Oh happy day, Screaming Firehawks! Our beloved sci-fi was saved from certain extinction thanks to the Powers That Be at Amazon. After waiting for what feels like an eternity, The Expanse Season 4 is set to stream with all ten episodes readily accessible at our fingertips! Will you stick to the previous weekly format or will you binge them all at once? 

Now, below I’ve compiled a recap for The Expanse Season 3. Peruse at your leisure. Refresh your memory – it has been over a year since the Season 3 finale. Then, when the clock strikes midnight Friday, you’ll be prepared to take on Season 4 with gusto! 

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“Fight or Flight” (S03E01)

Our Roci crew is smack dab in the middle of escalating tensions between Earth an Mars. If you’ll recall, the Season 2 shootout above Ganymede appeared to be perpetuated by Mars. On Earth, Sadavir Errinwright (Shawn Doyle) pressures Secretary-General Gillis (Jonathan Whittaker) to formally declare war on Mars. Meanwhile, Chrisjen Avasarala (Shohreh Aghdashloo) and Bobbie Draper (Frankie Adams) are stuck on Jules-Pierre Mao’s ship along with an injured Cotyar (Nick E. Tarabay). Of course, we know that Errinwright and Mao coordinated their entrapment in an attempt to assassinate Avasarala. 

Pictured: Shohreh Aghdashloo as Chrisjen Avasarala

Then, we see the fallout on the Roci regarding Naomi Nagata’s (Dominique Tipper) decision to give the protomolecule to Fred Johnson. Meanwhile, Cotyar sacrifices his safety to help Avasarala and Draper escape in Mao’s racing ship called a razorback. The pair flee the scene, and thankfully Cotyar also escapes via dropship prior to Mao’s vessel exploding courtesy of the United Nations. 

Meanwhile, on Tycho, Fred Johnson (Chad L. Coleman) informs Camina Drummer (Cara Gee) that she’ll be sent on a mission to rescue the Nauvoo. The objective of said mission? Transform the Nauvoo into a military behemoth for the Belt. Johnson claims he contacted OPA leader Anderson Dawes regarding the protomolecule, and whether it can be harnessed for the good of Belters. 

Back on the Roci, Naomi pleads with James Holden (Steven Strait) to return to Tycho station. However, our crew discovers a signal made by the protomolecule on Io. Prax’s (Terry Chen) daughter Mei, who was kidnapped in the previous season, may be on Io. Alex Kamal (Cas Anvar) and Amos Burton (Wes Chatham) agree wholeheartedly that the crew should set a course for Io to rescue Mei. 

“IFF” (S04E02)

Now, Sec-Gen Gillis brings in a friend – Reverend Doctor Anna Volovodov (Elizabeth Mitchell) to assist him during the onset of war. Gillis plans to address Earth with a rousing speech and he hopes Anna will help him in writing it. Naturally, Anna is very much against war of any kind and criticizes Gillis for keeping company with a political snake like Errinwright.

Pictured: Shawn Doyle as Sadavir Errinwright

 Meanwhile, the Rocinante receives a distress signal from Draper on the razorback. Of course, they also see the UN is on their tail and are reticent to help the razorback. Inside the razorback, Avasarala is slowly losing consciousness. 

Then, we see Dr. Strickland (Ted Atherton) is in cahoots with Jules-Pierre Mao (Francois Chau). We see that poor Mei and a handful of other children are on Io, undergoing strenuous tests involving the protomolecule. Strickland and Mao are constructing protomolecule/human hybrids, intending to utilize them as weapons of war. 

Later, after the Roci fights off the UN ships flanking the Razorback, we see Holden and the crew accept Draper and Avasarala with open arms. 

“Assured Destruction” (S03E03)

Avasarala and Draper seek refuge aboard the Roci. Tensions flare between Avasarala and Naomi – the latter, as a Belter, refusing to trust a high-ranking political figure from Earth. Holden is more willing to hear Avasarala out, and the two discuss what they know of the protomolecule and the unnecessary war brewing in the system. Avasarala insists the crew deliver her to the Agatha King, as she needs to get a message to Admiral Souther. However, Holden is hellbent on getting to Io. Draper is also set off by seeing a defaced Martian flag courtesy of Amos. 

Pictured: Steven Strait as James Holden and Frankie Adams as Bobbie Draper

Now, Errinwright continues to whisper damaging ploys into Sec-Gen Gillis’ ear. Anna finds herself struggling to persuade her friend to take the high road. There’s intel floating through the ether of Mars possessing “planet buster” missiles. Supposedly, they’re being positioned currently to take out Earth. Errinwright suggests they pose a preemptive strike – eradicate said missiles so Earth gets the upper hand. 

Meanwhile, on Io, Mei’s friend Katoa now has special abilities which include scaling the walls – all thanks to the injections of the handy dandy protomolecule. Mao begins observing the pair from afar. 

Next, we see Cotyar is held captive by the Agatha King. Admiral Nguyen (Byron Mann) informs Admiral Souther (Martin Roach) that Avasarala was conspiring in treason with Mao against Earth. Cotyar defends her, citing that it’s Errinwright who’s committing treason alongside Mao. 

Now, back on the Roci, Avasarala informs the crew of Errinwright commissioning Mao to craft protomolecule super soldiers to wipe out Mars. Holden reveals that the pair are on the same side. 

Later, Nguyen takes command of the Agatha King, just after Souther speaks with Cotyar regarding Avasarala. On Earth, Gillis orders the eradication of Mars’ planet busting missiles…but a detonation in South America killing 2 million people soon becomes collateral damage. 

On Io, Mao orders Strickland to shut down the experiments, after witnessing Katoa undergo drastic physical changes. However, Strickland declares that it’s too late to stop now. 

“Reload” (S03E04)

Now, Drummer and her crew successfully snag the Nauvoo. They begin the arduous process of retrofitting the ship. Meanwhile, the Roci is en route to Io. They encounter ship wreckage courtesy of Earth’s attacks on Martian ships. Holden wonders if they can salvage supplies from said wreckage. That’s when they come upon a handful of survivors – Martian soldiers. 

Next, we see Gillis giving his speech before the General Assembly. Initially, the speech is going according to Anna’s direction…that is, until it takes a sharp turn that has Errinwright’s name all over it. The crowd sends up raucous cheers. Anna is horrified. 

Pictured: Shawn Doyle and Elizabeth Mitchell as Anna Volovodov

Now, the three Martian soldiers rescued from the wreckage are recovering in the Roci. They decide to take the violent route and declare they’re overtaking the Roci. After some struggling and a physical altercation, Draper puts an end to the charade by persuading the trio to hand over their weaponry. 

Later, the Roci crew repairs the Martian trio’s ship and provides them with enough supplies to get them back to their fleet. Avasarala asks for one thing – get a message to Souther from her detailing Errinwright’s treasonous acts. 

Next, while Anna is preparing to leave the UN, she receives a video of Errinwright presiding over Avasarala’s assassination attempt from an unknown sender. This could spell the end for Errinwright. 

“Triple Point” (S03E05)

Now, our Roci crew hopes to slip past UNN and Martian ships bound for Callisto on their way to Io. They plan to, obviously, save the children from the clutches of Strickland and Mao. The station will be nuked if hybrids are found lurking about. 

Pictured: Frankie Adams

Meanwhile, the trio of Martian soldiers from the previous episode find shelter aboard the MCRN Hammurabi. Ensign Sinopoli, one of the three, fills Admiral Kirino in regarding his time on the Rocinante. He shows her the vido incriminating Errinwright and implores her to send it to Admiral Souther. She acquiesces, and the MCRN crew changes course for Io. 

Next, we see Admiral Nguyen is large and in charge aboard the Agatha King. He informs the crew of a change of plans – instead of Callisto, they’ll be making a beeline for Io. Souther adamantly protests against this act, and Nguyen suggests he take a step away from the bridge. 

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Now, back on the Roci, Avasarala insists that Holden refrain from nuking the protomolecule. She’ll need it to ensure that Earth will stand on equal ground with Mars and the Belt. This is really for the good of humanity. Just as Naomi suggested, Avasarala appears to have a personal agenda. 

Meanwhile, Souther’s top officers discuss the possibility of mutiny. They’re fed up with Nguyen’s antics. Souther is vehemently against it. Later, one of said officers receives the Errinwright video and shows it to Souther. The admiral plans to prove its authenticity before sending it Earthward. Cotyar learns that Avasarala is still alive and confirms that the Errinwright video is the real deal. Souther is sent to the bridge. 

Next, we see Mao and Strickland attempting to sedate a writhing Katoa. The protomolecule is taking over his body. They hear him mumbling of how the “work” isn’t finished, but won’t explain what the “work” entails. Strickland suggests they utilize Mei as the next conduit, seeing that the protomolecule isn’t agreeing with Katoa. Mao changed his mind regarding halting the experiments and, despite his growing attachment to Mei, orders Strickland to move forward. 

Pictured: Terry Chen as Prax and Wes Chatham as Amos Burton

Meanwhile, Nguyen relieves Souther of his duty and consigns him to quarters. Admiral Kirino and the Hammurabi approaches. Then, we see Strickland preparing Mei for experimentation when the Roci crew bursts onto the scene. Just in the nick of time!

Now, we see the Agatha King and the Hammurabi are at a standstill. Neither ship is making a show of intent to fire upon the other vessel. Suddenly, just as Nguyen is about to open fire, Souther counteracts the former’s command. The mutiny is under way – Souther’s people gain the upper hand. He orders Nguyen into custody and formally announces to everyone – Earth, Mars and the Belt – that he’ll be transmitting proof that’ll shed light on this sham of a war.  

However, Nguyen’s men regain control of Souther’s crew. Nguyen fires a shot through Souther’s chest. He orders all of the UNN ships to fall in formation behind him and when one fails to respond, he nukes it to smithereens. Nguyen takes out Souther’s crew. Kirino orders her own ships to let the UNN vessels destroy themselves. 

Meanwhile, the Roci crew spy a plethora of hybrid pods flying through space and beyond. They were too late. 

Pictured (L to R): Wes Chatham, Terry Chen, Frankie Adams and Steven Strait

“Immolation” (S03E06)

Now, back on the Roci, Alex attempts to shoot down as many of the hybrid pods as possible, but he eventually runs out of ammo. Avasarala is certain the remaining pods are heading for Mars. Our crew heads into the Io station to hopefully curtail the pods’ mission. 

Next, Alex shows Avasarala and Naomi that one of the hybrid pods struck the Agatha King, and they can see the protomolecule is already wrecking havoc aboard the vessel. 

Meanwhile, Cotyar is locked in confinement while the battle rages above him. Suddenly, a pair stumbles into the room locked in a fight. The elder man seems crazed – most likely overtaken by the protomolecule. The younger woman frees Cotyar of his restraints. He urges her to give him the gun, since the protomolecule is already spreading throughout her body. Cotyar flees the scene, and takes note of all the floating dead bodies – collateral damage of the protomolecule’s destruction. 

Pictured: Nick E. Tarabay as Cotyar

Then, we see Draper play bait as she gets a hybrid to follow her. Holden and co. flee the other way in search of the children. However, the hunter becomes the hunted, as the hybrids regains its strength and sets its sights on Draper. 

Meanwhile, Anna shows Gillis the footage of Errinwright confessing to his crimes. Back on Io, Holden notices that all of the pods’ controls are on the Agatha King. He spots Mao attempting to flee and makes a beeline for the scientist. Alex and Naomi take the razorback to the Agatha King so they can divert the pods themselves. They leave Avasarala in charge of the Roci. 

Next, Gillis summons Errinwright to his office and shows him the incriminating video. Errinwright has no regrets, and Gillis has him taken away. Now, Gillis can pin everything on Errinwright, including the catastrophic detonation in South America. 

Then, Prax and Mei reunite. Amos rallies the children together but, before they flee, he takes out Strickland. Boom! Meanwhile, Naomi and Alex board the Agatha King, where they encounter a wounded Nguyen. As per usual, Nguyen taunts them because, even in death, he’s just as pleasant as can be. Cotyar sends a message revealing that the Agatha King is infected via protomolecule, and he intends to overload the ship’s reactor so it’ll nuke itself. Cotyar successfully saves the day (RIP), while Alex and Naomi safely flee. 

Now, Naomi realizes that Fred Johnson may be their only hope in stopping the flying hybrid pods. The crew reticently agrees to head to Tycho station. Naomi informs Holden that she wishes to join her OPA brethren aboard the Nauvoo, aiding her fellow Belters in the fight to come. 

After Johnson takes out the remaining pods, we see the Eros wreckage on Venus reconstruct itself and emerge in a new shape – a protomolecule sphere of epic proportions. 

Pictured: a scary alien ball.

“Delta-V” (S03E07) 

Now, some time had passed since the events in the previous episode. Avasarala is now top dog at the UN. Errinwright has been jailed as a traitor, and Gillis resigned. Meanwhile, we see the protomolecule has moved far beyond Venus and has taken yet another new shape – a gigantic blue ring. Why? Nobody knows. 

Next, a hotshot pilot named Maneo performs daredevil feats by speeding around Jupiter toward Saturn via slingshot. It’s all for a lady, back home on Ceres, of course. Once he hears of the protomolecule ring, however, he decides to attempt a new feat: sling through the ring. 

Now, we see Naomi is aboard the newly christened Behemoth, formerly known as the Nauvoo. Drummer is now the captain. A man named Klaes Ashford (David Strathairn) leads a delegation aboard ship. Drummer knows Ashford from way back when, and a tangible tension can be felt between the two. 

Pictured: David Strathairn as Klaes Ashford

Then, we catch up with Anna, who’s aboard the UNN Thomas Prince. They’re all headed for the protomolecule to further inspect its peculiar presence. Anna believes it’s a living organism, while her shipmate counters it must be a piece of technology. 

Now, a documentarian and her camera man board the Roci to film Belter hero Holden, whose star has risen since we last saw him. The woman attempts to get under Amos’ skin, but he quickly sees through her and puts the kibosh on her efforts. He’s also highly suspicious of her camera man. 

Next, we learn that Draper has been reinstated as a Marine and she’s serving aboard the MCRN Xuesen. She catches up with Alex via video. Draper is content. 

Now, a newcomer named Melba (Nadine Nicole) is seen putting up with the antics of her make coworkers aboard a civilian ship serving the UNN fleet. Later, we see her planting an explosive behind a hidden panel on the ship. Meanwhile, Maneo is still bound for the Ring, and may win his girlfriend back after all. 

Then, one of Melba’s coworkers discovers the explosive she planted. Suddenly, she undergoes some kind of superhuman transformation and kills him in one fell swoop. She passes out from the exertion. 

Pictured: Nadine Nicole as Melba

Next, Maneo approaches the Ring and prepares to zoom through it. His ship makes the trip, even flying into the Ring itself. However, it eviscerates Maneo, grinding him to a bloody pulp. Ick. 

“It Reaches Out” (S03E08)

Now, Anna is attempting to calm down her shipmates aboard the Thomas Prince. The best scientists around the system are dissecting the footage of Maneo’s evisceration. How did the ship remain intact while Maneo met his doom? 

Next, our Roci crew are also trying to make sense of the Maneo footage. Holden has seen a vision of the dearly departed Miller, and isn’t sure what to think of…well, anything. Miller (Thomas Jane) reappears while Holden is drinking coffee in the kitchen. The apparition is mumbling gibberish, muttering phrases like, “bones like chalk.” Holden screams at ghost Miller to provide him with answers. Monica (Anna Hopkins), the documentarian from previously, urges Holden to release his inhibitions and allow her crew to capture footage for her documentary on him. 

Pictured: Wes Chatham and Anna Hopkins as Monica

Now, aboard the UNN Seung Un where she planted the explosive, Melba discards of her slaughtered coworker and returns to her ship. Easy peasy. Back on the Roci, Holden is running a series of diagnostic scans to determine whether he’s losing his marbles. He spots a fedora-donning Miller once again, but this time the apparition appears to be more tangible and more comprehensive. 

Then, Melba arrives on the Thomas Prince, slowly unraveling due to her guilt in committing murder. Anna spots her and asks her if she’s okay, but Melba brushes her off. Eventually, she detonates the explosive on the Seung Un.

Meanwhile, on the Roci, Amos voices his concerns regarding Holden’s sanity to Alex. Monica’s camera man has been playing around with the Roci’s communications system, and even loads a slide into a communications panel. Shifty. Holden notices that his hallucinations of Miller started when Maneo crashed through the Ring. 

Suddenly, a video of Holden surfaces – he claims ownership over exploding the science ship, claims to represent the OPA and asserts that the Ring belongs to the Belt. Hmm. Someone has been tinkering with false footage. Everyone has now seen the video. 

Pictured: Steven Strait

Next, Ashford orders they fire upon the Roci. Naomi, naturally, attempts to prevent said command. Meanwhile, Amos sequesters Holden away. Alex reveals that the ship’s defenses are down. The Behemoth and UN have target locked the Roci. The UN beseeches Drummer to fire upon the Roci. However, the Behemoth‘s grid is overloaded, so they must power down and attempt to fire again. Amos releases Holden and the latter receives another vision of Miller. Millers urges them to speed right up to the Ring, then instantly slow down. Holden convinces Alex to do as Miller instructed. 

Now, the Roci and the Behemoth‘s missile are frozen in space, right before the Ring. 

Pictured: space stuff.

“Instransigence” (S03E09)

Now, Amos attacks the camera man and Monica on the Roci, realizing that they’ve been tampering with the ship’s communications system. Perhaps they’re also responsible for the video labeling Holden as a Belter terrorist. Camera man admits to tampering with said systems. 

Flashback time! Melba recalls a gala back on Earth where opulence reigned supreme. Clearly, she comes from a wealthy family. She bounces off to find the guests of honor – her father, Jules-Pierre Mao and her sister Julie (Florence Faivre). Surprise surprise! Julie is supposed to race her razorback, but she quits her racing team in an act of defiance against Mao. She denounces him and his corruption. Melba offers to take Julie’s place, but Mao brushes her off. Julie was clearly the favorite. 

Pictured: Florence Faivre as Julie Mao

Now, the MCRN Xuesen, Draper’s ship, is pursuing the Roci on the other side of the Ring. Back on the Roci, Holden is still waiting for ghost Miller to appear. Amos is ready to space Monica and her camera man, but Alex prevents him from doing so. He gives the pair space suits and orders they float to the MCRN and deliver communications on behalf of the Roci. Armed with their suits, Amos and Alex send the pair into open space. 

Another flashback! Melba and Julie are arguing outside the gala. Melba calls Julie selfish, but the latter retorts that Mao is bad to the core, and Melba will never be good enough for him. Ouch. Now, back on the Roci, Holden claims that he can’t see Miller anymore. Their best bet is to relent to the MCRN, hoping their punishment won’t be severe. On the Behemoth, Drummer delivers an inspiring speech and lifts Belter spirits as the vessel prepares to go through the Ring. 

Pictured: Cara Gee as Camina Drummer

Later, Melba records a message for her father, who is currently imprisoned. She reveals that everything he feared regarding the protomolecule has come to pass, and she vows to bring down the man that “brought him low.” Presumably, she’s speaking of Holden. So she created the false video of him!

Now, Naomi, with the permission of Drummer, leaves the Behemoth so she can be with her boys on the Roci. Speaking of which, Miller reappears and urges Holden to travel to the nucleus of the Ring – the center of it all. Holden dons a space suit and exits the Roci, making a beeline for the nucleus. 

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“Dandelion Sky” (S03E10)

Now, Alex and Amos are watching a message from Holden, citing why he decided to embark on this solo mission to the nucleus. Miller reappears to Holden while inside the Ring, and his apparition only strengthens the closer they get to the nucleus. 

Next, Naomi cannot hail the Roci in her ship but she does receive a message from the Xuesen. They demand she stay back and not interfere in their objective to apprehend the “criminals” aboard the Roci. Naomi, naturally, will not comply. 

Meanwhile, Draper believes Holden to be innocent, and suggests her crew prevent him from doing any harm inside the Ring. We see Melba secretly plotting a course for her to reach the Roci before the Martians do. Now, Holden is preparing to enter the nucleus, or the “Station,” with the Martians hot on his heels. 

Pictured: Thomas Jane as Miller and Steven Strait

Next, Melba bumps into a familiar face from past exploits on Earth. Said familiar face reveals to Anna that Melba, otherwise known as “Clarissa,” comes from the disgraced Mao family. Then, at the Station, apparition Miller urges Holden to “complete the circuit.” Only then will he find the answers he so desperately seeks. The Station is composed entirely of the protomolecule. 

Now, Melba’s old friend approaches her. The two bicker, with Melba asserting her father’s innocence. She supercharges herself and prepares to take down yet another innocent person. 

Back in the Station, Holden is still being pursued by the Martians, with Draper leading the charge. Holden insists that the Station doesn’t want to hurt them. When the Martians fire their weapons, their bullets freeze in stasis, confirming Holden’s assertions. Suddenly, everything within the Ring is thrown into disarray. All of the nearby ships are knocked about, and Melba’s attack on her old foe is thwarted for now. Holden is rocked with a vision. He sees everything – the beginning stages of the protomolecule, tons of portals opening to other star systems within the Ring – everything. He collapses. 

“Fallen World” (S03E11)

Now, Holden is still unconscious from completing the circuit. Draper takes him with her crew as they attempt to flee the Station. However, the Ring has drastically slowed everything down, so the crew must move a lot slower in tandem with it. 

Pictured: Frankie Adams

Next, Naomi’s skiff overheats and catches fire, so she must space the rest of her journey solo. Back on the Xuesen, Draper revives Holden but he’s still unconscious. She surmises that a large number of people on the surrounding ships are dead, and that the Ring’s lowering of the speed limit was a defensive move. However, her pilot views it as a move to slaughter any human within proximity to it. 

Meanwhile, Drummer and Ashford were arguing in the freight lift area amid the massive deceleration period. A slew of farming equipment pins them both down. 

Now, on the Thomas Prince, we see Melba’s old friend was impaled on some piping during the deceleration. Anna observes the fallout. She walks into a triage where nurses are tending to the wounded. It’s only going to get worse from here. 

Then, we see Draper and a still unconscious Holden aboard the Xuesen. Draper learns that, if they continue to travel at their decelerated pace, it will take them seven months to leave the Ring. Their supplies won’t last that long. Anna finds Melba’s friend impaled on the pipes, and she sputters that Melba injured her. Anna sticks with her until she passes. Unfortunately, she catches Melba just as the latter is escaping the Thomas Prince.

Eventually, Ashford is able to free himself, but Drummer is still pinned down by the farming equipment. Ashford calls for aid, and Drummer is freed and taken to the med bay. Observing the death and destruction around him, Ashford is struck with an idea: if they spin the drum of their massive ship, they may be able to create their own gravity. It may tear the ship apart, or it may grant them freedom to move away from the Ring at an accelerated speed. 

Pictured: Nadine Nicole

Then, we see Melba boarding the Roci, with Naomi to greet her on the other side. The two duke it out, and it appears Melba is prepared to take out Naomi on her quest to kill Holden. However, Anna approaches from the rear and electrocutes Melba, knocking her unconscious. 

Now, Ashford is able to successfully spin the drum on the Behemoth to create gravity. He sends a message, and urges the surrounding ships to send their wounded for healing. “The Belters embrace all of you,” he states. 

Pictured: David Strathairn

Finally, Holden wakes up. He tells Draper that he’s seen the end of everything, and that certainly isn’t ominous. 

“Congregation” (S03E12)

Now, Amos and Anna attempt to keep Melba under their collective thumb. They use blockers to prevent her from activating her endocrine enhancements – her superpower stuff. Next, Naomi and Alex learn that the MCRN Xuesen has docked at the Behemoth. Thus, Holden must be there. Naomi, Anna, Alex and Amos will abandon the Roci for the time being to make a break for Holden. 

Next, Ashford interrogates Holden aboard the Behemoth. Holden asserts that they must leave this place. The Ring is a roadway, a map to other worlds. He saw, in his vision, the civilization that created the protomolecule. Ashford firmly believes that Holden has gone off his rocker. 

Then, we see the Roci crew arrive on the Behemoth, and Melba is taken into custody. Amos, Alex and Anna are sent to the med bay to nurse the wounded. Naomi, who’s being treated as a deserter, is also being taken into custody. 

Pictured: Steven Strait and Dominique Tipper

Now, Ashford asserts that Naomi can see Holden once she fixes the ship’s power grid. He also won’t provide a clear answer as to Drummer’s whereabouts. We also see Melba discovering that her cell neighbor is none other than Holden, the man she vowed to kill for her father. Oh, the irony. 

Next, Naomi finds Drummer attempting to defy orders to rest and tough it out. Drummer urges Naomi to help her build metal legs. If she does, Drummer will take Naomi to Holden personally. 

Then, one of the Thomas Prince scientists sends a nuke attached to a skiff to the Station. It detonates, and the explosion is contained within an energy field. Not much happened, but said scientist hopes that chipping away with nukes will help the surrounding ships gain momentum again. 

Meanwhile, Holden and Naomi reunite. Ashford learns that something big is brewing, and the aforementioned scientist surmises that it will happen within seven hours. 

“Abaddon’s Gate” (S03E13)

Ashford believes they should all sacrifice themselves for the greater good – save humanity as they know it. Draper is ordered to spring into action by her superior, but she’s kept in the dark regarding the master plan. 

Pictured: Dominique Tipper

Now, Holden summons Miller and, even though we can’t see him, he has a conversation with our late detective. Holden asserts to Naomi and Drummer that he knows how to fix the situation. Drummer informs Ashford that Holden has a plan, but he seems reticent. He urges Drummer to meet him topside, but the latter knows this is a trap. Ashford releases his newest assistant Diogo to take down Drummer, Holden and Naomi, and not let anyone impede him from doing so. 

Next, Holden lets Amos and Alex in on the plan. They must all power down their ships so the Station won’t view them as a threat. He asks the pair to have Monica, the documentarian, get the message out to the other vessels. 

Now, our Roci crew approaches Monica, who’s reporting on Ashford’s uneasy command. They urge her inform the masses of Holden’s plan, and that Ashford’s plan will get them all killed. She acquiesces. Holden, Drummer and Naomi storm the reactor core. Naomi starts shutting it down. Holden realizes that Ashford’s objective is to destroy the Ring and by proxy the Station, which will in turn decimate all human life surrounding it. 

Pictured: Anna Hopkins

Next, a message is sent to the Behemoth command deck – that Ashford is planning to sacrifice them all to eviscerate the Ring. Anna appears and lays down a sound survival plan for what Holden is attempting to accomplish. Diogo floats in and attacks our crew – namely Drummer. Thankfully, she reaches the airlock in time prior to Diogo opening fire. Drummer must climb an elevator shaft to reach the command deck. 

Meanwhile, Melba is freed from her cell. She meets with Ashford, who promises to remove her blockers if she vows to refrain from murdering people on his crew. She joins the Behemoth team. 

Then, we see Draper and the Marines tracking down the source of Anna’s video. Suddenly, everyone is shooting at each other – Amos, Alex and Draper, all unaware that they’re on the same side. Draper attempts to talk with Alex. However, her Marine buddies open fire and she takes a bullet for her Roci friends. Once again, she’s betrayed the Martians. 

Pictured: Frankie Adams and Cas Anvar as Alex Kamal

Now, Drummer, Holden and Naomi are still being pursued by Diogo. Drummer offers to stay behind to fight him off while Holden and Naomi continue their ascent to the command deck. Suddenly, a falling elevator careens down the shaft and takes out Diogo courtesy of Naomi. Drummer and Holden resume their ascent. 

Unfortunately, Ashford has powered up his laser and he fires at the Ring. A wave of activity emanates from the Station, and it senses the humans as a threat. A commotion takes place on the command deck. Melba supercharges herself once again, knocks Ashford out of the way and powers down the grid. The Behemoth goes dark. 

Now, Holden is rocked with a vision of himself standing on a planet, gazing up at the Ring. Portals are housed within it. Finally, the ships are freed from their stasis and can move again. 

Pictured: Elizabeth Mitchell and Wes Chatham

Next, everyone recovers from the mayhem. Drummer and Ashford reconcile, as do Melba and Anna. Millers reappears to Holden, who believes that the Station wants them to explore what happened to the civilization that created it. Each portal opens upon a habitable star system, with 1,300 new frontiers to explore. As they enter one of the portals, something passes through Holden.

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Phew! Season 3 of The Expanse was just as action-packed as its predecessors – if not more so. How The Expanse Powers That Be manage to cram so many intricate details into each episode, I’ll never know. Not to mention, everything is crucial to the overall narrative of each season. Season 3 was the show’s best yet, and I can’t wait to see where Season 4 takes us. Time to binge on, Screaming Firehawks! Flip and burn. 

The Expanse Season 4 is now streaming on Amazon Prime. 










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