Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past couple of decades, the chances are that you’ve used a chatroom, and possibly had quite a few group chat conversations over the years. These chats are great until your mum starts going off on the family group chat or your friends send you endless streams of GIFs.

Maybe you’ve retaliated, maybe you’ve muted the chat or, god forbid, left the chat with no explanation. What you do in your personal group chats is up to you, however, in an online casino chat room, you’re expected to follow the rules and demonstrate some etiquette.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy socialising with others in chat rooms whilst playing on an online casino for real money, just be respectful so that everyone involved can enjoy their gaming experience.

Why is chat room etiquette important?

So, you’ve taken a trip to an online casino, probably because you want to have fun, unwind and play some of your favourite games. Ask anyone else why they’re playing and they’ll probably tell you the same, which leads to our point – we’re all here for a good time, so let’s keep it friendly and respectful.

Online casinos try to instill a strong sense of community on their sites, which is much of the reason why the chat room feature exists. Casino sites want you to build relationships with others whilst you play, so that you can share your experience and socialise, much like you would in a land-based casino. By following chat room rules, it can be a comfortable, safe environment where you can make friends and ask for advice should you need it.

Don’t use capital letters when typing

Can you keep it down please? When you type in capitals, this usually comes across negatively, as if you’re intending to shout. You might not intend it in a negative way, but typing in capitals isn’t usually received well by the recipient of your message. To avoid coming across as rude or aggressive, keep your messages in lower case.

Avoiding capitalising your messages is also important because of the fact that there is usually a host present in the chat room. A host is often there to lead you through a game and maintain order in the chat room. The host’s messages are usually differentiated by the fact that they will capitalise their messages in the chat. If you also type in capitals, you’re likely to confuse everyone in the chat.

Be respectful

It’s common sense really, but swearing, using inappropriate or sexual language, and being generally confrontational is likely to offend others. This is the case in general conversation too, so chat rooms should be no different. If you disagree with someone, try to respect their opinion rather than starting an argument. If you conduct yourself in a disrespectful way, you could be blocked, or even banned from a chat.

Respect the privacy of others in the group. Often individuals will use usernames that are unrelated to their real name, for privacy reasons. Many people are security conscious and wish to remain anonymous. As well as respecting their privacy, you should make an effort to protect your own information. Don’t hand out your email address, contact details or other personal information in a chat room.

If you follow the rules and conduct yourself respectfully, the online casino’s chat room can be the perfect place to bond with others, have fun, and share your wins and your losses. Keep it clean and keep safe, and it can be an enjoyable experience for all.  

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