Watching Will Ferrell join the ‘five-timers’ club (artists that have hosted five times) by hosting Saturday Night Live this past weekend was a joy. The evening was pretty solid and the debate sketch with Ferrell playing Tom Steyer was a hoot.

SNL always releases a sketch online that was cut for time for the live show. This week’s sketch left many screaming, “WHY?!?!?!?” It’s such a great sketch.

The sketch, called ‘Cast List’ has a group of drama students  (Beck Bennett, Heidi Gardner, Aidy Bryant, Mikey Day, Alex Moffat, Cecily Strong, Kyle Mooney, Bowen Yang) outside of their classroom waiting for the drama teacher Mr. Koenig (Ferrell) to put up a cast list for the new show. 

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Ferrell is in his element playing the power-relishing, judgement-filled teacher who enjoys the chaos of forcing teenage thespians to wait to find out if they were worthy of a part in play. 

At one point, the SNL cast can’t help but to laugh and it’s an utter joy. These are the weird, surreal SNL sketches we live for.