The Crown hit Netflix in November 2016. The restrained period drama, which depicts the early years of the second Queen Elizabeth’s (Claire Foy) reign, proved to be a critical darling for the streaming website. This week, the network dropped the hotly anticipated trailer for the upcoming second season of the elegant series.

The season picks up where the first left off. The inexperienced Queen finds herself struggling with a quickly collapsing empire, as well as fighting to lead a tenuous government. Furthermore, Elizabeth faces the daunting task of proving herself a strong ruler, while still being a loving wife and mother. 

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Matt Smith puts forward a stellar performance as Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. The series makes a fascinating study of the fragile relationship. As the season begins, the still young couple continue to struggle with their reversed power dynamic. In a period when a husband stood as the head of his household, Philip finds himself largely trapped behind his powerful wife. As the trailer plays, making their relationship work in the face everything standing in their way seems a constant struggle.  

Actress Vanessa Kirby returns as Princess Margaret. Kirby stood out in the first season as the Queen’s rebellious kid sister. Despite everything, as season two begins Margaret remains unable to keep her personal life from the tabloids.  

The second season of The Crown debuts on Netflix on December 8th. 

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