Halloween has arrived to Behaviour‘s Dead by Daylight with The Eternal Blight event. The special event kicks off today, October 21, 2020, and will run until November 4, 2020. During this time the Entity’s realm will be decked out with special event hooks and generators. Like last year, interacting with these will grant players more Bloodpoints to spend in their Bloodwebs. But that’s not all!

The Eternal Blight event will see the return of the Pustula Flowers that link up with a few of the new tome’s challenges. We also see the return of Halloween themed items and add-ons along with brand new ones! This includes the first universal Killer add-on, Blighted Serum. It will be availble in the Killer Bloodwebs for a limited time. The add-on gives Killers a burst of speed similar to the Blight’s rush ability after hooking a Survivor. So get ready to see your worst nightmare zoom right at you after hooking your teammate!

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Behaviour has also dropped four new Halloween themed Charms for players to collect. They will be available in different ways throughout the event and are seriously adorable! The first code for the Perk Treats charm can be found in the in-game news post. The second code for the Blighted Jack will pop up on Behaviour’s social media channels throughout the event. The final two codes for the Dwightcrow and Trap-o-Lantern will be through Fog Whisper’s streams and during the Twitch Rivals event on Halloween. So keep your eyes peeled to snab a code to use in game.

The four new charms coming to Dead By Daylight including Dwrightcrow, Blighted Jack, Trap-o-Lantern and Perk Treats.

The four new charms coming to Dead By Daylight including Dwrightcrow, Blighted Jack, Trap-o-Lantern and Perk Treats.

Along with all the goodies coming with The Eternal Blight event, we have six new blight related cosmetics. They are for Ghostface, The Blight, Legion, Felix Richter, Feng Min and Yui Kimura. They have also announced the Halloween sale that will last for a limited time. Players can save up to 75% off a selection of outfits and up to 50% off all characters released prior to Chapter XVI and 20% the Silent Hill characters. Be sure to check it out and grab any characters or cosmetics you’ve had your eyes on!

Dead by Daylight is availble now on PC through Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia. Check out The Eternal Blight and cosmetic trailers below! Let us know on social media which new cosmetics you will be rocking!



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