The Boys have a new mission and of course, it’s more dangerous than ever. In “Nothing Like It In The World,” The Boys follow a lead on an older Supe named Liberty while Homelander (Antony Starr) confronts his uneasy feelings about The Seven.

DISCLAIMER: SPOILERS AHEAD for anyone who hasn’t watched The Boys episode four.

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Kimiko’s (Karen Fukuhara) world came crashing down when Stormfront killed her brother, Kenji (Abraham Lim). Frenchie (Tomer Capon) wants nothing more than to help her grieve, but they have a major communication problem. He tries to kiss Kimiko at one point, but that doesn’t go over well at all. Frenchie leans on old friend Cherie (Jordana Lajoie) for comfort and advice. She gives the best advice he can hear right now… leave Kimiko alone. 

Homelander is stewing about Stormfront (Aya Cash) getting all of the attention for stopping the super terrorist. Even after she’s the one who destroyed the apartment building where they found Kenji. Now Stormfront is all over the news. Homelander retreats to a secret cabin where Madelyn Stillwell (Elisabeth Shue) waits for him, wearing only lingerie. She comforts him with milk and lots of ego stroking comments.

Billy (Karl Urban) meets up with Grace Mallory (Laila Robins). Grace found the name of an older Supe named Liberty all over Raynor’s computer. She wants Billy to send Mother’s Milk (Laz Alonso) to North Carolina to talk to Liberty. She also found out where Becca (Shantel VanSanten) is and gives Billy that address as well. Becca is staying inside of a Vought community so it won’t be easy to get in. 

Homelander complains about The Seven and how no one respects him. Madelyn says it’s his team, so he should make changes and get rid of anyone who doesn’t serve him anymore. It’s not really Madelyn, but a Supe named Doppelganger (Dan Darin-Zanco). Doppelganger breaks his form in the middle of their relaxing evening, causing Homelander to stress out. 


Billy gives the North Carolina address to Mother’s Milk to check out while he goes to the Vought community. MM is a little concerned for Billy but he understands. He’s afraid Billy won’t come back, especially after Billy says he’s in charge now. Billy assures him that if MM finds Liberty, Mallory will help him get home. 

Annie/Starlight (Erin Moriarty) has a bad encounter with Homelander. He’s angry that she didn’t listen to him when he told her to kill Hughie. Starlight says Hughie broke her heart, but she’s not a murderer. Homelander believes her but doesn’t like it. Between her, Maeve and Stormfront, everyone is disappointing Homelander. Meanwhile, Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell) enlists the help of Vought IT to find Billy.

MM enlists Hughie (Jack Quaid) to tag along, making it a Boys road trip. When Hughie gets the request, he’s with Annie. She’s frustrated by the stress she’s under at Vought. Hughie invites her on the road trip despite MM’s protests.

A-Train (Jessie T. Usher) spots Shockwave (Mishka Thébaud) at the Vought elevators and freaks out a bit. Ashley (Colby Minifie) assures A-Train that Shockwave is only there to promote another Vought program. But then Homelander delivers the news that A-Train is off the team. Ashley promises A-Train lots of public appearances, but he says he’s not leaving. Homelander know that his heart can’t take it when A-Train runs. If he can’t perform as a superhero, he can’t be on the super team. 

MM, Hughie, and Annie go on a road trip in The Boys

Laz Alonso as Mother’s Milk, Jack Quaid as Hughie Campbell, and Erin Moriarty as Annie January/Starlight in The Boys. Image: Panagiotis Pantazidis

After Annie and Hughie have their sing-a-long of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” MM stops for a bite to eat. He bonds with Annie over memories of their fathers and sugar. On the way out, they witness a car accident. Annie tries to go all Starlight, but MM says they don’t need the attention. Hughie points out that the victims have lots of help, so they leave the scene. 

They get two hotel rooms, and MM quickly falls asleep. Annie and Hughie stay up, chatting by the vending machines. They compare notes about how stressed they’ve been lately. Annie’s sure Homelander is going to kill her, but she feels safe with Hughie, and they end up having sex. 

The next day, they visit a lady named Valerie (Dawnn Lewis). At first Dawnn won’t talk to them. Then MM tells her how Vought killed his father for investigating them. Valerie invites them in and tells them how Liberty killed her brother when they were kids. Vought paid the family to keep quiet about it and she hasn’t said anything since. They ask where Liberty is now and she shows them Liberty’s picture in the newspaper. Liberty is Stormfront. 


Billy gets into the Vought facility where Becca is staying. She senses his presence and goes for a late night drive and a smoke. Billy is hiding in the back seat and tells her to go someplace where there’s no cameras. He is finally reunited with his wife. They have to be careful because Homelander will kill Billy if he knows he’s there. Billy just wants to take her away from there and disappear. He plans to escape the same way he came in, but Becca is afraid Ryan (Cameron Crovetti) won’t make the climb. Becca gets the idea to hide in a garbage truck to get out of the compound. She has to get back, but promises to return to Billy soon.

Becca checks in on Ryan before meeting up with Billy again. This time their reunion is more physical. Afterward they talk; Billy finds out Becca has been in the Vought facility since she gave birth to Ryan. She knows Billy will like Ryan, even though he hates kids. Billy doesn’t really hate kids, but knows he’s not the best role model. Becca knows Billy’s been chasing Homelander for killing her. He admits he’s not living in the best conditions. But he wouldn’t let Homelander get away with it. He promises to make up for lost time. 


Maria Menounos interviews Homelander and Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott) about the super terrorist threat and Compound V. Maria brings up the hashtag #HeroesSoWhite and points out that there is no diversity in Vought. Homelander says they are diverse. They have a black man in A-Train, Black Noir doesn’t identify with race and Queen Maeve is gay with a hispanic girlfriend. Maeve doesn’t deny it. 

After the interview, Maeve confronts him about the accusation. She says that she and Elena (Nicola Correia-Damude) are just friends. He did some digging and found out they were lovers. Maeve says she ended the relationship when she met Homelander. He doesn’t believe her, so Maeve admits she is with Elena and she loves her. Homelander wishes her luck and says he wants her to be happy. He’s happy. 

Homelander sees Stormfront on the television again, talking to the general public about how ridiculous Vought is. Kimiko is in the crowd and heads straight for Stormfront. Frenchie stops her before she does anything stupid. Stormfront leaves, and Kimiko is mad at Frenchie. 

Homelander confronts Stormfront about trying to take over his team. She makes fun of him at first but backs off when she realizes how angry he is. She doesn’t understand why he needs people to love him. Stormfront only wants to help and says all he needs is five million angry people. Homelander has fans, whereas Stormfront has soldiers. Stormfront says he’s the best of them and everything they should be. He just needs help connecting with his audience. Homelander says he doesn’t need her help and leaves.

Billy and Becca reunite on The Boys.

Karl Urban as Billy Butcher and Shantel VanSanten as Becca Butcher in The Boys.
Image: panagiotis pantazidis

Becca is late to her meeting with Billy and says she’s not leaving. She knows Billy doesn’t want Ryan to go. He tries to deny it, but Becca knows him too well. As soon as they are safe, Billy will try to find a way to get rid of Ryan. Billy says Ryan is a billion dollar piece of Vought property and they won’t let him go. That’s why Becca won’t leave. 

Billy begs her to go with him, but she refuses. She admits she ran to Vought when she found out she was pregnant. She knew Billy would be consumed with revenge on Homelander and she doesn’t want any part of it. Billy says he won’t leave without her. Becca pulls out a tracker and says security will be there soon, so he has to leave. She apologizes and leaves him on the bridge. About that same time, the Vought IT tech finds Billy on a security camera from the community.

Annie thanks Hughie for letting her go on The Boys road trip. Hughie offers to lend her an ear when she needs it, but she says they can’t let themselves feel safe. They are all alone. Annie leaves to return to the tower. 

Carol (Jessica Hecht) and The Deep (Chace Crawford) are interviewing different girls to pose as Deep’s wife. It’s all a part of their campaign to get Deep back into The Seven. Carol and Deep disagree on whom he should marry. All of the women are a part of the church collective. 

Homelander revisits Madelyn/Doppelganger. This time things are different. Homelander says he doesn’t need anyone but himself. Doppelganger transforms into Homelander. His only objective is to bring pleasure to Homelander. It’s really weird. Homelander gets angry and kills Doppelganger. I guess the fantasy is over.

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