As of Thursday afternoon, Sarah Gailey’s recent novel The Echo Wife is getting a feature film adaptation. Deadline announced that Annapurna Pictures optioned the rights to the film after competitive bidding and Gailey will executive produce the project. The Echo Wife only came out less than a month ago from Tor Books, but it already has excellent reviews from Publishers Weekly and NPR, among others.

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The novel tells the story of Evelyn Caldwell, a famous scientist renowned for her research into the perfection of the cloning process. While she’s a scientific success, her personal life is in shambles. Her husband, Nathan, recently left her for another woman who, according to him, is everything Evelyn is not. Martine, the other woman, is warm, quiet and agreeable. She’s also Evelyn’s clone, made with technology and research Nathan stole from his ex-wife. Soon after Evelyn and Nathan split up, Martine calls her in a panic. She killed Nathan in their kitchen and now she needs help cleaning up the mess. In spite of everything, the two women must join forces to keep the world from finding out about Martine and what she did.

Gailey is an internationally bestselling and Hugo Award-winning writer of fiction. Their debut novella River of Teeth came out in 2018 and was a finalist for both the Hugo and Nebula Awards. Their adult debut, Magic For Liars, came out in 2019. The YA novel When We Were Magic and their second novella Upright Women Wanted both came out in 2020.

I loved The Echo Wife and recommend it to anyone looking for a weird, unconventional twist on the domestic thriller. Here’s hoping that the movie captures its trippy essence!



Alex Faccibene