The Boys have a mission and are ready to get their hands dirty. Well almost ready. In “Over the Hill With the Swords of a Thousand Men,” Billy’s (Karl Urban) mission gets complicated. Vought deals with a publicity nightmare. Homelander (Antony Starr) goes too far with Becca (Shantel VanSanten). And Stormfront (Aya Cash) shows her true colors. 

The Boys have found a super terrorist who happens to be Kimiko’s (Karen Fukuhara) brother. Now they have to deliver him to Grace Mallory (Laila Robins) to get their lives back. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Annie/Starlight’s (Erin Moriarty) obtained a sample of Compound V and was caught by A-Train (Jesse T. Usher). He threatened to expose her secret, and she threatened to tell everyone about how he killed his girlfriend. Stormfront has made her debut, and The Deep (Chace Crawford) is learning to accept his gills. 

DISCLAIMER: SPOILERS AHEAD for anyone who hasn’t watched episode three

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Billy and The Boys transport Kenji (Abraham Lim) by boat to meet up with Mallory’s contact on the water. Hughie is mad at Billy and tries to fight him. And Kenji asks Kimiko to let him go so he won’t be tortured by the Americans. She won’t, though. They chain Kenji to the bed and duct tape his hands so he can’t use his powers

Homelander tries to have a nice breakfast with Becca and Ryan (Cameron Crovetti). He’s clearly making headway with Ryan, and Becca doesn’t like it. The father and son duo go outside to play catch.


A-Train starts having chest pains, but they come and go. The PR team is gearing up for another campaign, and Stormfront tears it apart. Ashley (Colby Minifie) gets a message and freaks out. She runs to Stan Edgar (Giancarlo Esposito) to do damage control. Stan has it all under control. He tells Ashley her only job is to babysit the Supes. Ashley is more concerned about letting Homelander know, but Stan says Homelander will know when he deems it necessary. 

The crisis is that someone’s leaked to the press that Supes are not born but made by Vought. More astonishing is that children are injected with Compound V, and their parents are paid. A-Train knows it was Starlight, and he warns her not to mess with the money. She reminds him that he let her walk away with the sample, so he will go down with her if he tells anyone. Now they will lose everything. Of course Annie isn’t worried about the money. A-Train says that’s because she had money growing up.

The Deep talks about when his powers manifested and how he heard the fish and sea creatures begging for their lives. His mom said it was a gift and he was born that way. The Deep is upset that he wasn’t born like this, because he could have been normal. Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell) is also upset, crying in the hall at Vought.

Hughie watches the news and calls Annie to see if she leaked the story. He tells the others, and they are excited. Frenchie (Tomer Capon) actually kisses Hughie. Billy doesn’t seem to care about it. He’s more focused on completing the delivery. He tells the boys to keep their eyes on the ball. 


Homelander is eager for Ryan to use his powers and takes him to the roof of the house. He tells Ryan to jump off the roof, but Ryan doesn’t want to. Without warning, Homelander pushes Ryan off the roof. That’s the last straw for Becca. Homelander aggressively reminds her that Ryan is his son. Ryan gets angry and pushes Homelander off of Becca. He says he hates the Supe and tells him to leave them alone. 

Frenchie tries to feed Kenji (Abraham Lim) and asks questions about the way Kimiko communicates. Kenji says Kimiko stopped talking the night their parents were murdered. They came up with their own language so they could survive. Frenchie asks Kenji to teach him the language, but Kenji refuses. Frenchie leaves Kenji alone and leaves the food in the room, including a soda can. After Frenchie leaves, Kenji uses his finger to get the can, crush it and use it to cut the duct tape off his hands.

Maeve’s (Dominique McElligott) dad is interviewed about the Compound V scandal. She’s on the phone with Elena (Nicola Correia-Damude) who thinks this is an opportunity for them. She says Maeve doesn’t owe them anything and she can leave The Seven. Maeve says they both know what will happen. She stops there and hangs up because Homelander walks in the room. Homelander goes on about how Maeve is his oldest friend and closest confidant and wants to know who Elena is. Maeve says she’s an old friend who she was venting to about the news. Homelander doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Or does he?

The police helicopter finds The Boys at sea. They say the boat was reported stolen. Billy tries to tell them that he has a lease for the boat from the owner, but he stole it. Kenji emerges from below deck and throws an anchor at Billy. Kimiko grabs his arms, but he wrangles his right arm free. He aims at Billy again, but Kimiko pushes him and he hits the helicopter. The chopper goes down in the water. Hughie wants to save the police officers in the crash but Billy won’t let him. Even Mother’s Milk (Laz Alonso) is mad about the whole thing.


The Deep is so upset about what Vought did to him that he orders a pizza. Eagle (Langston Kerman) tries to warn him that a pizza won’t make him feel better. Carol (Jessica Hecht) arrives with news that it’s time for The Deep to return to The Seven. The Deep is still very insecure and isn’t sure that he’s ready, but Carol and Eagle insist that he’s ready. 

Vought starts losing stocks. They need to put out a press release either denying the allegations or owning up to them. Either way Vought will probably get sued. Everyone looks to Stan for guidance, but he’s watching the super terrorist situation closely. 

Mother’s Milk tells Frenchie to stop being so careless with Kenji. Mallory calls and says Billy and The Boys have to deliver the terrorist personally. She gives him the address of a safe house and tells him to be careful. Hughie tries to call Annie. He admits to feeling like he’s drowning. Annie is his second wind. He tells her to be careful when dealing with Vought. 

Stan goes to The Seven and says they need to be united. They have to go after the super terrorist, but The Seven are upset with Vought. Homelander agrees that they need to be on the same page and pull together for this one. He says it doesn’t matter who made them or how they got there. He says Stan doesn’t care about them. The Seven aren’t his partners, they are his product. Homelander says they are not Vought. The world needs superheroes. That’s what they are, so they should go do what they do best. Stormfront is impressed with what Homelander’s said. She never expected him to turn on Vought. 

Homelander thanks The Deep for his help on The Boys

The Boys – Antony Starr as Homelander and Chace Crawford as The Deep – Image: Panagiotis Pantazidis

The Boys are almost to shore when they are attacked by whales. One of the whales hits the boat so hard, it makes a hole in the bottom. They have to abandon ship to a smaller motor boat. The whales are still coming, so they head for a storm drain on land. A whale tries to block the boat’s entrance, and The Deep stands on top of it. The boat crashes into the whale, literally crashes IN the whale’s stomach. 

Everyone climbs out except Hughie. He’s in shock from everything that’s happened and tells Billy to leave him there. Billy moves on, but Mother’s Milk says he can’t leave Hughie behind. Mother’s Milk sits in the whale until Hughie gets up to leave. They all walk into the storm drain to escape. 

Mother’s Milk talks to Billy privately, saying they are all losing it, especially Hughie. They are all at their breaking point and Billy keeps pushing them. Billy tells him to keep it together a little bit longer. Mother’s Milk says Hughie isn’t going to make it and Billy needs him. Hughie is Billy’s canary. If the canary dies, how will Billy know when he’s gone too far. Billy is through trying with Hughie.

The Seven find The Deep mourning the whale and ask what happened. The only thing he can tell them is that there is a group of people in the storm drain. Starlight isn’t happy to see The Deep. He tries apologizing and asking for forgiveness so he can return to The Seven. Starlight says here is no way that will happen. 

Homelander refocuses everyone and sends them into the storm drain. He tells The Deep to stay behind for now. He still has work to do on the ladies before he can come back. The Deep thinks Homelander is going to help him get back in. Homelander notices The Deep’s vest is torn and tells him to cover up his gills because they’re disgusting. 


A-Train tries to run through the tunnels and starts having chest pains. Homelander see him in that state, and A-Train says he just needs some rehab. Hughie is moping and falls behind the group. He hears someone approach, and it’s Starlight. He walks toward her, thinking she heard his voicemail. She blasts him with her light. Homelander shows up and tells her to kill Hughie. She hesitates, so Homelander says to kill Hughie or he will kill them both. Billy walks out of one of the tunnels to stop him. 

Homelander is eager to tell Billy about his breakfast with Becca. Billy gets upset and sets Kenji on Homelander. Kenji pulls the roof down, and the street above it comes down on Homelander. Kenji takes the opportunity to escape, and Kimiko runs after him. She catches him and tells him that she loves him. Stormfront catches up and throws the brother and sister into an apartment complex.

Stormfront pursues them, killing anyone who sees her. Kimiko is able to stop her from hurting Kenji, and they run to the roof. One by one, the brother-sister duo fight off Stormfront, but she’s too strong. She attempts to kill Kimiko, and Kenji saves her. Stormfront tears off his hands and then breaks his neck to kill him. Kimiko sees the whole thing. Homelander arrives and pouts that he didn’t get to deal with the supervillain. 

Afterward, The Seven stick around to help everyone who was displaced because of Stormfront’s attack. Stan finally makes a statement that they are investigating the claims about Compound V. He says they believe the experiment was led by Madelyn Stillwell. He turns his attention to the survivors and helps them. Stan commends Stormfront for apprehending the super terrorist. 

The Boys watch the press conference with great interest. Kimiko watches Stormfront with anger behind her eyes. Homelander watches her, too, and Stormfront knows it. She delivers a speech, praising the first responders on the scene. 

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