Anticipation for season four of The Expanse is heating up.  Amazon released a new full-length trailer for the new season on Monday.  And it looks amazing! 

It’s been over a year since we got a new episode of The Expanse.  Its move to Amazon has given it new life and new opportunities, and this season looks… shall we say, ambitious.  This new trailer gives us a lot to look forward to. 

The crew of the Rocinante is going beyond the Ring Gate to see “what’s really going on over there”.  A rush of belters start colonizing an earth-like planet on the other side.  It’s not going to go well.  The belters got to a planet before anyone else, claimed the planet and named it Ilus. There are natural resources to be mined. But then the UN gets involved and things go south, to say the least.  The UN says the planet is named New Terra and it’s theirs. The Protomolecule abounds. And, as Holden (Steven Strait) points out, “the artifacts on this planet are waking up.”  It gives me chills to write it!  

Will this be another Eros situation?  That’s not good for anybody.  It’s a race against time, as Holden tries to “turn off what I just turned on.”  Of course, Miller (Thomas Jane) makes an appearance to Holden. 

In the trailer we also see what’s going on back in Sol system with Drummer, Bobbi, Ashford and Avasarala. Check it out. You’ll love Amos’ demeanor as he takes on the new big bad, McMurtry in the last part of the trailer.

Discover what lies beyond the Ring Gate as the Rocinante lands on Ilus to find tensions at a full boil.

We are so excited to see what Amazon does with this incredible series!  The Expanse premieres on Amazon Prime December 13th. 

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Season 4 of The Expanse, its first as a global Amazon Original, begins a new chapter for the series with the crew of the Rocinante on a mission from the U.N. to explore new worlds beyond the Ring Gate. Humanity has been given access to thousands of Earth-like planets which has created a land rush and furthered tensions between the opposing nations of Earth, Mars and the Belt. Ilus is the first of these planets, one rich with natural resources but also marked by the ruins of a long dead alien civilization. While Earthers, Martians and Belters maneuver to colonize Ilus and its natural resources, these early explorers don’t understand this new world and are unaware of the larger dangers that await them.



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