actor, Grant Gustin. Instead, it will star a different actor for the big screen adaptation, Ezra Miller.


The 22-year old actor has most recently been seen in The Perks of Being a Wallflower as well as Madame Bovary. He will be playing the part of Barry Allen who, as Variety says, “ is a scientist who awakes from a coma and is gifted with the power of super speed.  Allen is a part of the Justice League and it is expected that Miller will have some sort of cameo in the upcoming pic “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” where that team is likely to be unveiled.

If they are using a different actor for the Flash, then it seems a forgone conclusion that the CW’s Oliver Queen, Stephen Amell, will also not be reprising his role as Green Arrow for the big screen.

You can find the Variety story here.


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