DISCLAIMER: The following is laden with spoilers for The Expanse episode “Exodus.” You’ve been warned, Beltalowda. Proceed at your own peril. 

Welcome back, Screaming Firehawks! The Expanse is back and better than ever. “Exodus” does an impeccable job of setting the stage for what’s sure to be a wild ride of a season. Naomi gets a lead regarding Filip’s location. Avasarala begins her hunt for Marco Inaros while on Luna. Amos lays the smackdown on some mouthy dudes. Alex and Bobbie have an unpleasant reunion on Mars. Holden drinks coffee and broods about, what else, the protomolecule. Marco Inaros further stirs the pot and sends his son to kill innocent people. God, I’ve missed this show. 

Ready to delve into “Exodus”? Let’s get to it. 

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We open with a science ship stationed outside of Venus. The crew members within are studying one of the asteroids that Marco Inaros has sent hurling toward Earth. We know they’re cloaked with Martian stealth technology (which intersects with Bobbie’s story, but more on that later). Suddenly, Filip (Jasai Chase Owens) and a small crew abruptly board the science ship. He snatches up their files on the asteroid while one of his team members nonchalantly shoots the science crew dead. No biggie. 

Next, they decimate said science ship while one of Filip’s lackeys is stuck on the outside. He vows that his father (Marco) will learn of this man’s valiant sacrifice. Way to save your friend, bud. So, now the asteroid can continue on its stealth journey unencumbered toward our blue dot. 

Meanwhile, the Roci is nestled snug as a bug in a rug on Tycho. The ship needs extensive repairs, hence the furlough. Naomi (Dominique Tipper) is ensuring that the repairs are in full swing. Her Belter accent is emphasized, and I love that Tipper always does this when around other Belters. Such a cool detail. One of Fred Johnson’s men accuses Naomi and co. of taking advantage of Johnson’s kindness since the aforementioned repairs are quite costly. But you gotta look out for your friends in a protomolecule-riddled universe. Speaking of, Johnson (Chad L. Coleman) ushers Naomi aside and reveals that he’s found Filip. He shows her video footage of him post-science ship destruction. Her eyes well with tears. 

Then, we see Holden (Steven Strait) guzzling coffee in his swanky room on Tycho. He’s doing the futuristic version of channel surfing with virtual newscasts. Most of them cover the massive migration into the multiple worlds beyond the Ring Gate. People eager to discover uncharted lands and leave the messiness of Earth/Mars/Luna/the Belt behind. Another program covers the artifact on Ilus. Growing weary of watching news play out that he already knows, Holden brusquely turns everything off. It’s, as the kids say, a “mood,” especially in 2020.

Still of Wes Chatham as Amos Burton in The Expanse. Photo credit: Brendan Adam-Zwelling.

Pictured: Wes Chatham as Amos Burton in The Expanse. Photo credit: Brendan Adam-Zwelling.

Later, Amos (Wes Chatham) is taking shelter on a Belter ferry en route for Luna. Obviously, it’s a waystation between Tycho and Earth. He bunks up with a pair of Belters who are eager to sniff out opportunities on Luna. Naturally, Amos intimidates the hell out of them. Because Amos. One of the ferry’s crew members attempts to swindle the young Belters into purchasing additional insurance that they don’t need. Amos regales the group with a story, which essentially serves as a roundabout way of telling the ferry crew member to fork off. He won’t be coaxing money out of innocent people today, not as long as Amos is around. 

Next, Amos heads toward the showers, where the aforementioned crew member and his posse attempt to teach Amos a lesson … with their fists. Fortunately, Amos is “that guy,” so he gets a leg up on the beating. We see Amos standing in the shower, fully clothed, in the aftermath. Blood gushing from his mouth. It’s strangely attractive, but we won’t delve deeper into my peculiar taste, thank you very much. 

Meanwhile, after Naomi calls Holden and urges him to eat dinner without her, our fearless Roci leader grabs a bite at Tycho’s premier bar. Monica Stuart (Anna Hopkins) is perched beside him. She begins to question him regarding the protomolecule’s whereabouts and whether she can have a sample. Monica reassures him that he’s off the record, but we see a minuscule camera embedded in her eyeball. Very creative. She believes he’s hiding something, but Holden flatly states that the protomolecule is gone. Then, he leaves her with his food. Free food! We see that two Belters have overheard their conversation. 

Still of Anna Hopkins as Monica Stuart and Steven Strait as James Holden in The Expanse. Photo courtesy of Amazon Studios.

Pictured: Anna Hopkins as Monica Stuart and Steven Strait as James Holden in The Expanse. Photo courtesy of Amazon Studios.

Now, we’re on Mars! Bobbie (Frankie Adams) is conducting a deal with a black marketer. If you’ll recall, last season Bobbie uncovered a conspiracy while dabbling in the black market herself. Then, she called Avasarala and asked for her assistance in finding out who’s at the top. The deal is made, but Bobbie is unsatisfied. She phones Avasarala and reveals that many marketers on her list are going dark. Bobbie’s next move is to sell highly coveted missiles (that can obliterate a planet) at an exorbitant price, so thankfully she has Avasarala’s monetary resources for that. 

Later, Holden storms into Johnson’s office after his encounter with Monica. He demands to know whether the Belt has a sample of the protomolecule. Johnson eventually does reveal that he has a sample, but it’s in a secure, undisclosed location. Holden urges Johnson to destroy it. No trace of protomolecule should be left behind.

Holden also informs Johnson regarding how the artifact on Ilus played a role in the destruction of the people who curated the protomolecule. Additionally, he reveals that every time he passes through a ring, he observes that whatever’s there is only getting angrier. Humans are essentially meddling in something deadly that could have devastating repercussions. Johnson shrugs it off, citing that Holden needs to stop trying to save the universe. Enjoy what he already has. Live his life. Drink more coffee!

Meanwhile, Alex (Cas Anvar) takes the Razorback to Mars. He leaves Bobbie a message and is excited to see her for drinks. Then, we see he’s on his family’s doorstep. However, his wife answers and reveals that their son is away on a school trip. She gives him the business and slams the door in his face. Later, Bobbie meets with Alex at a Western-themed bar that I wish existed in real life. There’s even a display for Firehawk Whiskey which I also need … for science. Anyway, Bobbie is in a sour mood and Alex tries to lift her spirits, but to no avail. Despite the initial rocky encounter with his wife, Alex plans to let her simmer down and then try to mend fences. Bobbie leaves in a huff. 

Next, Naomi informs Holden that she’s leaving on a ship in a few hours to track down Filip. Holden urges her to let him join her, but Naomi has her mind set. She’s going at it alone. She reveals that Filip is Marco Inaro’s son, which doesn’t make Holden feel any better. Regardless, he abides by her wishes, and wholeheartedly supports her. Men, take note. Tipper is a force in this scene. It’s a punch to the gut. 

Still of Dominique Tipper as Naomi Nagata and Steven Strait as James Holden in The Expanse. Photo courtesy of Amazon Studios.

Pictured: Dominique Tipper as Naomi Nagata and Steven Strait as James Holden in The Expanse. Photo courtesy of Amazon Studios.

Then, Amos arrives on Luna, but he’s promptly escorted to none other than Avasarala’s (Shohreh Aghdashloo) office. There she is! Amos and Chrissy together again at last! She wants to know why he’s going to Baltimore and what he intends to do while on Earth. Amos informs her of a childhood friend that passed and he’s merely going to Baltimore to get her affairs in order. The pair share a drink.

However, Chrissy lets Amos go free when Admiral Delgado (Michael Irby) waltzes in with an update on Marco Inaros. Delgado unveils footage of a Belter ship that may be responsible for the UN science ship that vanished near Venus. There’s reason to believe that Marco is involved. Obviously, they still have no clue what’s heading toward Earth. Avasarala looks bloodthirsty, and she’s clearly ready to see Marco swing. 

Meanwhile, Holden watches Naomi disembark from Tycho while aboard the Roci. We see a slew of Belters making repairs to her. Alex is going for a stroll after his dismal reunion with Bobbie and spots a sizable building for rent. Avasarala is watching footage of Marco (Keon Alexander) giving a rousing speech to his fellow Belters. Then, we see Marco in real-time observing the trajectory of the projectiles he sent hurtling toward Earth. Apparently, there are only 12 days until impact. Uh oh. 

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What an ending! This show is just as riveting as it’s always been. Never once has The Expanse taken its foot off the gas. We’re already setting up enthralling stories aplenty with “Exodus.” Highlights of this episode are, without a doubt, Amos’ scenes, particularly when he was on the Belter ferry. Chatham just imbues him with so much nuance. It’s a joy to watch. Not to mention, I adored Amos’ rapport with Avasarala. Everyone and everything is firing on all cylinders. On another note: I loved that Filip and Naomi’s first scenes of the season were back-to-back. 

Don’t change the channel, Beltalowda, because I’m recapping The Expanse episode “Churn” next!





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