‘Tis the season for gift-giving! If you’re on the hunt for the perfect present for your The Expanse lover, then hunt no longer. Every Screaming Firehawk needs some good merch, and, whether your loved one is an avid coffee drinker like James Holden, “that guy” like Amos Burton or a badass Belter like Naomi Nagata, this gift guide is for them. 

So, without further ado, here are selections that pass muster in the Sol gate and beyond for the Screaming Firehawk in your life. 

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The Expanse Rocinante silhouette artwork

Perhaps your Screaming Firehawk loves minimalist art like the above poster featuring the Roci‘s glorious silhouette. Here’s a simple print sporting the show’s solar system map, complete with “points of interest.” Maybe your loved one harbors an affinity for the late Josephus Miller (RIP) and wants to showcase that with this piece illustrating Miller with one of his famous quotes: “Doors and corners, kid. That’s where they get you.”

Check out this stunning print with everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed Secretary-General Chrisjen Avasarala. Or a gorgeous watercolor painting of Roci engineer extraordinaire Naomi Nagata. 


The Expanse Martian flag shirt

Clothes make the Screaming Firehawk! Give your Martian the above t-shirt from Redbubble boasting the Martian flag. Or, perhaps you’ve got a Belter on your hands and they adore the overwhelmingly crush-worthy Camina Drummer. Here’s a “Drummer the Riveter” top sporting Drummer with “Beltalowda” scrawled underneath her. 

This t-shirt on Etsy is for OPA members, with their symbol surrounded by crimson splatters. Check out this simple shirt with the ladies of The Expanse and this Star Helix Ceres Station pullover


The Expanse mug on Etsy

Do you love your Screaming Firehawk to Eros and back (Is it too soon to talk about the Eros incident?)? Gift them with this cup on Etsy bearing an animated image of Eros with this message: “I love you to Eros and back!” Or maybe a travel tumbler showcasing the Roci is more their speed. Here’s a Pur and Kleen mug for the Belter who gets their water from the ice on Saturn’s rings. 

What about this mug with “You can’t take my coffee back” emblazoned on the front? Or this minimalist black cup with the Tycho Station logo? One thing’s for sure — The Expanse fans are coffee drinkers!

Stickers and Pins

The Expanse enamel pin

Every Expanse fan must have stickers and pins displaying their Screaming Firehawk pride. Here’s an enamel pin with Amos’s legendary quote: “I am that guy.” Snag this sticker of the Roci with “Legitimate Salvage” scrawled across it on Etsy, and this one of the Razorback featuring the words “You can’t take the Razorback.”

Maybe your Belter wants a sticker that appropriately expresses their disdain for Earthers. This one on Redbubble says, “Pashang Fong Tumang,” a.k.a. “F*** off, Earther!” What about this gorgeous Rocinante enamel pin on Etsy?

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There you have it — a gift guide for your Screaming Firehawk! As long as you buy them something from the heart, you’re aces. Yam Seng, Beltalowda!

What’s on your holiday shopping list this year? Sound off in the comments!

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