The Boys push the limits again in “Herogasm,” but it may not be what you’re expecting. Or maybe it is. In this episode, sides are chosen, leading up to an explosive confrontation. 

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The Deep’s (Chace Crawford) climb to being socially accepted again includes starting a celebrity compilation of Imagine. The celebrity list includes Patton Oswalt, Josh Gad, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Chelsea Handler, Kumail Nanjiani, Rose Byrne, Aisha Tyler, and members of the Seven. But not Homelander (Antony Starr). 

Homelander is trying to find out who blew up Crimson Countess’ (Laurie Holden) trailer. He, Ashley (Colby Minifie) and Deep discover it was Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) and they decide to bury the footage. Homelander doesn’t want it to get out that Soldier Boy is alive. He will handle it and kill the supe

Homelander still has some questions though. He knows Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell) used to roll with Soldier Boy, so he asks Noir why Soldier Boy would kill Crimson Countess.  Noir.  The one who can’t talk. Then Homelander says Noir is the only person he can count on. Noir’s reaction is to rip out his tracking device and high tail it out of Vought. 

Butcher (Karl Urban) wants to go over the details of their team up but Soldier Boy doesn’t think he needs the Boys. Hughie (Jack Quaid) points out that Soldier Boy has been gone a long time and doesn’t know how to navigate through today’s world. All Butcher asks for is that Soldier Boy add Homelander to his kill list. Soldier Boy only knows Homelander through his pictures. Butcher says he’s the new Soldier Boy, annoying the OG. The OG soldier agrees to help Butcher if they can help him find the rest of Payback. 


The Boys – Episode 306 – Herogasm – Pictured: Karen Fukuhara (Kimiko). Credit: Courtesy of Prime Video. Copyright: Amazon Studios

Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara) is worried about Frenchie (Tomer Capone). He never came back from getting coffee and he won’t answer her texts. She eats a popsicle and watches a couple of kids playing outside. She doesn’t hear Little Nina’s (Katia Winter) goon come in. He grabs her and takes her away. 

Mother’s Milk (Laz Alonso) and Starlight (Erin Moriarty) team up to find Soldier Boy before he hurts someone else. MM knows where the Supe is headed next. His former teammates, the TNT twins Tessa (Kristin Booth) and Tommy (Jack Doolan) live in Vermont. MM loads up bullets in his gun and Starlight says that won’t stop Soldier Boy. He says the bullets aren’t for Soldier Boy. Starlight tells him to back off. They don’t have many allies. Starlight gets a call from Ashley to return to Vought. She has to keep up her appearance that she’s still Team Seven for now. 

A-Train (Jesse T. Usher) asks Ashley what she plans to do with Blue Hawk (Nick Wechsler) after he put his brother Nathan (Christian Keyes) in the hospital. Ashley feels bad for what happened to A-Trains brother, but she doesn’t plan to do anything. She says they sent him to sensitivity training and everything else will just go away. A-Train doesn’t like that idea, but Ashley reminds him about how much crap she’s covered  up for him. 

Deep informs Homelander that Noir left and they can’t track him. Homelander is in disbelief. Noir wouldn’t do that to him. Deep says he and Cassandra (Katy Breier) figured out that Soldier Boy is going after his old team. That’s probably why Noir left. They also think Soldier Boy is headed to Vermont to confront the TNT Twins. Homelander sends Deep to Vermont with instructions to call him if the old Supe shows up.


Homelander kinda loses it a little after Noir leaves. He talks to his reflection in the mirror about his worries. The reflection tells himself that he’s the best, but Homelander thinks Stan Edgar (Giancarlo Esposito) may have been right. The reflection knows it’s not Edgar. Homelander just wants everyone to love him, but it never works out. The reflection says there’s a part of him that is still human. And they have to cut that out so he can be who he was meant to be.

Soldier Boy is a little overwhelmed by today’s world. It makes his radiation levels rise. The levels go down when he talks about Payback. Soldier Boy feels betrayed. He wanted to have kids with Crimson Countess. 

Hughie asks him what happened when he blasted midtown. Soldier Boy doesn’t remember. He says he blacked out. He didn’t mean to hurt anyone. Butcher interrupts with the TNT twins address in Vermont. First! Hughie and Butcher have to shoot up a dose of Temp V.

Homelander is still on edge but he has to do a TV interview with Starlight and Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit). He says everything is okay. No one should worry about the Supe villain. The Seven are on top of things. And Starlight backs him up.

Homelander gets angry when the host asks what would Victoria say to people who might be scared. He thinks his word should be enough. The world is a safe place. He’s telling the truth and no one should question that. He takes off the microphone and storms out of the studio.


After the interview, Victoria asks Starlight about Hughie. Starlight lies and says he’s camping with his dad. Victoria says she was worried that he was avoiding her because she might pop his head. 

Starlight’s eyes light up, ready to defend herself. Victoria says she’s not there to hurt anyone. She wants to use Starlight’s social media to gain support for her house bills. And in return, Victoria can protect her and Hughie. Starlight refuses. She is tired of people telling her that she has to be crappy in order to win. She decides to quit Vought.

Kimiko wakes up tied to a chair next to Cherie (Jordana Lajoie). Little Nina and two goons come in and lock Frenchie to a pole with a bicycle lock. Nina tells Frenchie to pick who she will kill: Kimiko or Cherie. Kimiko is picking at the lock on the handcuffs with the popsicle stick. She is able to get out of the handcuffs just as Nina tells her guy to shoot her. She turns around and slashes the guy’s throat with the stick.

The other goon starts fighting with Kimiko. Cherie is able to break her chair and stops Nina from picking up a gun. The other guy fights off Kimiko long enough to knock out Cherie. Frenchie can’t move and is screaming the entire time. The goon pins Kimiko down and starts punching her stomach, opening up her wound. She is able to grab a long nail and stabs the guy multiple times, killing him. Little Nina sees this and runs away. 

Starlight notices that MM has a nervous tick. He tells her about how Soldier Boy killed his grandfather when he threw a car into their house. MM blames himself because he was excited to see Soldier Boy. His nervous tick started shortly after. Now he thinks if he doesn’t check things three times, Soldier Boy will come back and kill his family.


The Boys – Episode 306 – Herogasm – Pictured: Erin Moriarty (Starlight), and Laz Alonso (Mother’s Milk). Credit: Courtesy of Prime Video. Copyright: Amazon Studios

MM and Starlight arrive at the Twins’ house, greeted by the Love Sausage (Derek Johns). The Love Sausage is excited to see Starlight and invites them to join the 17th anniversary of Herogasm. Starlight and MM play along like that’s why they came. 

Herogasm is exactly what you think it is …  just one big orgy. Supes and non-supes everywhere, just having sex, in multiple ways, with multiple people and things. And Frenchie has always wanted to see it. Too bad he’s not there. But MM is there and gets into a couple of sticky situations that require a lot of clean up. 

Butcher, Hughie and Soldier Boy are in the woods outside the house. Soldier Boy says he started Herogasm with Liberty, aka Stormfront (Aya Cash). Hughie is concerned about all of the non-Supes in the house. He offers to go inside and locate the twins for Soldier Boy so no one else gets hurt.

Starlight runs into Blue Hawk and tries to convince him to help her get everyone out before Soldier Boy arrives. Blue Hawk trusts that Homelander has everything under control. He leaves to rejoin the party. Ashley has a weird idea of sensitivity training. 

Next, Starlight finds Deep in a room, his back turned to her and he’s talking dirty to someone. When he turns around, she sees that he’s being pleasured by an octopus. Starlight takes a photo to show Homelander. Deep says Homelander knows he’s there because he sent him. Starlight asks why Homelander sent him.

Hughie teleports in and finds the twins arguing in the living room. He runs into A-Train and decides it’s time to ask for an apology. A-Train killed his last girlfriend and never made amends. A-Train knows what it feels like to watch someone you love get hurt. He gives a heartfelt apology, but Hughie punches him anyway. A-Train is shocked that Hughie was able to hurt him. 

Starlight separates them and asks if Soldier Boy is there. He says Soldier Boy only wants the twins so it’s okay. She informs him that it’s not. Deep told her that Homelander is on his way. She needs Hughie to help her get everyone out. Too late, Soldier Boy enters the house. 


Starlight makes a beeline for Soldier Boy and Hughie stops her by teleporting her out of the house. They end up naked, next to a car. Starlight is upset that Hughie stopped her. He says he saved her for once. Hughie said he’s okay with Starlight being stronger than him, but he’s not. And that makes Starlight pity him a little. 

After MM cleans up, he runs into Soldier Boy. They exchange words, but Butcher stops them. He tells Soldier Boy where to find the twins. MM turns on Butcher and hits him with a baseball bat. Butcher won’t fight him though. 

Soldier Boy confronts the scared twins. They blame the betrayal on Black Noir. Soldier Boy hears a song, sung in a foreign language. The energy builds up in him. TNT join hands and try to blast him first, but only sparks come out. Soldier Boy can’t contain the energy and the house explodes. 

Starlight wants to go back to help people. Hughie stands in front of her to stop her. She blasts him with her light, making him fly across the road.

A lot of people are hurt. Deep runs away with the octopus. A-Train confronts Blue Hawk. He punches Blue Hawk and grabs his foot. He runs away, dragging Blue Hawk. His skin tears away from his face and chest until he is dead. A-Train has to stop when he starts having chest pains. He collapses, passing out in the road. 


Homelander arrives, finding Butcher taking care of MM. He’s not surprised but a little hurt. They had a deal to fight to the death. But that deal is off. Homelander addresses Soldier Boy next. They exchange words about who’s the better Supe before they actually start fighting. 

MM wakes up and wants to join the fight, but Starlight says she needs his help more. Butcher joins the fight though, ready for a scorcher. Homelander is strong and he almost takes down both Butcher and Soldier Boy. Then Hughie joins the fight. It takes all three of them to hold Homelander down. Soldier Boy tries to power up, but it takes too long. Homelander throws them all off of him and he flies away. 

Frenchie patches up Kimiko but she will have to go back to the hospital to get new stitches. Kimiko thinks she’s a monster. She thought it was the powers that made her that way, but she knows now that it was always in her. Frenchie disagrees. He says all of this is because he can never truly run away from his past. 

The police and ambulances arrive at TNT’s house. Starlight looks at the dead and decides to go live on social media. She tells her viewers that Homelander and Vought are lying. Soldier Boy is alive and he doesn’t care about protecting people. Most heroes don’t care about people. They only care about their image and Homelander is the worst of them. She apologizes for not telling the truth sooner. She says she’s no longer Starlight, she’s Annie January. And she quits. 

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