God save the Queen! The Crown‘s fourth season is right around the corner. The Twitter account for Netflix UK and Ireland dropped an exquisitely bejeweled but brief trailer for The Crown‘s upcoming Season Four. Additionally, they revealed a release date for said season. 

And that’s not all! The Crown trailer gave us a glimpse at Gillian Anderson as UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. We also received a first look at newcomer Emma Corrin as the people’s princess — Princess Diana. The 30-second trailer is wholly comprised of a voice over from the Queen herself, Olivia Colman. “Something as important as the monarchy simply cannot be allowed to fail,” she says gravely. We see quick shots of Anderson as Thatcher interspersed with Corrin as Diana. Overly eager paparazzi shout Diana’s name as her face is shrouded in darkness. The final image of the trailer reveals the backside of Diana in her wedding dress. 

Still of Olivia Colman and Tobias Menzies in The Crown.

Pictured: Olivia Colman and Tobias Menzies in The Crown Season Three

Now, I think this is a compelling trailer all on its own. It reveals tantalizing imagery without giving away too much of The Crown‘s fourth season. We don’t get to see full-on shots of Thatcher and Diana, so the tease should hopefully pique viewers’ desires to tune in when The Crown returns for Season Four. This, my friends, is what a trailer should accomplish. Dangle the bait while keeping those aces up your sleeve so your audience will be captivated enough to continue watching. 

Below, you can take a gander at the brief trailer for yourself. The Crown stars Olivia Colman, Gillian Anderson, Emma Corrin, Tobias Menzies, and Helena Bonham Carter. Season Four is set to make a Netflix royal debut on November 15th. 

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