At the unveiling of the PS5, we knew how the new console would break new ground for gamers. If you plan to buy a PS5 or already have one, you may want to add some of these games to your list. The console has a wealth of great choices available, but these are some of the biggest highlights unveiled with Sony’s latest hardware.


Starting with an exciting mystery to unpack, Deathloop comes from the same makers of the popular Dishonored franchise, Arkane Studios. The game designers created this murder puzzle from the inspiration of the psychedelic 60s culture. Set on an island caught in a lawless time loop, Deathloop utilizes time-looping mechanics strangely and wondrously.

At times, you may feel like the experience takes on another form. The original design and interesting ideas found in Deathloop make it an interesting concept. It may even make you interested in game design yourself. You could go back to college for game design. Developers remain high in demand, and there is never a shortage of jobs here either. If you’re wondering how you could cover college costs, you might speak with a private lender to fund your schooling and earn your undergraduate degree.

Demon’s Souls

The role of graphics is significant in any game, featuring next-generation visuals, Demon’s Souls is a true PS5 exclusive. The atmospheric locations and bosses carry much of the same feel that Dark Souls had. Gorgeous textural detail and hulking bosses remain a sight to behold. Instead of depending on your reflexes, Demon’s Souls depends largely on your ability to make smart decisions. You will need to do this during and before combat. In the Souls series, Demon’s Souls remains the most varied and interesting game.

Ghost of Tsushima

Feudal Japan experienced like never before, Ghost of Tsushima takes you to an open world on Tsushima Island during the first Mongol invasion of Japan. The incredible combat and striking landscapes combine for a brilliant experience. Add to the fact that the Ghost of Tsushima offers one of the most brilliant blade-to-blade combat systems, you have a great concept that you will love. Khotun Khan, the villain in the story, remains one of the best in recent memory. This is one of the best-looking games around as well, and the compelling storyline will keep you playing straight through to the end.


Made with flawless design, there is much to love about this one, you must hack and slash your way out of the underworld as you defy Hades himself. The fast-paced action and rich environment have made this a popular title. They also built Hades for massive replay ability. Every time that you replay it, you will see new aspects to the game to love or explore something new that you didn’t see the first time. The storytelling and gameplay remain top-notch throughout, and the battle system will quickly have you addicted. You will experience intense and challenging battles that come with brilliant characters in a colorful environment. Upon each death, you come back having learned something new about the game to improve your skills.
















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