Do you like to have the latest, greatest tech for your home computer room? We’re not talking about your job or gaming, but about all the personal things you use your PC for. They don’t call it a personal computer for nothing, you know. Maybe you fill your spare online time with gaming, blogging, building the coolest website ever, video chatting, or checking out the latest moves in the cryptocurrency markets. Whatever your pleasure, check out some of the best add-ons, software, products, and security devices currently on everyone’s hot list. But, before you start placing orders, make sure you know how to cover the cost, as the price tag can run high.

Covering the Costs

Chances are, you won’t break the bank by purchasing a piece of software or two. But everything adds up, and when you start enhancing your online experience, gadgets, gizmos, and related products can take a toll on the old bank book. That’s when it makes sense to take out a personal loan from a private lender. Not only can you get competitive interest rates by shopping around, but it’s possible to make sure that repayments fit into your budget before taking out the loan. And, you can do it all online, which means never having to leave the comfort of your technology room.

V2T Software

Voice-to-text software has come a long way in the past decade. Check out some of the latest retail offerings and you’ll see how amazing this once-clunky technology has become. For less than $50, you can snag a super-efficient neural system that learns your way of speaking and gets more accurate with each use. For quick blog posts and extremely easy content creation, V2T is the way to go.

Digital Safes

These clever little metal boxes come in all shapes, sizes, and price points. But for around $100, you can buy one that is about one cubic foot large, weighs around 20 pounds, is fireproof, and features an ultra-secure digital combination lock. These things are sturdy and some even have drilled holes so you can bolt them to a floor or wall.

Green Screens

Like to do video chatting or teleconferencing with your friends and co-workers? A green screen might be high on your list to buy next. Don’t waste your time with those virtual green screens that come with many of the software packages and online hosts. They rarely work well, if at all. For around $25 you can purchase your very own, professional-type screen that allows you to project any background you wish, in high-definition. Pro-level green screens come in handy for video job interviews, casual chatting, and any situation where you want to project a background image of your choice.

Hard Cryptocurrency Wallets

For some reason, tech enthusiasts also tend to be big fans of cryptocurrency. It must be genetic. Whatever the reason, consider using a hardware wallet for maximum safety of your crypto assets. For less than $100, you can have a safe, offline storage location for your virtual money. These wallets allow for easy transactions, deposits, and withdrawals.


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