Herogasm didn’t end well for The Boys. And yet, life goes on. In “Here Comes a Candle to Light You to Bed,” Butcher (Karl Urban) gets caught up in the past as Vought goes after the former Starlight, now Annie January (Erin Moriarty). 

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Vought National News interviews Ashley (Colby Minifie) about Annie. It’s Vought’s stance that Annie is unstable and connected to a human trafficking ring, that also involves Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara). And she rebuts everything Annie said about Maeve (Dominique McElligott) and Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles).

Butcher and Hughie (Jack Quaid) help Soldier Boy find his next target. The Supe’s name is Mindstorm (Ryan Blakely) and he can mess with your head. 

Homelander is worried. He visits Maeve in a cell at Vought to get information about Soldier Boy and Butcher. He tells her what happened at Herogasm and how Soldier Boy is able to burn the V out of Supes. He’s scared and she loves it.

Frenchie (Tomer Capone) and Kimiko show up at Mother’s Milk’s (Laz Alonso) place. Annie is there and helps Kimiko to the bedroom. Frenchie says Butcher is everyone’s problem now and he’s there to help. They go over footage of the Russians torturing Soldier Boy. The Russians were able to knock him out but MM isn’t sure what they used. Meanwhile Annie patches up Kimiko when she asks the Supe to get her a dose of Compound V. At first Annie refuses, but Kimiko wrote her a note in case she said no.

Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell) retreats to an abandoned restaurant where his imaginary animal friends live. They tell him that it’s time to talk about his trauma, but he refuses and pouts away from them. They put on a show for him, showing him why Soldier Boy had to be dealt with. Now it’s time to finish the job. 

Soldier Boy runs into a booby trap that sets off an explosion. Both Butcher and Hughie are knocked down. When Butcher looks up, Mindstorm is looking at him and sends him into his nightmares. 

Hughie tries to wake up Butcher. Soldier Boy says it’s pointless. Butcher is trapped and the only person who can bring Butcher back is Mindstorm. Hughie wants to capture Mindstorm, get Butcher back and then Soldier Boy can kill him. Soldier Boy agrees to honor the deal to kill Homelander after they kill Mindstorm.

In Butcher’s mind, he’s a kid again, protecting his little brother from a beating. Hughie is worried about Butcher and isn’t exactly paying attention to Soldier Boy. Soldier Boy suggests that Hughie and Butcher have a thing. Hughie stands up to Soldier Boy and immediately gets slapped. 

The Deep (Chace Crawford) and Cassandra (Katy Breier) are having intimate, couple time. He suggests they experiment more in the bedroom by bringing in a third playmate. That playmate is Ambrosia … the octopus he met at Herogasm. Cassandra gets disgusted and upset that Deep disrespects her so much. She decides to leave for good. 

Homelander makes an appearance at a campaign rally for Robert Singer (Jim Beaver) at a county fair. He rants about Starlight and how her foundation is a human trafficking scam. He also attacks the media, accusing them of not reporting the truth. Homelander stops talking when he sees Soldier Boy walking through the crowd. He looks again and Soldier Boy isn’t there. Homelander ends his rant and turns the rally back over to Singer. 

Homelander finds comfort milk on The Boys

The Boys – Episode 307 – “Here Comes A Candle To Light You To Bed” – Pictured (L to R): Antony Starr (Homelander). Credit: Courtesy of Prime Video. Copyright: Amazon Studios

Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit) finds Homelander drinking cow’s milk in a nearby barn and tells him to pull himself together. Homelander gets angry and grabs her by the throat. She says he needs someone he can trust and wants to make a deal. She hands him a piece of paper and he’s shocked by what’s on it.

A-Train (Jesse T. Usher) wakes up in the hospital. Ashley is there to greet him. She says it must have been awful to watch Soldier Boy kill Blue Hawk (Nick Wechsler). But Blue Hawk will live on. They gave his heart to A-Train. He will be able to run again. And Ashley set him up with a movie. It’s a biopic about how Tom Hanks changed A-Train from a gangbanger to a superhero. A-Train is back Baby!

Frenchie realizes that the Russians didn’t knock out Soldier Boy with a gas, but a vapor from  Novichoke nerve agent. He tells MM that it’s bad for any normal human being but it puts Soldier Boy to sleep. The vapor is only available in Russia. They are interrupted when Todd (Matthew Gorman) posts a picture of him and Janine (Liyou Abere) at the campaign rally. Homelander is in the background. MM rushes out of the apartment.

Kimiko gets up and asks Frenchie to dance with her. She says when she was on V, she couldn’t feel his arms around her. She wants to feel him hold her one last time. Frenchie is confused. She says Annie is getting a dose of Compound V for her. Frenchie protests, but Kimiko shows him the note she wrote to Annie. 

In the note, Kimiko says she is choosing the V this time so she can protect the people she loves. She almost lost Frenchie because she couldn’t fight. And she doesn’t want to risk that again. Kimiko says the kiss they shared was weird. It wasn’t bad, but they are more than that. Frenchie is her family and she wants to protect her family. 

Starlight sneaks into the Vought labs and takes what she needs. She sees notes on Temp V laying on the table. The notes are about the experiments with the Temp V. The side effects can be fatal after three to five doses.

MM is waiting for Todd when they return home. He tells Monique (Frances Turner) that Todd took Janine to a Homelander rally and she doesn’t like it. She lets them talk but stays close by. Todd buys into everything Homelander is saying and MM says he’s brainwashed. He tells Todd that he can’t take Janine to Supe rallys. He also reminds Todd that he is not Janine’s father. Todd shoots back that someone has to be, so MM punches him. Knocks him out with one hit … and does so in front of Janine. 

Homelander confronts Annie, telling her to recant everything she said. She refuses and says she’s going to stop Soldier Boy and save Maeve. Homelander uses intimidation, saying Starlight’s fame is the only thing protecting her. He threatens to kill Hughie if she walks. She says okay and pulls out her phone. Annie is live on social media. Homelander tries to play off the exchange like they were running lines. Annie moves to the elevator and quickly leaves.

Soldier Boy and Hughie finally make it to Mindstorm’s home, but he’s nowhere to be found. They spot him in a mirror. Hughie teleports to Mindstorm and moves him back to the woods. He says he wants to go home and asks Mindstorm to take Butcher out of his nightmare. In return, Hughie will teleport him wherever he wants to go. 

Butcher is sent to deal with his past on The Boys

The Boys – Episode 307 – “Here Comes A Candle To Light You To Bed” – Pictured (L to R): Karl Urban (Billy Butcher), Jack Fulton (Teen Lenny), Luca Villacis (Teen Butcher). Credit: Courtesy of Prime Video. Copyright: Amazon Studios

Butcher’s next memory is the night he left home for college. Lenny (Jack Fulton) begged him not to go. Butcher (Luca Villacis) told Lenny to stop being soft and to stand up for himself. Shortly after Butcher left, Lenny killed himself.

Butcher wakes up and apologizes to Hughie. Mindstorm is eager to leave. Hughie asks where they are going and a knife comes flying at his face. Soldier Boy caught up to them. He knocks out Mindstorm then punches Hughie. 

Soldier Boy asks Mindstorm about the plan to get rid of him. He knows it was Noir’s idea and that Noir wouldn’t make a move without Vought’s okay. He wants to know why they gave Noir the green light. Butcher helps Hughie stand up. They can’t hear what Mindstorm says, but they can see what he said upset Soldier Boy. Soldier Boy takes out his anger on Mindstorm, killing him.

Later that night, Annie calls Butcher looking for Hughie. She tells him about the dangers of taking Temp V and asks how many doses he’s taken. He says he only had a couple, but it’s more like four or five. She says three to five doses will kill him. And asks him to tell Hughie. 

Hughie went out for food and returned when Butcher hung up on Annie. Hughie can tell that something is wrong. Butcher says it’s the Temp V. He hesitates before saying they need to go by their office to get more. Then they will finish the job. 

Annie keeps trying to call Hughie. She decides to save Hughie even if he doesn’t want her to. Annie gives Kimiko the Compound V and Frenchie injects it. The compound works quickly, healing all of Kimiko’s wounds. 

The piece of paper that Victoria gave to Homelander had an address on it. Homelander is on the phone with Ashley who’s trying to do damage control after Annie recorded him earlier. The other line rings and it’s Soldier Boy. Soldier Boy says things have changed. He tells Homelander that he participated in a genetics study. From his contribution, the lab created a baby. That baby is Homelander. Soldier Boy is Homelander’s father. 

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