Jensen Ackles is joining the cast of The Boys for season three. Amazon Prime made the announcement on Monday. And a scruffy Ackles confirmed the news in a video posted on his Instagram

Ackles is currently on hiatus from the final season of Supernatural. The Winchesters halted production on the final episodes due to the coronavirus. The final seven episodes should air this fall. Ackles’ portrayal of the charismatic Dean Winchester makes him a perfect addition to the rough and tough Amazon Prime series. According to Variety, Ackles will portray the original superhero, Soldier Boy. Soldier Boy fought in World War II and became the first super celebrity and a mainstay of American culture for decades. 

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Based on the best-selling comic by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, showrunner Eric Kripke developed the show for Amazon. Kripke also created Supernatural. Coincidence? No, definitely not. Kripke said in a statement, it’s been is his childhood dream to provide Ackles with gainful employment.

“When I was a child, I had a crazy, impossible dream — to provide Jensen Ackles with gainful employment. I’m happy to say that dream has come true. Jensen is an amazing actor, an even better person, smells like warm chocolate chip cookies, and I consider him a brother. As Soldier Boy, the very first superhero, he’ll bring so much humor, pathos, and danger to the role. I can’t wait to be on set with him again, and bring a bit of ‘Supernatural’ to ‘The Boys.’”

Woo Hoo! As if I wasn’t already excited for the new season of The Boys, this just intensifies my excitement. I have so many questions though. I’m expecting some flashbacks. Apparently there are two Soldier Boys in the comics? Hmmm Honestly I was hoping for a team up with Billy Butcher (Karl Urban). That would have been hilarious!

The Boys season two premieres on Amazon Prime on Friday, September 4.



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