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From animated classics like “Snow White” and “The Jungle Book” to family friendly fare such as “Matilda,” there is something for everyone on this list! If you’re looking for something a little different then try out a few comedy gems including “Shaun The Sheep.” We’ve got everything from old favorites right up to recent releases. So what are you waiting for!

Eve 2015

Eve is a British children’s science fiction series that follows the adventures of Eve (also known as Project Eternity), an android who lives in suburbia and tries to make sense of human life with her family. Eve is a new show about an 11-year-old girl whose life gets turned upside down when she falls for the wrong boy and has to go live with his family.

The show follows her adventures in this strange world, meeting all sorts of different people along the way-both friends like Bevin (her maid) or foes such as Drago Bludvist played by Adrian Eduncle. The third series was first confirmed on Insta story from Poppy Lee Friar announcing “Can’t wait!” followed shortly after by Eve herself posting selfies at home watching TV while eating dinner! It ended last winter but will be back again soon. If you can’t access BBC iPlayer, download and install a VPN to enjoy BBC iPlayer shows and movies.

The Night Before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas, CBeebies’ new spectacular annual Christmas show, will be an adaptation of the classic poem of the same name. Fans will be pleased to learn that the CBeebies annual Christmas Show will return in all its magical splendour this year. In October, the show will be recorded in front of a live audience at the Theatre Royal Plymouth. Fans will be pleased to learn that the Cbeebies annual Christmas Show will return in true CBeebies fashion, with sparkling magic and festive music. Along with spectacular dance performances and a star-studded cast of CBeebies presenters and talent. It will undoubtedly be an exciting extravaganza for the entire family to enjoy.

Monty & Co 2020

Monty & Co is an amazing show best-suited for children under the age of fourteen. Join Monty, Lulu, Eddie, Gabriella, and Sam for comedic musical adventures at their family shop Monty & Co, where they mend, reinvent, and recycle everything from broken clocks to musical instruments while learning to get along and celebrate their differences. Monty & Co has one or more episodes available on Amazon Prime Video in the United Kingdom. It’s a comedy and family show with 34 episodes spread out over one season. Monty & Co is still on the air, with no release date for the next episode or season announced.

Stick Man

Stick Man is a children’s book written by former Children’s Laureate Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler. The story is about an anthropomorphic wooden stick who becomes separated from his family home and embarks on an Odyssey-like journey to return there. As a result of his interaction with Father Christmas, he is eventually reunited with his loved ones in the family tree. It is set in England. Stick Man has sold over two million copies worldwide and has inspired a short animated film and a successful stage play.

Bitz and Bob 2018

Bitz, an eight-year-old inventor, is brimming with brilliant ideas. Along with her energetic younger brother Bob, Bitz uses engineering to solve a wide variety of problems for her friends. Bitz and Bob is currently available to stream on the BBC iPlayer in the UK. It’s a family and animation series with 43 episodes spread across two seasons. Bitz and Bob is still on the air, with no definite date for the next episode or season. It has a 6.3 average IMDb audience.

Molly and Mack 2018

The show revolves around an 8-year-old girl named Molly (played by Mimi Robertson) who spends the summer working at a toy stall in The Big Hub, a community hall in the fictional Scottish town of Bridgetown.

Moira (played by Maureen Carr) manages the Big Hub, where a variety of stallholders maintain a variety of permanent market stalls, including a gift stall run by Alice (played by Katrina Bryan), a fruit and vegetable stall run by resident handyman Bob (played by Steven McNicoll), and a café stall run by Mrs. Juniper (played by Alison Peebles).

My World Kitchen 2018

This endearing children’s cooking show depicts young chefs taking command of the kitchen to honour their ancestors. In each episode, a child serves as the protagonist, demonstrating how to prepare one of his favourite dishes from the country or region from which his family hails. India, Italy, Scotland, China, Israel, Morocco, and Jamaica are among the destinations. Your guests are invited to try an unknown ingredient before using it in the final dish.

This entertaining series, in addition to showing delicious and easy-to-make recipes from around the world, helps the young audience learn about the countries and cultures behind the dishes and inspires them to explore a new world of flavours. 

My Perfect Landing 2020

My Perfect Landing is a pre-teen drama series from Canada. It follows a gymnast family as they struggle to adjust to a life-changing move from Miami to Toronto, Canada. Frank van Keeken, the creator of The Next Step, created the series. The show premiered on Family Channel on January 8, 2020, with 15 episodes until April 22, 2020. It aired on CBBC in the United Kingdom and was available on Netflix worldwide on August 1, 2020.

Wooly and Tig 2012

Woolly and Tig is a British 5-minute live-action comedy series about a five-year-old girl (Tig) and her toy spider (Woolly). The episodes focus on the emotions that children may experience when confronted with new experiences. Woolly discusses Tig’s feelings and potential solutions.

Tig is played by Betsy McCredie, a three-year-old girl; Dad is played by Colin McCredie (Betsy’s actual father); Mum is played by Jenny Ryan (Betsy’s Aunt); and the series is narrated by Maisie McCredie (Betsy’s older sister). Andrew Agnew, who played PC Plum in the children’s show Balamory, is one of the directors. Tattiemoon creates Woolly and Tig.

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You can watch tons of great shows and movies with your kids on BBC iPlayer including Danger Mouse, Big Cats, Dynasties, Planet Earth, Seven Worlds One Planet, Grace’s Amazing Machines, Life, Diddy TV, and Show Me Show Me.


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