Ok theater nerds, this is the first time I’ve ever been jealous of a delayed flight.

A real life Pitch Perfect went down as the Broadway casts of The Lion King and Aladdin squared off!

Sunday night, due to storms, the was a delay for a flight on the way to Orlando, Florida at LaGuardia airport. The stranded passengers got a treat as the Disney shows started a sing-off.

The Lion King cast started with their opening number, then threw it Aladdin who decided to freestyle with James Monroe Iglehart (Tony award winner as The Genie) at the helm who then thew it back to The Lion King, then back to close with Aladdin. 

Damn, these talented group of folks! No track, all a cappella, joyful and the best PR that Disney could ask for.

You know what happened when I was trapped at the Oakland airport for three hours? I stood between Burger King and Vino Volo trying to decide if I wanted french fries or wine, french fries or wine, french fries or wine. Okay, french fries then wine…..

[via theatermania.com]

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