The supernatural drama podcast, The Black Tapes, from Paul Bae and Terry Miles is coming to television.  Emerald City co-creator Matthew Arnold will be the conduit.  The three will write and executive produce the adaptation together.  Deadline reported Friday. 

The podcast follows a journalist who sets out to do a biography of paranormal investigator Dr. Richard Strand, in a very similar style to familiar non-fiction journalistic podcasts.  Dr. Strand is an evangelical skeptic who is interested in debunking the supernatural cases he’s come across.  The “host” of the show, Alex Reagan becomes interested in these cases, which she comes to call “the black tapes”, and an adventure ensues while she follows these cases and learns about Dr. Strand’s mysterious dealings.  It has been described as Serial meets The X-Files.  

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But, you probably already know that, as The Black Tapes has over 41 million downloads to date. With a built in audience, and a crack creative team, what could go wrong?  

The TV adaptation of The Black Tapes is still in development so it does not yet have directors or actors attached to the project.  We’ll keep you informed! 

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