To celebrate the funding of their new album, the musical dream team of Aubrey Turner (she/her) and Laser Malena-Webber (they/them), a.k.a The Doubleclicks, have released an incredible single that also acts as a tribute to gender identity and video games. Not cool enough for you? Well, what if I told you this project was written and brought to life by 16 non-binary, trans and genderqueer artists? Because that’s pretty freaking cool (read all about the artists here!).

I’m Winning is a song inspired about Laser’s experience with their non-binary gender identity. The music video features the wonderful song as a group of four non-binary heroes battle evil and save the day. They also get to explore the various video game worlds/styles they are drawn in. These styles reference games we all know and love like Pokémon and Mario Kart and dating sims. There’s even a healthy dose of Steven Universe vibes and who doesn’t love Steven Universe? It’s a delightful video that you need to watch.

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The song I’m Winning will be featured on The Doubleclicks’ new album, The Book Was Better, that comes out in early May. You can read all about it here! Check out the tracklist:

  •  Clifford the Big Red Dog — body image and a dog
  •  Ode to a Summer Retail Job — a song about wet money 
  •  Afterparty for One — an ode to frozen pizza 
  •  Boundaries — a song about Laser’s cat, Marzipan. She’s perfect.
  •  Something I Can Hold — a song about the House on The Rock 
  •  We’re All Gonna Die — this one’s a lot of fun!
  •  Happy Birthday, Nobody Hates You — a celebration for the anxious
  •  Nobody gets it — A Halloween song 
  •  I’m Winning — a song about being genderqueer or maybe videogames
  •  Brand New Year — a song about the best-laid plans
  •  I Don’t Wanna — no!
  •  The Ballad of Millie Rosa Jane — a sea shanty?
  •  Panic —it’s gonna be ok

You can also check out the project’s Kickstarter to support The Doubleclicks stretch goals that include a livestream on Twitch as they record, sending the Doubleclicks to Europe and making them get Doubleclicks inspired tattoos! 


Fallon Marie Gannon