Yes, Chef! FX and Hulu’s The Bear has taken the world by storm, giving viewers a painfully accurate depiction of restaurant life, riveting performances and a pulsating narrative. As for myself, this series made me fall head over heels for Ayo Edebiri and Jeremy Allen White, notably their dynamic as Syd and Carmy. 

With the holidays in full swing, I’ve compiled a short and sweet gift guide for fans of The Bear, whether they’re bona fide five-star chefs or restaurant mechanics (I love you, Fak). Keep scrolling for a little something for everyone. 

The Original BERF of Chicagoland 

A picture of a navy blue t-shirt from the TV series The Bear with the text "The Original BERF of Chicagoland" in white.

Only the coolest cousins own this.

Your fan of The Bear undoubtedly wants this t-shirt, first sported by Richie in the pilot. “The Original BERF of Chicagoland” is the most endearing misspelling to exist, and that’s an objective fact. Imagine if Carmy changed the name to this and not The Bear. That would make for an entirely different restaurant. 

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Anyway, you can find this tee in multiple colors, including navy blue, black, light blue and white. Get yours here (and expect it to arrive in the first half of December). It’s a collector’s item! 

“I love you, dude. Let it rip.” 

A black corduroy hat inspired by the TV series The Bear with "Let it rip" in white text on the front.

A hat worthy of any Berzatto.

Give your loved one the gift of this simple embroidered corduroy hat from Etsy, available in black and Oxford navy. It boasts the text “Let it rip” in the late Michael Berzatto’s handwriting. This originates from Michael’s message to Carmy, which he reads in the Season 1 finale. Carmy’s card simply says, “I love you, dude. Let it rip.” If that doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, nothing will. 

Purchase the cap here to motivate your Bear lover to take life by the tomato cans. 

It’s a Love Story (Baby Just Say “Yes”)

A navy blue magnet inspired by the TV series The Bear with "Every Second Counts" on it in white text.

Richie (and Taylor Swift) not included.

“Forks” from Season 2 is easily one of The Bear‘s strongest episodes, giving the exceptionally talented Ebon Moss-Bachrach a chance to shine. This magnet is inspired by Richie’s time staging at an upscale restaurant. He sees a sign on the wall in navy blue, urging him to make every second count. What better place to encourage your burgeoning chef than the refrigerator? You can’t waste a second when cooking. 

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Unfortunately, Taylor Swift isn’t included with the “Every Second Counts” magnet, but it might make your fan of The Bear belt out “Love Story” after a tough dinner shift. Buy it here

“Say it back.” 

A black apron inspired by the TV series The Bear with "Yes Chef" on the front in white text.

Corner, hot!

The best merch to blossom from The Bear‘s meteoric rise in popularity is, wait for it, the apron. It’s an essential item for any chef. This particular embroidered apron comes in black and boasts “Yes Chef” in white text on the front. I worked in a restaurant for six years (I’ve definitely had war flashbacks to busy lunch shifts while watching this show), and I don’t think I’ve ever said anything more than “Yes, chef.” Well, that and “86.” 

Consider adding this apron to your holiday shopping list for the loved one in your life who thrives in the kitchen. Purchase it here

Drink Up 

A white mug decorated with icons from the TV series The Bear along with a picture of the main character, Carmy.

Now, you can have your own Carmy.

This cute mug showcases icons from The Bear that’ll remind your fan of their favorite moments (or make them sob uncontrollably from memories of heartbreaking ones). These adorable illustrations feature everything from Marcus’ famous doughnuts to the family meal spaghetti recipe to Tina’s kitchen knife. Oh, and the main man himself on the side, looking as stressed out as ever. 

Get the mug here (but act quickly — it’s a popular item). 

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It’s a Beautiful Thing!

A white sweatshirt inspired by the TV series The Bear with "The Original BEEF of Chicagoland" in blue text on the front and a design of an Italian beef sandwich on the back.

If this doesn’t make you hop on a plane to Chicago, nothing will.

Allow your fans of The Bear to immerse themselves in all things Chicagoland with this snazzy sweatshirt featuring “The Original BEEF of Chicagoland” on the front and icons from outside the restaurant on the back. Serve the fine people of Chicago that mouthwatering Italian beef sandwich, and watch your profits soar. There are a handful of color options (although I feel white looks the best), including grey, black, pepper and sand. 

Hey, Chicago winters are cold. Ensure your loved one keeps warm this season by snagging this beauty here

What’s on your holiday shopping list for that special The Bear fan in your life? Sound off in the comments below!

The Bear Seasons 1 through 2 are now streaming on Hulu, with a third season slated for next year. 

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