Everyone loves a good mystery. Things like serial killers or a simple whodunit have made a major impact in television in the last few years, tantalizing viewers of all ages. Delving into the very worst of human behavior with a healthy curiosity is the ultimate escapism. Whether it’s about a potentially murderous owl to an unsolved case, my favorite thing in the world these days is spending a day off to binge one of these shows. Luckily for me Netflix offers a superb selection for true crime lovers like myself.

I Am a Killer

A truly chilling and probably my favorite series on Netflix currently. Inmates convicted of capital murder gives their first hand, in depth account of the cases that landed them on death row. Every episode focuses on a different case as well as the killers themselves; from their childhood, crime history and their motives to kill. The brutal honesty of these men is captivating, to say the least. Perhaps it’s due to their ‘what do I have to lose?’ situation but each mini-sode is packed with just enough of these unsettling individuals to keep viewers wanting to jump right into the next episode. 

The Staircase

Was it a tragic accident? Cold blooded murder? An owl? When novelist Michael Peterson’s wife, Kathleen, dies he claims it must have been due to a fall down the stairs. She was intoxicated, after all. But when medical examiners find evidence of murder, the police zero in on Micheal as the main suspect. This documentary originally began in the early 2000’s, covering Peterson’s defense team’s process in developing a case for court, then updating in 2013 and 2018. It’s one of those cases that seems to have equal amounts of evidence to why Michael Peterson is guilty or innocent. I don’t want to give too much away but the most entertaining part of the whole series, for me, was when the defense comes up with the owl theory; trust me, it’s hilarious. 

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The Confession Tapes

History has shown us time and time again how flawed the justice system can be. This series investigates cases where confessions that were potentially coerced by the police. Every episode focuses on a different case where the accused explains their involvement in the crime (usually murder) and how a false confession was drawn out. The scary part? Some of these people are pretty convincing, putting a pretty suspicious light on the varying police departments. 

The Keepers

Catherine Anne “Cathy” Cesnik was adored in her community of Baltimore, Maryland. As a devoted nun and high school teacher, her disappearance in 1969 didn’t go unnoticed for very long. It was another two months before her body was discovered. To this day the case remains unsolved. In this 7 episode series we take a closer look at this unsolved crime and potential suspects. Suspects including Fathers Anthony Joseph Maskell and  E. Neil Magnus, who were sexually abusing students at Keough High School as well. 

The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story

After the bodies of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman are discovered, Nicole’s estranged husband – Heisman Trophy winner, O.J Simpson – becomes the number one suspect. In this dramatization series goes behind the scenes of one of the most infamous cases of the 20th century. From the perspective of the lawyers on both sides, get insight on the drama behind jury selection as well as O.J.’s bizarre behavior throughout the whole process, up until the verdict. Even though it’s public knowledge that O.J. was found not guilty it’s riveting to see what went on behind all the media coverage and just how deeply this affected everyone involved with the case.

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Witness: Murder Files

A four episode series that takes an in-depth look into Britain’s most notorious and vicious killers. Like any typical show you can find on ID Discovery where they profile the case, track down suspects and eventually catch the killers. However, with episode names like ‘The Haircut Killer’ or ‘The Schoolboy Assassin’, it goes without saying these cases are sinister. With only four episodes available, it’s the perfect way to kill an afternoon. Pun not intended. 


Fallon Marie Gannon