The past catches up for one of The Boys this week. In “The Bloody Doors Off,” Billy (Karl Urban) and The Boys investigate Stormfront’s (Aya Cash) association with Sagegrove, and Frenchie (Tomer Capon) comes face to face with an old foe.

A lot happens in this episode… let’s go!

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This episode flashes back to Frenchie’s life before The Boys. He basically kept to himself and had two very close friends, Cherie (Jordana Lajoie) and Jay (Michael Ayers). They liked to do drugs and rob banks until Frenchie got caught by Grace Mallory (Laila Robins). Mallory was interested in the Supe bombs he made. She gave him two choices: work for her or spend 20-25 years in jail. He refused at first, but then she threatened to put Cherie and Jay in jail too. 

That’s how Frenchie met Mother’s Milk (Laz Alonso) and Billy Butcher. They all worked for Mallory. One night they all met with The Seven’s Lamplighter (Shawn Ashmore). Mallory had something over Lamplighter and blackmailed him to spy on Vought and Homelander (Antony Starr). He reluctantly agreed. Mallory did not trust Supes, so she sent Frenchie to follow him. 

Frenchie got a call to help his friend Jay and left Lamplighter at a party for about 30 minutes. When he returned, the Supe was gone. This was the night Lamplighter killed a couple of kids. Frenchie blames himself for that. 


In the present day, Frenchie removes Annie/Starlight’s (Erin Moriarty) Vought tracking chip. Now that Stormfront knows that Starlight exposed the truth about Compound V, she’s a little scared. Afterward, Hughie (Jack Quaid) gives her a tour of their hideout while Billy and Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara) watch a Homelander and Stormfront interview. It’s so obvious they’re sleeping together. 

Kimiko sees Starlight and hugs her tightly, happy to see her. Billy isn’t as excited. Last week Starlight broke into Stormfront’s trailer and took a look at her laptop. She tells The Boys that Stormfront is communicating with Stan Edgar (Giancarlo Esposito) about a psychiatric hospital called Sagegrove in Pennsylvania. Billy says they need to check out the hospital and asks Starlight to accompany them. If they get caught, Vought will focus on Starlight instead of them. 


Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott) asked The Deep (Chace Crawford) to find the black box from the plane that Homelander let crash into the ocean in season one. Deep hasn’t found it yet, but he has found a camera that could have some useful footage. Later, Elena (Nicola Correia-Damude) finds the footage and is disgusted by what she sees. Maeve promises that she is going to tell Homelander to leave them alone.

Deep invites A-Train (Jessie T. Usher) to the Church of the Collective to meet the leader Alastair Adana (Goran Visnijic). It’s actually a chance for Deep to clear some hurt feelings he has about A-Train. A-Train tries to leave, but Alastair says he can’t afford to. He tells the Supe that Vought has already replaced him, but he can help A-Train get back on the team. Homelander tries to surprise Stormfront with roses, but she insists she has to leave for a meeting at the tower. She promises that he can surprise her when she returns in like 20 minutes. So Homelander goes to his trailer to wait for her.

Hughie stays out of danger's way on The Boys

Jack Quaid as Hughie Campbell on The Boys. Amazon Prime/Jasper Savage

The plan is to get into the hospital, find out what’s going on in there and get out. Mother’s Milk, Frenchie and Kimiko go inside while Billy, Hughie and Starlight wait at the van. Once inside, Frenchie poses as a patient so Mother’s Milk and Kimiko can stroll through the halls. 

Billy gives attitude to Starlight, making her angry. She unleashes her frustration on him, calling him a bigot and a bully and says he’s just like Homelander. That hits a very sore spot for Billy, but before he can say anything, Stormfront arrives at the hospital. Hughie calls MM to warn them. 

MM, Frenchie and Kimiko make it the security room and discover a few crazy things. One, all of the patients are Supes. Two, Stormfront is overseeing their transformations. And Three, if any of the Supes aren’t cooperative, Lamplighter kills them. Frenchie freaks out when he sees Lamplighter, ready to go after the Supe, but MM calms him down and tells him to stick to the plan. 


Frenchie and Kimiko load up the security footage and MM gets a call from Hughie warning them that Stormfront is in the hospital. Frenchie jumps on the gurney and they start to leave, passing Lamplighter on the way. He recognizes Frenchie, who jumps out of the bed to attack the Supe. Lamplighter throws a flame at him, but Frenchie deflects it. The flame hits one of the patient rooms and the door is melted. 

A patient named Cindy (Ess Hödlmoser) emerges from the room and is suspicious of everyone. A security guard shows up and shoots Cindy in the back. She kills him by crushing the guard, making him explode. Needless to say, The Boys and Lamplighter run. Cindy proceeds to open all of the doors in that wing, releasing many dangerous Supes. 

Lamplighter and The Boys face off with each other in the security office before realizing they have to work together to get out alive. Lamplighter knows all of the access codes to all of the doors, but he refuses to take them with him. A Supe breaks down the door and throws up acid on Lamplighter. Kimiko pulls the Supe off of Lamplighter and kicks his stomach to make the Supe spit up more acid onto his face, killing him. Lamplighter changes his mind about taking them with him.


Hughie sits in the van, watching the chaos through binoculars when a patient walks up to them. Billy and Starlight get ready to fight if they need to, but they aren’t prepared for a sonic blast from the guy. The blast knocks Billy and Starlight backwards, and the van flips over several times. Billy shoots the Supe so he won’t attack again, and they run to the van. 

Hughie gets out of the van and has something sticking out of his stomach and there’s blood all over his clothes. He collapses and Billy asks Starlight to cauterize the wound. She can’t because the sonic blast knocked out the power. She has to draw from a power source to use her abilities. They pick him up and start walking to find help.

Homelander gets impatient and angry and blows up his trailer, causing a fire. When Stormfront returns, he says his trailer had an electrical fire. He’s clearly upset with her, but says there’s nothing wrong. He mentions that he went to the tower and she wasn’t there. Stormfront tries to explain, but Homelander grabs her neck and says he doesn’t need an explanation from her.

Lamplighter must work with Mother's Milk, Kimiko and Frenchie in a dangerous situation on The Boys

Shawn Ashmore as Lamplighter, Laz Alonso as Mother’s Milk, Karen Fukuhara as Kimiko, and Tomer Capon as Frenchie in The Boys. Amazon Prime/Panagiotis Pantazidis

Lamplighter and Frenchie finally chat… sort of. The Supe won’t tell them why Vought is giving the patients Compound V. He’s only interested in finding out why Frenchie didn’t stop him from killing those kids on that fateful night. Frenchie starts making knockout bomb for Supes. While he works, he questions Lamplighter about being a killer.

So here’s what this whole Lamplighter situation is about. After Mallory blackmailed Lamplighter into working for her, he went to her house to kill her. He killed her children instead. He disappeared from the public afterwards. Lamplighter feels bad, but no one feels sorry for him.

Lamplighter saw Frenchie following him that night. He asks why Frenchie left. That night, Frenchie followed Lamplighter to a party when Cherie called. Jay overdosed and she needed Frenchie’s help. That’s why Frenchie left. He ran to Cherie’s apartment and revived Jay. Jay overdosed again a few months later and died.


Billy and Starlight carry Hughie to a main road and flag down a car. Starlight politely asks for the guy’s car, and Billy tries to convince him that they are FBI. The guy doesn’t believe them and pulls a gun on Billy. When he looks like he’s going to shoot, Starlight blasts him with her star power and kills him. Billy grabs his car keys and asks Starlight to cauterize the wound. They get in the car and leave.

Starlight thinks about how stupid that guy was for pulling out a gun. She would have cried before, but now he was just someone in their way. Billy’s thoughts exactly, and he gives her a weird look. Starlight doesn’t like it and says she doesn’t want Billy’s respect or approval. She says they’re nothing alike. 


Lamplighter tells them that Vought is trying to stabilize Compound V. They want to be able to use it on adults, but as it stands now, the results are unpredictable. Vought wants to create more stable Supes, but he doesn’t know why. Frenchie tells them all about Jay overdosing that night. He says he was away for 30 minutes and when he returned to the party, Lamplighter was gone. MM asks why he never told them. They would have forgiven him, but Frenchie doesn’t want forgiveness. 

A patient finds them and a tentacle breaks through the door, grabbing MM by the neck. Frenchie tries to release MM while Kimiko leaves the room to knock out the patient. After he goes down, they all find out that it wasn’t a tentacle that grabbed MM. It was the patient’s penis. Smh… this show…

They leave the storage room and head for the exit, but Cindy beats them. Frenchie throws his Supe bomb, but Cindy crushes it before it can go off. The front door opens and Stormfront walks in, subduing Cindy. Lamplighter steps out and says one of the doctors mixed up a dosage and Cindy got out. He leads her away from the others as they talk. Stormfront tells Lamplighter to clean up the place while she looks for more loose subjects.

Billy and Starlight watch over an injured Hughie on The Boys

Karl Urban as Billy Butcher, Erin Moriarty as Annie/Starlight, and Jack Quaid as Hughie Campbell in The Boys. Amazon Prime/Panagiotis Pantazidis

Hughie is in the hospital, but may have to stay for a couple of days. Starlight and Billy start talking about Hughie’s quirks and how he never gives up on them. They agree he’s too good for either of them.

MM, Frenchie and Kimiko escape in an ambulance. They are hiding on a backroad in the woods. Frenchie takes the time to apologize to Kimiko. He says he thought by saving her, it would make up for his past. She didn’t ask to be saved and he realizes that she can’t absolve his sins. He promises to leave her alone. 

Mallory arrives, eager to see who’s in the ambulance. Lamplighter is in there, ready to make amends. Mallory wants to kill him, but Frenchie stops her. He says killing Lamplighter won’t help her pain. It will just end his torment. She can’t punish him more than he’s punishing himself. Mallory asks what Frenchie wants to do with Lamplighter. 


Stormfront tries to talk to Homelander again. He’s pouting and thinking of ways to break her. Stormfront says she will never lie to him again and tells him her truth. 

Stormfront was born in 1919 in Berlin. She had some powerful Nazi friends and married Frederick Vought.  She also received the first successful V injection. Frederick wasn’t interested in the notoriety, he cared about the war for the culture. Stormfront says the other races are grinding them down and taking what belongs to them. She wants to build an army of supermen, led by Homelander. He’s everything they dreamed a Supe would be, and she loves him. 

Stormfront says everyone she loves is in the ground. Then she found him. Now they never have to be alone ever again. Homelander stares at her for a moment, then kisses her. 

Back in Pennsylvania, Cindy walks down the road with no shoes. A car stops and picks her up. This is bad…

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