Get ready! It’s time for this years best Overheard at Dragon Con quotes! It’s a week after the event and I’m still recovering from Dragon Con! Those that attend the event know exactly what I’m talking about. Dragon Con is a full on, massive, all day/all night, five-day party. This year marks my sixth year at the best con on the planet. It’s a truly unique experience and is like no other con. 

I worked and played. I participated in six panels including hosting two of my own shows. My 5 Truths and a Lie storytelling show and podcast had to turn at least 100 people away, most of them dedicated Earpers! We had Katherine Barrell, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Matt Fraction, Rick Worthy and Deric Hughes spinning yarns. All incredibly good storytellers and the show was hilarious and quite dirty in some part but hey, it’s Dragon Con. I also did a live recording of my Booze and Phasers podcast with Thrilling Adventure Hour’s Mark Gagliardi, Brian Bradley and Matt Soule. Once again, dirty, fun and ridiculous! I’m excited to get those podcasts up!

Dragon Con start earlier this year. I got there on Thursday and the party was already started. Incredible cosplayers, gaming, people watching, early panels and cocktails! When I left Monday, there were still con-goers in cosplay, gamers neck deep in their campaigns, panels and, of course, cocktails. What does this mean? A long list of Overheard at Dragon Con! I’m shocked by the amount but so incredibly happy that people were posting! It was quite a fun challenge sorting through the posts this year because there were so many! Most of them made the list and all of them show the true magic of Dragon Con. Enjoy!

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These first few Overheards have a theme. Jesus. Yes there were quite a few Jesus’ this year. More than usual and they blessed the con with nerdiness and love. 


 Wynonna Earp’s Melanie Scrofano got her first taste of Dragon Con zaniness. 

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One last thing, I found my calling this year:

Audrey Kearns