San Diego Comic Con 2015 just ended. I mean it just ended – less than 24 hours ago! I smell like a combination of beautiful San Diego sea breeze, the Hall H line, Nerd HQ, the con floor and the Hulk that barfed all over his abdominal muscle plates. Poor fella, no more Hulk Smash for him. But I tell ya, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Geek Girl Authority has a frakking blast!

For your viewing and giggling pleasure, here’s our Second Annual Overheard at San Diego Comic Con, 2015 edition. (You can read the 2014’s here!) Folks in the twittersphere are still posting their faves so I will update this post every day this week. If you find any, or heard any, let us know in the comments section and I’ll add it to the post!



New quotes added July 15, 2015:

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Audrey Kearns