Sci-fi shows are some of the most popular ones on Netflix. The California-based world’s #1 streaming platform already has more than 193 million paid subscribers. That number is growing as Netflix pushes into the huge Indian market. Science fiction shows are at the forefront of this marketing.

Here are some of the best sci-fi shows you can see on Netflix.


This is a German time-travel story centering on four families that live in the small town of Winden. The families all have their own dark pasts. There is a cave system in the forest near the town with a wormhole in it, through which kids soon begin to disappear. Dead bodies also appear in the forest with ruptured ears. As the story progresses, it keeps traveling between 2019, 1986, and 1953.

Critically acclaimed, Dark is a mindbender that will leave you full of wonder and mysteries. Spread over 3 seasons, this series is haunting and stunning.

Lost in Space

The world is under threat from an impact. Families are selected to travel in an interstellar craft to colonize a planet in the Alpha Centauri system. The Robinson family is on the 24th mission. However, an alien robot attacks the ship and breaches its hull. The Robinson’s take a small spacecraft and crash-lands on a habitable planet. An alien craft also crashes there. Will forms a bond with an alien robot and together they must beat the elements. Season 2 sees the Robinson family land in different planets, first a water world, and then a planet with dinosaurs.

Lost in Space is a very good adventure story with solid performances. Its season 3 is coming soon on Netflix.

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Stranger Things

A sci-fi horror TV series from The Duffer Brothers. It will take you back to the 1980s as a group of children find and deal with interdimensional monsters. It all starts when a scientific facility in Indiana, USA, experiments on the supernatural and paranormal, and accidentally opens a portal to another dimension. The alternate dimension starts to affect the town residents. Read a detailed review of Stranger Things here.

Stranger Things has won several awards. It is creepy, chilling, and exciting, with a science fiction edge. A 4th season has already been announced.

Raising Dion

A superhero story from the Dennis Liu comic book. The story follows the 8-year-old Dion when he finds out that he has superpowers. It is shown mostly from his mother Nicole’s eyes. She struggles to keep his powers a secret so that others cannot exploit him. It’s a fun story with interesting edges and a purpose. Sci-fi meets family drama in this interesting series.

The OA

Prairie Johnson is a blind woman who disappears for 7 years, only to return with her sight restored and strange scars on her body. She has a new name – The OA, which means ‘the Original Angel’. She reveals her secrets only to 5 people and forms a team to rescue others who are missing. This mystery drama includes elements of science fiction, fantasy, and supernatural.

Dark Matter

Passengers are traveling in a semi-functional spacecraft. They are sleeping in stasis. The problem is, they wake up one by one without any idea of who they are or where they are going. They don’t have any names, so decide to allot everyone numbers. Dark Matter is from Canada and has 2 seasons.

Written by Sarah Hagi