The Boys season two has been a wild ride. In the season two finale, “What I Know,” Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) and The Boys prepare to take on all of the Supes while Vought prepares to release Compound V to the public. 

Last week, The Boys thought they found the one person who could bring down Vought. No one expected his head to explode. Or the heads of several others, including Vought Supes. Now what? So much happens in this episode! Let’s go!

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Vought immediately jumps on the opportunity to turn the tragedy toward their favor. They release a school safety video in case the schools are ever attacked by a super terrorist.

Grace Mallory (Laila Robins) and Congresswoman Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit) are doing damage control in Washington D. C., but the President has already sided with Vought. He declares a national emergency and bypasses the FDA to distribute Compound V to law enforcement and first responders. The Pentagon orders doses for the military and ICE. The doses cost five million dollars each. Neuman thinks Vought staged the attack, but Robert Singer (Jim Beaver) says she has no proof. 

Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell) survived the Almond Joy attack, but he’s pretty much a vegetable now. Homelander (Antony Starr) is angry that Starlight (Erin Moriarty) got away and Lamplighter (Shawn Ashmore) killed himself. Stormfront (Aya Cash) assures him they will be OK. The attack at the congressional hearing gave them the leverage they needed with the public. Soon they will have everything they want. They just have to make sure the right people get the V doses. She already has a plan if the wrong people get it instead. 


Starlight sends Donna (Ann Cusack) home. Donna gives her a new cross necklace, even though Starlight won’t use it. The Boys decide to kill all of the Supes, even the new ones. Starlight may have a potential witness and asks for the chance to talk to them. Her potential witness is Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott). Maeve declines and is straightforward about her reasons. No matter what they do, nothing ever changes or gets better. She’s just tired of it all. She tells them to leave. 

Stan Edgar (Giancarlo Esposito) meets with Alastair Adana (Goran Visnijic) about The Deep (Chace Crawford) and A-Train (Jesse T. Usher). Edgar knows the church is getting paid to get The Deep back into The Seven. He doesn’t directly say yes to The Deep, but it’s implied that they are in agreement. 

Adana mentions A-Train, but Edgar says one has-been back is redemption, two is weakness. Besides, Stormfront has an issue with A-Train, and Adana knows exactly what that is because she was one of the church’s first followers. One Supe will do for now. Adana walks Edgar out of the room. A-Train emerges from behind a door.

Kimiko, Frenchie, and Mother's Milk are happy to meet Mrs. Butcher

Karen Fukuhara, Tomer Capon, and Laz Alonso on The Boys, Season 2 Finale. Courtesy of Amazon Studios

Becca (Shantel VanSanten) escapes and runs to the pawnshop. She frantically tells Butcher that Homelander took Ryan. Mother’s Milk (Laz Alonso), Frenchie (Tomer Capon) and Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara) gather around Becca to make her feel welcome. It’s kind of creepy, really. Butcher searches for Ryan (Cameron Crovetti), but there’s no sign of him on social media. They assume he’s at Vought Tower. He promises to get Ryan back. 

Ryan is at Vought Tower with Ashley (Colby Minifie). Ashley is so stressed out, she’s losing her hair. Ryan asks to talk to his mother, but Stormfront tries to distract him with a field trip. 

Starlight and Hughie have some nice talks in the car to and from Maeve’s apartment. We find out that Hughie’s mom left when he was six. He used to listen to music with her, and that’s why he listens to a lot of Billy Joel. She’s the reason he never gives up on people, because he doesn’t want to be like her. 

A-Train appears in the back seat, scaring the crap out of Starlight and Hughie. He gives them a file on Stormfront. They are shocked by what the file says. A-Train doesn’t want anyone to know he had any part in this. He just needs her out of the way so he can get back in. 


Butcher asks for a meeting with Edgar to find out where Ryan is. They have a quick chat about Stormfront. She’s good for business, but Edgar is well aware of her racial views. Butcher wants Edgar to take Ryan and leave Becca behind. Edgar would like for Becca to raise Ryan and believes she will come looking for him, regardless of what Butcher wants. Butcher believes Becca will do anything to protect Ryan. They agree that Butcher will call Vought when they have Ryan. Edgar will send in his troops to retrieve the boy, leaving Becca with Butcher. 

The Supes take Ryan to Planet Vought for a bite to eat and are immediately surrounded by fans. Ryan freaks out a little, and Homelander has to fly him away. He takes Ryan to his cabin, and Stormfront joins later. Ryan wants some time alone, but Stormfront thinks he needs his father. She encourages Homelander to talk to the boy. 

Ryan apologizes for freaking out. There were too many people around him. Homelander tells him about the first time he was in a crowd of people. He felt like he was drowning, so he flew away. Homelander hopes Ryan can fly away, too, whenever he wants. Ryan doesn’t think he can be like his father, but Homelander wants to try and teach him. He tells Ryan that he loves him, and Ryan smiles.

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Butcher tells Becca where Ryan is. Hughie shows Butcher the Stormfront file. He likes what he sees, but tells The Boys that they don’t have to go with him. Of course they’re all going! MM and Frenchie gather supplies and weapons. Annie and Hughie upload pictures to the internet. Butcher asks Becca to stay behind, but she won’t. She makes him promise, no matter what, he will save Ryan and bring him back to her. Butcher swears on Lennie’s soul.

Kimiko is afraid that she will freeze up again when she sees Stormfront. Frenchie assures her that she can take care of herself. When the time comes, she will know what to do. 

Homelander tries to teach Ryan to use his laser eyes, but he can’t do it. He tells the kid to imagine someone he hates. Ryan says Becca taught him that it’s not a good thing to hate anyone. Stormfront interjects, saying they can’t afford for him not to hate. She says they are at war because of the color of their skin. It’s called white genocide, and they need Ryan to protect the race. Stormfront gets several text messages. She freaks out after reading them and flies away. 

Frenchie and Kimiko are setting up a pile of Bluetooth speakers when Stormfront flies away. Butcher and the others see her, too. It’s time to put their plan into action. Stormfront is reacting to the photos that Hughie and Starlight have released to the public of her. She is all over the news, along with a picture of Stormfront with Adolf Hitler. The public reacts quickly, condemning her Nazi idealism. 

Homelander and Ryan finally bond on The Boys

Antony Starr and Cameron Crovetti on The Boys, Season 2 Finale. Courtesy of Amazon Studios

Homelander and Ryan see the news, but they are interrupted by a high-pitched noise that hurts both of their ears. Homelander leaves to find the source, and while he’s gone Butcher and Becca move in to retrieve Ryan. Homelander finds the speakers and destroys them. 

Butcher, Becca and Ryan return to the group, but it’s not what they planned. Butcher tells MM to take Becca and Ryan to Mallory. Becca protests, saying she won’t leave Butcher behind. Butcher tells her about the deal he made with Edgar. He couldn’t do it, but that doesn’t mean he won’t try again. 

Butcher holds up part of his end of the bargain, sort of. He called Vought while at the cabin and left his phone there. Vought security arrived to take Ryan, but the cabin was empty. Homelander returns and realizes that Ryan is gone. He kills a Vought soldier in anger.

Becca won’t leave Butcher behind. Butcher doesn’t trust himself around Ryan. He tells Becca to raise her son right, and tells them to leave. Homelander is coming. Becca gets in the car, and MM drives away. 


Stormfront attacks the car, throwing it in the air. Butcher runs to help Becca. They are all OK. MM tells Butcher to run with Becca and Ryan. They race into the woods. 

Stormfront confronts Starlight about the pictures on the internet. She says the pictures are fake. People love her and they believe in what she has to say. They just don’t like the word Nazi. 

Kimiko doesn’t freeze; she laughs at Stormfront. And this time she’s ready to fight back. Starlight and Kimiko double-team Stormfront. Frenchie made a weapon to kill Stormfront, but she blows up the car it is in. The fight with Kimiko and Starlight continues, and Stormfront snaps Kimiko’s neck. The Boys start shooting her, but she’s impenetrable. It’s all up to Starlight, and Stormfront easily throws her around. She walks toward The Boys and hears a familiar voice come from behind. 

Stormfront turns around and sees Queen Maeve’s fist coming for her face. Kimiko wakes up. Starlight gets up. It’s three-on-one. Stormfront is getting hit from every direction. She keeps fighting back, though, and the trio are able to knock her down time and time again. Stormfront has to eventually fly away. Girls really do get it done!


Homelander is covered in blood and very angry when he walks out of the cabin. Stormfront catches up with Butcher, Becca and Ryan. She tries to take Ryan from Becca, so Becca stabs her in the eye. It doesn’t do any good. Stormfront tries to choke the life out of Becca so Butcher starts shooting at her. Ryan screams for Stormfront to stop. Ryan’s eyes turn red and he emits his heat vision to make everyone stop. 

Butcher wakes up to a charred Stormfront. Stormfront’s legs and arms are ripped off. She’s still alive and speaking in German. He hears Ryan crying and looks up to find Becca bleeding from the neck. Butcher screams for help, but there’s no one around. Becca tells him that it’s not Ryan’s fault. He’s a good boy. She makes Butcher promise to keep Ryan safe. He nods and Becca dies. For real this time …

Ryan continues to cry nearby, saying he’s sorry for hurting his mom. Butcher picks up a tire iron and looks at Ryan. Homelander arrives and looks at Stormfront. He sternly asks Ryan if he did that. Ryan says he didn’t mean to. Homelander says it’s time to go, but Ryan goes to Butcher instead. 

Homelander starts laughing, on the verge of crying. He claims Ryan, but Butcher says he’s promised to save Ryan. Queen Maeve stops Homelander from hurting Butcher. She tells him to let them go, or she will release the video from the plane. He’s also going to stop hunting Starlight and leave her and Elena (Nicola Correia-Damude) alone. He says he will destroy everything and everyone if she does. Maeve is OK with that, as long as everyone sees what kind of monster Homelander is. And as long as no one ever loves him again. Homelander takes one last look at Ryan. Butcher picks up the boy, and they walk away. 

Butcher follows through on his promise to protect Ryan on The Boys

Karl Urban and Cameron Crovetti on The Boys, Season 2 Finale. Courtesy of Amazon Studios

Edgar deals with Stormfront’s being a Nazi by blaming her for the attack on Washington. They put the release of Compound V on indefinite hold. Homelander announces that Stormfront has been neutralized and is being held at an undisclosed location. He apologizes to Starlight for wrongfully accusing her of sabotage and conspiracy. 

A-Train and The Deep watch from Adana’s office. He knows A-Train took Stormfront’s file, but it shows initiative. Right now, Vought needs to take a firm anti-Nazi stance. A-Train is back in The Seven, but not Deep. One hero is redemption, two is weakness.

A-Train is ecstatic and leaves immediately. Adana promises they will continue to work on getting Deep back in The Seven. Deep is angry. He signed over his bank account, married some weirdo and did everything Adana asked him to do. And he didn’t keep his promise. Adana asks Deep to leave because he’s toxic. 

Hughie and Starlight meet up. Neither of them are sure that it’s safe for her to return to The Seven. She thinks if she just leaves, then she becomes part of the problem. They decide to keep trying to be together. It should be easier now that Hughie’s record is cleared. 

Butcher turns Ryan over to Mallory. He gives the kid a St. Christopher’s medallion. Becca gave it to Butcher to keep him safe, so now he gives it to Ryan. 

Mallory informs him that the White House is opening an office of Supe Affairs. Congresswoman Neuman is head of that division. She wants to form a team to keep tabs on the Supes. Mallory wants Butcher on that team. Butcher doesn’t answer. He just walks away.

MM returns home to his family. Kimiko and Frenchie go dancing. Homelander loses it, saying he can do whatever he wants while masturbating on the top of Vought Tower.


Adana calls Congresswoman Neuman to congratulate her. He offers to give her all of the information he has on all of the Supes and Stan Edgar. All she has to do is expedite the Church of the Collective’s tax exempt status. Neuman agrees to a meeting and hangs up. Adana opens his Fresca and his head explodes. Neuman is standing outside, at the fence behind his office. She is a Supe. She is THAT Supe who blew everyone’s mind!

Later, Hughie shows up at the congresswoman’s campaign office to ask for a job. He says he wants to fight Vought, but he wants to do it the right way. He says he never truly fit in with The Boys and it’s time for him to stand on his own two feet. Neuman is happy to have him on board. 

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