DISCLAIMER: This recap of The Boys Season 4 Episode 3, “We’ll Keep the Red Flag Flying Here,” contains spoilers. Proceed at your peril. 

The Seven just got bigger. 

“We’ll Keep the Red Flag Flying Here” sees Sister Sage and Firecracker joining the premier superhero team. Sage ascends to CEO courtesy of Homelander, whose existential crisis reaches a boiling point. And who can resist Jesus on ice singing about putting the “Christ” back in “Christmas”? All in all, it’s a fun, blood-soaked outing that propels the narrative and digs deeper into these fascinating characters. 

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Meet the New Members

We open with a boys’ choir singing, ringing in a momentous occasion for Vought. Sister Sage (Susan Heyward) and Firecracker (Valorie Curry) are joining The Seven. Homelander (Antony Starr) introduces them, bringing them onstage along with Black Noir II (Nathan Mitchell), A-Train (Jessie T. Usher) and The Deep (Chace Crawford). I guess, technically, they’re now The Six, right? Homey teases the crowd with Ryan potentially filling that seventh position. He also brings Ryan (Cameron Crovetti) onstage. 

Firecracker stands with her hands on her hips in front of a portrait with her riding on a velociraptor next to a bear on The Boys Season 4 Episode 3, "We'll Keep the Red Flag Flying Here."

THE BOYS Season 4 Episode 3, “We’ll Keep the Red Flag Flying Here.” Photo credit: Jasper Savage/Prime Video.

Meanwhile, Butcher (Karl Urban) and Joe (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) watch the new members’ induction on TV. Joe comments that the powdery substance Butcher has (carfentanil) is enough to take down ten bull elephants. Butcher plans to get Ryan close enough to dose him with it. Grace constructed the Hazlet Safe House to “hot-box” supes, so it should hold him. Butcher urges Joe not to train Ryan to take down Homelander. This mission is purely to get the boy’s head on straight. 

No Legal Action 

Later, Sage and Homelander are in Seven Tower, watching Firecracker as she poses for the cameras. Sage admits she’s not the brightest bulb in the bunch, but they need her now that Annie is back leading the Starlighters. Elsewhere, Hughie (Jack Quaid) and Annie (Erin Moriarty) meet with Steve (Dov Tiefenbach) at Starlight House to learn if Hughie can overtake the power of attorney duties from his mother. Unfortunately, nothing can be done legally. Steve encourages Hughie to talk it out with his mom. 

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Suddenly, one of Firecracker’s devout followers barges into Starlight House with a gun. He demands access to the building’s basement to free the children trapped there. Steve calmly tells him that they don’t have a basement. When the man points the gun at Steve, Frenchie (Tomer Capone) steps in. He punches the guy and grabs his gun. Colin (Elliot Knight) tends to Frenchie’s wound in the bathroom, which culminates in a steamy makeout session. 

Meanwhile, Bob Singer (Jim Beaver) meets with his team about who in Congress is in his pocket versus the other side. Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit) appears. She wonders if Bob’s people forgot to loop her in on this. She enters with a bill, the Superhero Management Act, revealing she read it. This new draft boasts an amendment. Victoria states they shouldn’t appear prejudiced against supes. However, Bob declares that supes are entertainers, nothing more. 

A closeup of Kimiko's face as she looks shocked. Frenchie stands behind her on The Boys Season 4 Episode 3, "We'll Keep the Red Flag Flying Here."

THE BOYS Season 4 Episode 3, “We’ll Keep the Red Flag Flying Here.” Photo courtesy of Prime Video.

The Boys 

Then, Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara) shows Frenchie the location of Shining Light. She wants to raid it and kill everyone there. Frenchie’s high, though, so this might be a struggle for him. At the same time, Annie, Hughie and Mother’s Milk (Laz Alonso) discuss the latest additions to The Seven and how nonsensical they are. 

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Next, MM declares his intent to flip A-Train. He believes it’s possible. Of course, Hughie and Annie vehemently protest this. Hughie thinks they should bring Butcher back, which also gets pushback from the others. Kimiko and Frenchie attempt to leave during the meeting. This doesn’t sit well with MM, but they go anyway. 

Elsewhere, Ryan plays a Vought-themed video game. He gets a battle request from Butcher, and the two talk it out. Butcher attempts to persuade Ryan to meet with him. 

Guess Who’s Now in Charge?

Later, Homelander watches a news segment about Starlighters being galvanized, with Annie proclaiming that Vought and Homelanders’ powers should be curbed and regulated. Naturally, Homey is irate, but he suppresses it. Firecracker attempts to chat with him, claiming she’ll do anything he wants. Anything. Homelander commences a meeting with The Seven. He tells Ashley (Colby Minifie) to leave, designating Sage as the new CEO. He relegates Ashley to Vought’s official mascot. Ouch. 

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Sage tells the group that valuable surveillance footage was stolen from Crime Analytics, the department The Deep spearheads. Of course, we know A-Train took it. Sage asks Deep for a list of every employee with access to the server room. She also removes Deep from Head of Crime Analytics. 

Deep returns to his quarters, where he chats with Ambrosius (Tilda Swinton). I’m still tickled they got Tilda to voice a squid on one of the most effed-up shows ever. Her range. She asks Deep to put her in the aquarium above his bed, but he believes it’s too risky. Meanwhile, Ashley returns to her office, where Cameron Coleman (Matthew Edison) is bound by his wrists and ankles on the floor. Naked, of course. That’s our Ashley — a girlboss. She vents about Sage taking her position and kicks herself for not working for Disney when she had the chance. 

Let’s Flip A-Train 

Later, Butcher makes cookies for Ryan’s visit. He laces them with carfentanil. However, Ryan doesn’t want to eat them despite them being his mom’s recipe. Ryan asks Butcher if he’s afraid of dying. Butcher pauses before responding that he’s “all right with it.” Meanwhile, Mother’s Milk meets with A-Train to get the latter to flip to their side. A-Train pretends not to be moved, though, telling MM to f*ck off. 

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Kimiko and Frenchie infiltrate Shining Light, but the latter feels those drugs kicking in big time. She tells him the plan. While Kimiko unleashes hell on her enemies, Frenchie notices that rubber duckies explode from them instead of blood. It reminds me of that scene with Harley Quinn in The Suicide Squad. During his drug trip, Frenchie sees Colin sitting on the couch with his dead family members.

A closeup of Frenchie's face as he looks pensive. He has a band-aid on his forehead on The Boys Season 4 Episode 3, "We'll Keep the Red Flag Flying Here."

THE BOYS Season 4 Episode 3, “We’ll Keep the Red Flag Flying Here.” Photo courtesy of Prime Video.

Then, Little Nina (Katia Winter) appears. Frenchie points a gun at her, but she reminds him that nobody holds his “choke chain” anymore. Now, he’s sleeping with Colin and denying the truth — that he killed them all. Meanwhile, Kimiko encounters a face from her past while she’s murdering Shining Light members. Tala (Erika Prevost) becomes enraged, attacking Kimiko. She stabs Kimiko in the hand. Frenchie barges into the room to shoot Tala, but Kimiko stops him. Tala escapes. 

Butcher and Ryan

Next, Butcher and Ryan play foosball. Butcher tells the boy stories about his little brother Lenny and how they would play foosball at the local pub. Then, Butcher apologizes for the horrible things he said to Ryan. He didn’t mean them. He confesses he’s terrified of dying. Butcher doesn’t want to leave this planet without making things right with Ryan. Realizing he doesn’t want to dose Ryan with carfentanil, Butcher lies about the cookies. He claims he added too much sugar to them. 

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Later, Homelander and Sage question Anika (Ana Sani), who works in Crime Analytics. Homelander asks Anika if she’s working with Starlight House after her phone records show she’s called them in the last month. Anika claims she was merely donating clothes. Sage reassures Anika that nothing will happen to her if she tells the truth. That’s when Anika admits that Annie called her a few days ago. She needed help tracking, well, something, but we don’t hear her finish her sentence because Homelander lasers her in the head. RIP, Anika. 

Then, Annie confronts Firecracker in the latter’s penthouse. Well, it used to be Annie’s residence. Annie asks Firecracker why she hates her. Firecracker reveals they worked the pageant circuit together. Back then, Firecracker was “Sparkler.” Annie told everyone at some pageant that Firecracker had an “ass-f*ck gangbang with the judges.” That’s how she made it to the finals.

Annie stands in a penthouse with her hand on her hip. She looks lost in thought on The Boys Season 4 Episode 3, "We'll Keep the Red Flag Flying Here."

THE BOYS Season 4 Episode 3, “We’ll Keep the Red Flag Flying Here.” Photo courtesy of Prime Video.

People Can Change

Firecracker asked Annie why she said that. The latter fired back that she “didn’t talk to fat sluts.” Annie apologizes profusely, stating that she was an immature kid whose mother taught her to be ruthless. Annie insists she’s not that person anymore. Firecracker counters that people don’t change. She vows to ensure the rest of the world sees who Annie is. 

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Elsewhere, at VoughtCoin Arena, the production of Vought on Ice rehearses for its big debut. We’ve got Queen Maeve, Homelander and Jesus Christ. Talk about a power trio. Mother’s Milk and Hughie are disguised as janitors. They chat while the cast rehearses. Side note: If the singing voices sound familiar, that’s because they’re none other than Broadway vets Andrew Rannells, Shoshana Bean and James Monroe Iglehart

Our duo is waiting for the rest of the team to arrive, but they’re MIA. MM and Hughie are there to listen in on Victoria Neuman’s secret meeting. MM won’t reveal how he knows this, but something tells me A-Train has something to do with it. Victoria arrives to pose for photos with the cast. Meanwhile, Hughie crawls through the vents to plant a listening device above the room where she’ll have her meeting. 

Putting Supes at the Top

However, upon seeing that Vicky is meeting with Homelander and Sage, Hughie remains in the vent to eavesdrop. Sage informs Victoria that Firecracker is vital to the cause. She can destroy Starlight. Sage adds they’ll take care of Bob Singer once the election is certified, effectively putting Victoria at the top as president. In return, Victoria must disband the Bureau of Superhuman Affairs, condemn the “Defund the Supes” movement and remove all books/teachers regarding Critical Supe Theory. And that’s not all — Victoria must ensure there’s a hero in every town with authority over the police. Damn. 

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Homelander appeals to Victoria’s love for her daughter, claiming if she doesn’t take action, she’s telling her kid to hate herself. Suddenly, Hughie’s sweat falls on Homelander’s shoulder. He can smell Hughie in the vents. Hughie starts running as Homelander lasers said vents. Thankfully, Hughie finds an escape — the rafters. He runs through the rafters as Mother’s Milk tries to distract Homelander by shining the stage lights in the latter’s eyes. Unfortunately, Homelander’s lasers are out of control now. They slice through the actress playing Queen Maeve. 

Hughie and Mother's Milk wear matching blue janitorial suits while standing at the top of a stadium with an ice rink on The Boys Season 4 Episode 3, "We'll Keep the Red Flag Flying Here."

THE BOYS Season 4 Episode 3, “We’ll Keep the Red Flag Flying Here.” Photo credit: Jasper Savage/Prime Video.

Mayhem erupts on the ice as the actors attempt to flee. Of course, running in ice skates is challenging. A few other actors get trampled on, and ice skates through the neck. It’s a bloody affair. Hughie ascends the stairs to the roof. However, the door is locked. That’s when A-Train swoops in and saves him, dropping him off outside before speeding away. Homelander arrives on the roof to find it Hughie-less before launching himself into the sky. 

It’s Personal

Later, Kimiko, Annie and Frenchie relax in The Boys’ headquarters. They drink and vent about their long day. They also tell stories from their childhood — Frenchie about his dad, Annie about her mom. Kimiko pulls Frenchie aside, revealing she knows something’s wrong with him. He blurts out that it’s none of her business. He doesn’t have to confide in her all the time. 

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Then, Hughie returns to the hospital, where Daphne (Rosemarie DeWitt) sits in the hallway. He asks her why she left. She explains she had postpartum depression after giving birth to Hughie, and it never went away. Daphne tried so hard to conceal it from Hughie. However, it became too overwhelming. One day, she left, thinking she wasn’t fit to be a mother. She tried calling Hughie, but his dad thought it would confuse him. Thus, she cut off all ties. This is heartbreaking. Postpartum is still so stigmatized. 

Meanwhile, Joe scolds Butcher for not giving Ryan the carfentanil. He reveals the drug wasn’t easy to score. Butcher claims he needs to keep talking to Ryan. They don’t have to kidnap him. Joe insists that Ryan is a critical asset. They need him to prevent the world from burning. 

A fractured mirror shows many faces of Homelander -- some are serious, others are more amused -- on The Boys Season 4 Episode 3, "We'll Keep the Red Flag Flying Here."

THE BOYS Season 4 Episode 3, “We’ll Keep the Red Flag Flying Here.” Photo courtesy of Prime Video.

We’ll Keep the Red Flag Flying Here

Elsewhere, Sage eats a blooming onion while watching TV. Deep arrives, telling him off for taking Crime Analytics away from him. Their conversation gets steamy as they makeout. Blooming onions will do that. 

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When Ryan arrives home, Homey is furious with him. He knows Ryan visited Butcher but still doesn’t understand why the boy cares so much. In his rage, Homelander breaks a mirror. The fragments reveal the many faces of Homelander, each saying something different. However, they all agree Homey will never be his true self until he transcends his humanity. It’s time to return to where it all began. 

It’s time to go back … back to the lab. 

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