The Expanse is arguably the best science fiction show on television right now. Season 4 dropped on Amazon Prime last December 13th and production is already underway on Season 5.

The following contains mild spoilers on Season 4. I promise I won’t spoil Season 5!

While most of the fourth season of The Expanse took place on Ilus/New Terra, we were also introduced to two new characters back in Sol System. Marco Inaros played by Keon Alexander who is the embodiment of toxic masculinity and megalomania. He is also Naomi’s ex whom she had a child with. That child is Felip, played by Jasai Chase Owens whom we also met albeit briefly in one episode. (NOTE: IMDB and the trades are spelling his name “Felip” although in the books it is “Filip” so no need to “@” me) Another character we only saw briefly in the first episode of season 4 was Clarissa Mao played by Nadine Nicole.

Deadline announced today that all three of the aforementioned actors have been upped to series regulars which means they will play a big part of the story in season 5. For fans of the books, they know what’s coming as the next season will be based on book five of the series, Nemesis Games. For those that don’t read the books, get ready for an explosive season. Nemesis Games has the existential threat that we’re used to in The Expanse, but it’s not the one you are expecting. 

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If season 5 follows Nemesis Games closely as its source material, which it most likely will do, fans will see Clarissa as they never have before as she becomes closer friends with one of the Roci crew members in one of the best team-ups ever. We can also look forward to finding out more about Marco, his guerrilla warfare and the psychological games he plays on everyone including his confused son. Will Naomi be reunited with Felip? Will she face Marco? I can’t wait to find out!

Another role that is coming back is Nancy Gao played by Lily Gao. She was Avasarala’s political opponent in season four. That’s all I’ll say about that. 

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Audrey Kearns