The summer movie season is fast coming to an end, and award season is drawing ever closer. Thursday, the team behind The Current War finally dropped the first trailer for the highly anticipated period piece. 

The film spotlights the war of wits between turn of the century electricity titans, Thomas Edison (Benedict Cumberbatch) and George Westinghouse (Michael Shannon). X-Men franchise regular Nicholas Hoult also appears as Nikola Tesla. 

Fan favorite Cumberbatch returns to familiar territory, playing another brash genius, Thomas Edison. Watching the trailer, Cumberbatch’s Edison seems to be Stephen Strange and Sherlock Holmes with a little Alan Turing dropped in for good measure. Cumberbatch thrives in these roles, and the trailer spotlights a number of solid moments from the incredibly talented actor. Meanwhile, Shannon seems typically chameleon like. Shannon received an Academy Award nomination for his performance in 2016’s Nocturnal Animals. He looks set to follow it up with yet another stellar turn, this time as George Westinghouse. 

The film comes from director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon. The young filmmaker comes to the project off the low-budget 2015 film, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. Gomez-Rejon first cut his teeth on television, directing shows like The Carrie Diaries, Glee and American Horror Story. The director employs a fascinating visual style in the trailer, in which The Current War almost resembles Christopher Nolan’s exciting 2006 film The Prestige. While it remains to be seen if this is an accurate depiction of the film, it is an eye-catching trailer. 

Fan anticipation for The Current War is high. The film opens in limited release on November 24, before going wide in January. The Current War debuts at the Toronto Film Festival (TIFF) this weekend. 


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