It seems Vought are always watching The Boys. In “We Gotta Go Now,” Billy (Karl Urban) encounters a dangerous foe. The Seven film a promotional video, revealing some changes for the group and affirming their dedication to the American people… yeah, right.

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The Seven’s next promotion is a short film? Mini Series? A big production. The title is “Dawn of The Seven.” The city is under attack by mutant robots. Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott) officially comes out as gay, thanks to Homelander (Antony Starr). She is on a mission to transport a flash drive to the Tower so they can shut down a grid and defeat the mutant robots who are invading Earth. That’s all the information Agent Pearson (Greg Grunberg) gives us. Maeve gets help from Starlight (Erin Moriarty) and Stormfront (Aya Cash) to complete her mission. Girls Get It Done! 

Maeve’s storyline is practically written by Homelander. Vought also wants to use her sexual orientation to reach out to the LGBTQ community. And they want to bring in Elena (Nicola Correia-Damude) to make the promotion more realistic. At first Elena refuses, but Maeve says there’s nowhere Elena can hide that Homelander can’t find. She also promises to take down Homelander so they can be free of him. To do that, Maeve enlists the help of The Deep (Chace Crawford).

The Deep is married to an anthropology professor named Cassandra (Katy Breier). She’s good for his image and says he’s changed. He attributes his change to the Church of the Collective and its leader, Alastair Adana (Goran Visnijic). The Church is heavily promoting The Deep in commercials and an interview with Katie Couric. Maeve meets with The Deep at one of those promotions and offers to help him get back into The Seven if he helps her.  

A-Train announces his retirement on The Boys

Jesse T. Usher as A-Train and Antony Starr as Homelander in The Boys. Image: Jasper Savage

A-Train (Jesse T. Usher) also officially retires from The Seven in the production. He says it’s time for him to stop running and go home. He tries to take a stand and refuse to film his parts, but Ashley (Colby Minifie) pretty much squashes that real fast. She gives him a choice to leave with dignity and a nice severance package or she’ll reveal he was fired for overdosing on Compound V and having a heart attack. 

A-Train isn’t the only Supe with issues. A video’s surfaced of Homelander killing a Supe-terrorist in an African village. After Homelander left the scene, the video shows that he also killed a boy who stood behind the Supe-terrorist. Homelander drops nine and a half points in approval ratings., and people are protesting him at Vought Tower. Stan Edgar (Giancarlo Esposito) urges Homelander to lay low on this one. 

Of course he doesn’t listen. Homelander is sure he can handle the bad publicity himself. He shows up at the protest and angers the crowd when he says sometimes innocent people get hurt, but they all have the same goals to keep America safe. Freedom comes at price. He fantasizes about killing all of the protesters with his laser eyes, but doesn’t actually do it. Homelander knows he messed up. So he goes to the one person who’s offered to help: Stormfront. Her plan is to have her “team” make and post a bunch of memes about Homelander. 

Speaking of Stormfront, she has a knack for making people mad. First she says something to A-Train about the Church of the Collective letting in trash. And then immediately changes the subject to his early retirement, implying that he, too, is trash. Next, Starlight finds Stormfront and her mom, Donna (Ann Cusack), chatting about Starlight. She doesn’t like it. She’s still mad at her mom for the Compound V injection and isn’t ready to talk about it. 


While Stormfront is on set, Starlight sneaks into her trailer and checks out her laptop. She finds a lot of emails to Sage Grove. It’s a hospital, and earlier Stormfront was talking to a nurse (Shawn Ashmore) at that hospital about a particular patient. Stormfront catches Starlight in her trailer, and Annie tells her to butt out of her business with her mom. Stormfront threatens to tell Vought that Starlight leaked the story about Compound V. Starlight lets Stormfront know that she can tell the world that she used to be Liberty. Stormfront makes a weird comment about how Starlight is going to be a big help to her. 

Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell) is the only Supe doing his job… tracking Billy. Hughie (Jack-Quaid) calls Billy to tell him about Liberty, but Billy’s behavior concerns the kid. He’s nice and calls Hughie his canary. Hughie tells Mother’s Milk (Laz Alonso), and they go looking for their reckless leader.

Billy’s actually gone to his Aunt Judy’s (Barbara Gordon) house, where his dog, Terror, is staying. When The Boys show up, he admits that Becca (Shantel VanSanten) didn’t want to leave Vought. And now he doesn’t want to be questioned or coddled, and he’s not going back with them. He leaves, only to see Black Noir across the street on top of a house. Billy goes back inside to warn everyone. Hughie wants to make a run for it, but Black Noir is faster than their car. MM comes up with a plan, but it would mean blowing some stuff up. First they call in a natural gas leak to gather an audience for Black Noir.

While that is happening, Frenchie (Tomer Capon) tracks down Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara) at a Russian bar. She kills the guys inside, literally pulling the face off of one of the men. Frenchie is horrified, but keeps following her. She goes to a church and meets Cherie (Jordana Lajoie). Cherie was hired to find a hitman for a group of Albanians. Kimiko asked for the job and Cherie paid her. Frenchie tries to reason with Kimiko, saying she’s not a monster. Kimiko gets mad and tells Frenchie to stop trying to save her. He can’t understand her sign language and comes to the same conclusion. He just needs to leave her alone. 

Black Noir in defensive mode on The Boys

Nathan Mitchell as Black Noir on The Boys. (Image: Jasper Savage)

MM and Hughie set up some homemade explosives around the house. Billy knows Black Noir is after him and decides to sacrifice himself to save everyone else. Hughie won’t allow it, so Billy insults him, but MM is on Hughie’s side.

When the fire department leaves the neighborhood, Judy takes the boys to a secret room called the taffy room. Turns out Aunt Judy is the neighborhood drug dealer. When Judy met Hughie, she mentioned to Billy that he was the spitting image of someone named Lennie. Hughie asks who that was and Judy doesn’t want to tell him. But she does anyway. Lennie was Billy’s younger brother and the only person who could calm Billy down. He died, though. Just as Hughie asks how, an explosive goes off. 

They all stop and listen. They hear Black Noir walking, and another explosive goes off. Black Noir keeps walking, slower this time and another explosion. His footsteps are slower after that, but he’s also closer to the secret room. Terror starts barking, giving away their location. Black Noir throws a smoke bomb in the room to draw them out.  Billy leads everyone out of the house, but stays behind. 


Black Noir and Billy Butcher come face to face. MM busts into the room, shooting at Black Noir, only to have a dagger thrown at him. Hughie is behind MM, and he’s shooting at anything. Billy stops Black Noir from touching Hughie, only to be thrown down hard onto the ground. He looks up in time to see Black Noir hovering over Hughie. 

Billy tells Black Noir to stop or he will expose Vought’s biggest secret. He says he has photos of Ryan (Cameron Crovetti), Becca and Homelander’s son. He will release the photos, exposing the truth that Homelander is a rapist and Vought covered it up. That’s when Stan calls, offering Billy a deal to never release the photos. If Billy agrees, he will call off Black Noir and let them all go. Billy agrees, and Black Noir leaves. Billy says goodbye to Judy and Terror. He promises Terror that he will bring his mum home. 

Homelander’s approval rating goes up, and he’s grateful to Stormfront. She has an idea of how he can repay her… with sex. They throw each other around the room. Homelander lasers her chest and the lasers don’t cut her. She admits it hurts, but she likes it. And she heals quickly. They literally tear up the room. Gross…

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