~Matt Key


Just. Whoa.

Clark Kent’s all “People are good. You can trust them.”

Bruce Wayne’s like, “Whatever dawg. People are dicks. You gotta watch out.”


And then

Batman’s all like “Do you bleed?”


and then,

Superman is all punch-fly-laser eye
punch drop punch.


and Lex Luthor is over here like, “I’m a good dude. You can trust me.”


but then Doomsday’s all “what’s up doods, Lex made me! I’m a genetically enhanced Zombie Zod! Laser Face!


But then

Wonder Woman, she’s all “SHIELDS MOFOS!” And she saves the World’s Finest.


And then, Trinity shot.


What else is there to say?

Seriously, the latest Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer is just an awesome fun trailer.

We’ve got Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) and Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) arguing their ideologies at the beginning, then we see that ideology clash as the all-powerful hope of humanity goes up against the ever-vigilant need for justice. It’s a war that’s waged for centuries now, the idyllic good of humanity vs the inherent bestial depravity.

And then we meet Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg), machiavellian chaos thrown into the ring, all with the desire to pit these two eternal forces against each other — the light of day verse the shadow of night.

And then, Doomsday. You know, the genetic abomination that killed Superman in the early 90’s during the Death of Superman story arc. A character created for the specific purpose of killing the supremely invincible Superman.

Then, surprise! We get the ultimate personification of protection and safety when Wonder Woman drops in to absorb the hit, completing the formation of DC Comic’s ultimate Trinity.

And finally, the dour, super serious, always grim DCEU lets us see that they also have a little bit of humor.

“Is she with you?”
“I thought she was with you.”

Now, let’s go watch this trailer again and pick it apart, like any good fans do these days!

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